Check out which Source leads to Enhance your Creativity and Know the Revelation

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Check out which Source leads to Enhance your Creativity and Know the Revelation


Oftentimes avowed as an angel of creativity, Archangel Gabriel is too apprehended as the angel of avowal. Clerics' most trusted angel, Archangel Gabriel, is commended for passing his imperative messages to the multitudes residing on the beautiful earth. Gabriel is speculated as one of the two archangels mentioned in the Bible. As per the context described in the Bible, one Archangel is Michael, and another one is Gabriel. Further, the role of Gabriel is mentioned in the old testimonials of the Book ( Book of Daniel). The character is portrayed as the archangel Gabriel first comes into sight when he/she approach Daniel to help him to realize and clearly understand his vision. Furthermore, in the new Gospels attestation, Archangel Gabriel shows his/her presence in the Book of Luke in an illustrious scene known as Annunciation. In the Annunciation, it is mentioned that Gabriel proclaims the imminent births of John the Baptist as well as Jesus Christ. Gabriel, a holder of the supreme power, is contemplated to take the spiritual role of communicating the messages of God to the special people living on Earth.



Since ages, Gabriel is regarded to hold both feminine and male features. The reason for possessing feminine attributes is due to the power of the Archangel Gabriel that powerfully handles the situations of birth, the announcement as well as pregnancy.

It is too believed that mother Marry and the archangel Gabriel work together to the vicar to sensitive children. Both of them guides the beginning in addition to adoptions and births. They too help in the happy pregnancies as well as raising the children. The messenger of God, Gabriel is profoundly concerned about the wellbeing of the children along with the adult masses who are always ready to help their children or young. The Archangel Gabriel assists teachers, professors, and writers along with counselors, actors as well as artists, as they are the messengers living on the Earth with the help of children and people who love children. The eminence of the angel motivates the commencement and heartens the creativity to enjoy each and every moment of the requested life. Gabriel too opens the door of prospects or can say opportunities that lead to a prosperous career.



The color that attracts Gabrial is golden, as this magnificent hue symbolizes trumpet that magnetizes the powers of the angel to protect the children. The color too ensures positive health in addition to the happiness. The energies of the angel to protect the astrological sign Cancer as they are nurturing and hardworking parents.

Golden color gemstones call the angel Gabriel for the protection of children as well as seeking help and receiving the message from the cleric.

Golden Aura Quartz 

A seeker and a transformer gemstone, Golden Aura Quartz act as a potent talisman that helps the soul to find a way to transform the distressing situations of life and fulfill the desires. It too contributes to attaining a most desirable state and enjoy the relishes of life. In the traditional history, the energy of the stone is assessed to soak up the bright golden light and vibes from the surrounding and energize the inner soul to accomplish the desires and remain devoted to the family as well as children. The reverberating golden tints of the stone likewise shore up fidelity, dedication as well as commitment. The forces of the yellowish-golden color proffer the enthusiasm as well as help to share lifetime commitment with the soul mate and kins. Furthermore, it bestows the ability to lead your profession and gain success.

golden aura quartz


Boulder Opal

It is a gem that balances the overall torso along with the chakras to attain equilibrium in life. The energies of the stone to help to calm down the restless soul. It contemplates activating the crown chakra in addition to the color associated chakras.

The holder of the eminent properties, Boulder opal, speculate as a precious nugget brings the soul closer to Nature. The energies of this gem hold the illuminance of fire that not only warms the erratic energies of the soul but too of nature. The vibrancy of the gem enhances the spiritual powers to incline the soul towards spiritualism and lead a meaningful life. The eminent properties of the gem reconcile the thoughts that stay in the unconscious mind.

The reverberating tints of the Boulder Opal bring clarity to the intellectual mind for positive thinking as well as gaining emotional stability. It not only helps to live life to the fullest but to understands the real purpose of life by provoking spirituality.

boulder opal

The resonance of the stone contributes to keeping life on track when circumstances seem difficult to handle. The vitality of the stone connects the energies of the self with the powers of the earth and ground the restless soul.

The vivacity of this spiritual gem facilitates the feeling to accept the changes with a hope of positivity. The preeminence of Boulder Opal helps to choose the path of progress and achieve the progressing life. It too contributes to express self to gain expansion that proffers the chances of advancement. It likewise connects the conscious and subconscious intellect, understanding self-desires clearly.

The vibrating color helps to communicate the energies of the earth and universe with that of the spiritual self. The vibes of Boulder opal cleans and brightens the aura and stabilize the torso to face the challenges.

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Yellow Topaz

Topaz is predisposed to hold the dispelling energies, thus regarded as a strengthening gem nugget. It dispelled away from the negative energies in addition to the things we no longer needed and make the relationship healthy and strong by releasing emotional and mental pain. Moreover, it helps to revive self and restore the lost vitality by obliterating the past traumas and emotional losses. It too proffers courage to face the challenging situations of life and stay balanced. The dark golden tints of the topaz root out the feeling of insecurity and gain financial stability by opening up the paths that lead to new opportunities. The energy of the stone yields and infuse the leadership qualities in the soul and help him to control the out of track situations. It likewise caters to the universal life force that in turn assist in finding the real self.

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Orbicular Jasper

A potential gem nugget, Orbicular Jasper connects the soul with the natural world, thus regarded as the best meditative stone. Further, it brings water energy into our life for facing the distressing situations courageously and attracting happiness in life. Often acknowledged as a seeker as well as transforming gem nugget it helps to find the right path and change the negative state of mind into positive to walk on that path for gaining success and riches. It too takes the existing relationship to a new level and suffuses love all around to make your personal life more beautiful and magnetizing.

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Yellow Moonstone

A traveler’s gem, Moonstone holds the energies of the planet moon along with the water energies that promote confidence to handle the ups and downs of the life. It improves the personality, thusly cognized as a potent barrier filter stone. It guards the soul against the off-putting energies of the surrounding that can enter into the life and disturbs the peaceful living. It too possesses the power of Earth that assist in absorbing the positivity from nature and releasing negativity into the ground to lead a flourishing life.

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Habitually reckoned as an element of earth and fire, it promotes the ability of the soul to engender prosperity and wealth with the help of the intellectual mind.

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Amber is a gemstone that holds the power of the planet Sun and is believed that when combined with the energies of the mother eath helps to attain the desires and experience the beauty of the unseen life. The golden tints of the stone too contribute to enjoying the freedom as well as the evoked leadership quality.


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A transforming gemstone is too identified for its ability to help the spirit to seek for the path that leads to new opportunities. It too turns the life in such a way that it serves the soul to feel the riches and experience the positivity of the life in addition to the beauty. Further, the golden vibes of the stone too help to follow the new path with the new approach and imbue the new learning to attain success along with the inner peace. The darken tones of the golden color provoke the sense of devotion in addition to the commitment in the relationships. Further, it enhances love in life and control or release stress and anxiety from the intellectual mind and emotional heart.

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Carnelian, a gem that brings the fire energy in life to infuse passion and zeal in addition to illumination, commotion, and tenderness. Further, it is a stone, which is believed to have life force in it


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Tiger’s Eye

A seeker gem, it is too regarded as a transforming stone that turns the life into a more desirable state. The golden line and yellowish-golden hue of the stone bring fervor in life along with care and love.


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