Three Stone Rings: Past, Present and Future

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On May 21, 2022
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Three Stone Rings: Past, Present and Future

Turning the pages of the history of three stone ring will let you know immediately that this ring has remained popular since the time it was introduced! Reflecting with irresistible beauty and conveying a deep meaning, this ring is also popularly known as the Trinity or Tro ring. It follows the basic concept of having three beautiful diamonds or stones studded in a single setting. The chief reason behind the extreme admiration of this ring lies in the symbolism and meaning that it conveys. The meaning of three stone rings includes commitment, love, and numerous shared moments of the couple who wear these rings. As such ring symbolize the past, present, and future of the couples, it is also known as the past present future ring. The utter beauty, attraction, and meaning of these rings have made them the number one choice for many couples who are looking for a unique engagement or wedding ring.

If you too are planning to buy an engagement or wedding ring with incomparable style and beauty, considering 3 stones engagement rings will serve as the right option. Let us now discuss the various styles and designs that follow the concept of the trinity ring.

Various Creative Ideas for a Brilliant Three-Stone Ring

  1. Popular Traditional (Diamonds) Trio/Three Stone Rings

The two trendy and forever-hit styles in such rings include the traditional diamond-style trio rings. Also, now-a-days, the colorful gemstone rings in trinity design are also gaining loads of fame. Let us first discuss the traditional diamond style. The immense and infinite beauty of diamonds has always kept them popular. Those who want to stick to the traditional designs in rings can go for the rings that have a sparkling combo of three diamonds.
  1. Contemporary (Gemstones) Style in Three Stone Rings

Choosing a gemstone trio ring is also a beautiful and creative way of deciding your wedding or engagement ring. The best part of choosing a gemstone ring with a trio pattern is that you can go for many combinations. You can establish your own past present future ring meaning by choosing the gems of your choice in the ring design. For instance, you can make a tri-combo of gemstones that contain your birthstone as well as the birthstone of your fiancé. You can also choose three gems that show the top favorite colors of yours and your soulmate. Similarly, you can go for three gems that signify love, romance, and commitment. Gemstones like rose quartz and many more are popular worldwide and are believed to instill and enhance love in their wearers and users. The three-stone colorful gemstone rings look astonishing with their amazing luster, sparkle, and vivid color palette.
  1. Trio Rings with Birthstones

Three stone custom engagement rings can also be designed using the birthstones of the couples who are going to wear them. Wearing birthstones has always been considered lucky and beneficial around the world. While many of you might be having an idea about which gem works best for you, those who do not know about the same can take advice from a gem expert or astrologer. The beautiful colorful gems like emeralds, sapphires, topaz, and many more look brilliant in their various shades and make your ring look outstanding. The combo of three precious stones that are chosen as birthstones will not only make for a fine ring but will also help one fetch the benefits of three stones.
  1. Design Rings Using Various Shapes/Sizes

Be it gems or diamonds, the fact is that they can be cut into many beautiful shapes and sizes. The mere change in shape or cut of a stone can add an awesome look to the ring. You can even go for the various size patterns in which the stones are arranged in the increasing or decreasing size of the three chosen stones. These three stones can be arranged using one similar shape for all stones or with a combination of different shapes of stones in one ring.
  1. Trinity Rings with a Personal Touch

One of the most imaginative ways to get a unique trinity ring is to add a personal touch to it. While you surely get to add your own touch by choosing the gemstones of your choice, there are many other ways too that will make your ring stand unparalleled and unique in beauty as well as style. One of such ways is to focus on the band of the ring. You can get a wide or sleek band for your ring according to the size of the stones. You can also get your initials carved upon the same. Engraving loving messages on the band is yet another fabulous way of adding a personal touch to the trinity rings. You can also choose your favorite metal like silver, gold, or platinum for your ring. Adding much strength and love to the three stone engagement ring meaning, these personalized engraved messages act as a quick enhancer of beauty and style in these rings.
  1. Using your imagination and style

While we are sure that by now you must have picked your favorite idea from the above list on how to design your own trinity ring, you can still do many more creative things with your ring. The point is that there are no specific principles set for the designing of such rings. It means that you can use your own creativity, options, preferences, and idea while trying to add a personal touch to these awesome past present future rings.

Whether you are planning to surprise your fiance or looking forward to buying your engagement or wedding ring, getting your hands on a lovely trio or three-stone ring is indeed a fascinating idea! Just go for it!

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    Aug 27, 2022, 8:36:38 AM

    The trio rings pack is fantastic. We can wear all three wear. I saw many people, who follow their tradition of trio ring wear.

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