5 Things You Need To Know About Amber Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Dec 31, 2021
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5 Things You Need To Know About Amber Jewelry

Let’s admit this - jewelry is the ultimate fetish of every woman! From as young as teenage, women are attracted to jewels and gems. Needless to say, this love story only persists, getting more intense as the girl eventually transforms into a lady. And why not? Isn’t it those petite earrings and intricate necklaces that sometimes end up doing the talk about us more than we do? Surely, it is! Gemstones or precious metals - whatever the jewelry variant may be, it’s almost as if their gleam is destined for defining and rousing our aura. In fact, let’s add another one to this list of grace magnifying ranges of bijou - the super-gorgeous Amber jewelry!

If you’ve never heard about this class-apart variety of jewelry, let us tell you, you’re missing out on something big. But, it’s never too late to learn. So, read this article and find out everything about Amber jewelry

What is amber made of? Where does amber come from?

Fun fact - amber is believed to be one of the earliest gem materials to have ever been used for jewel-making, dating back to thousands of years! It’s beautiful and glistening. But before its appearance tricks you, let’s make it clear - Amber may seem to be closely similar to crystal gemstones, but it isn’t one in actuality. This jewelry material is entirely different and has a very special reason for being this sought after. Let’s find out more about its origin:
  • Amber is a form of toughened resin sourced from coniferous trees, mainly pine.
  • The core reason why this jewelry is so coveted is because of the insect inclusions found inside it.
  • It is believed that ambers include fossils of insects that were found in the era of dinosaurs!
  • The fossilized insects are well-preserved and could be seen through.
  • It is found in a kaleidoscopic range of colors - from honey to citrine and even cherry.
  • The most popular Baltic Amber comes from Poland, Germany, Latvia, and Estonia.

5 things you should know before buying amber jewelry

Buying authentic amber jewelry could be a task. So we thought, why not extend a helping hand? Here are some things you must check before making your purchase:
  • Clarity

Amber comes in two varieties - clear and with inclusions. Unlike crystal gemstones, amber with inclusions is more expensive than clear ones.
  • Color

This stone comes in an abundant variety of colors. Rich Butterscotch and Cherry Red are the two most expensive hues.
  • Inclusions

Inclusions play a huge role in deciding the price of the amber. As the Baltic Amber is famous for capturing the rarest of inclusions, it is very pricey.

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  • Cut

Because amber is a soft stone, it can be found in every cut possible. However, it is most prominently found in cabochons.
  • Carat

Amber is a lightweight stone. So if you’re buying, say, a 5-carat amber, you’ll get a stone almost double in size to any other gemstone of the same weight.

Are there any benefits of wearing amber jewelry? Is amber jewelry safe?

This may come off as a surprise, but Amber affects your health. Unlike popular belief, amber is not only absolutely safe to wear but carries a lot of significance when it comes to healing too. For starters, wearing amber jewelry may help you with these:
  • Amber eases anxiety

Amber consists of a specific chemical, called Succinic acid. Upon wearing the jewelry, this element works as a soothing agent and aids in calming anxiety and sudden panic attacks! Bet you didn’t see this coming. However, this doesn’t happen overnight. You must wear the jewelry regularly, so as to allow the acid to build up in your body.
  • It is thought to relieve pain

Are you also wondering how does amber reduces pain? Well, allow us to explain it to you. This typical component of amber, called succinic acid, is a wonderful anti-inflammatory! It soothes all sorts of pain and inflammation - from sore gums to joint pain. All you need to do is wear this jewelry religiously and allow your skin to gulp in this wonderfully beneficial ingredient.

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  • It is considered good for the skin

Another benefit of succinic acid! When your skin comes in contact with amber and absorbs this acid, it helps your skin with fighting off skin issues like hyperpigmentation, dullness, and aging. Do you still need more reasons to buy an amber jewelry necklace?

Amber jewelry is a special one, to say the least. It’s ethereal, delicate, and rightly called “a window to the past”. So the next time when you’re at a store buying ornaments, don’t forget to give their amber jewelry curation a check. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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  • Skylar
    Aug 5, 2022, 7:20:33 AM

    I like amber because it finds on tree reins fossils. It's good to hear but I have to take care of it very attentive way. I can't wash it with water. But I like its sunny color, It soothes my eyes.

  • Anna
    Dec 17, 2022, 10:13:25 AM

    I love the texture of the Amber stone.

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