Crystals That Help You Sleep Better at Night

By Gemexi Team | Healing Crystals
  • Updated On Sep 3, 2021
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Crystals That Help You Sleep Better at Night

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise! All of us have heard these lines since our childhood but what if we are unable to sleep and stay wide awake on our bed for hours, waiting for sleep but never actually sleeping? Well, the consequences of bad sleep or disturbed sleep/inadequate sleep are far worse than what we think of! In short, bad or insufficient sleep invites a lot of risky diseases. So, what’s the solution? An easy and trusted way is to get the right crystals for sleep. Yes! Those who do not know let us tell you that there are crystals for insomnia and you can see amazing results, in the form of good night sleep using some of the best crystals for sleep. Thinking of getting your hands on some nice crystals to help with sleep, just check our list below!

Best Crystals For Sleep At Night

1. Moonstone

Moonstone, one of the best crystals for sleeping, looks almost like a moon and aids a person to sleep peacefully. Especially, people who find it difficult to fall asleep because of some sort of stress should get help in sleeping by using moonstone.

2. Angelite

Angelite is popularly known as the Stone of Awareness. Use this beautiful stone to experience an immense feeling of relaxation. Remember, the main cause of sleeplessness is often anxiety or stress. Using Angelite, one can keep anxiety and tension away! The stone is known to provide calmness and a soothing atmosphere. Thus, place this stone close to your bed and get ready for a good sleep.

3. Rose Quartz

Negative energy is not only bad for your mood and health but it also badly affects anyone’s sleep pattern. To keep negativity at bay and feel positive and healing, use the beautiful and relaxing Rose Quartz. It reduces your stress and makes you feel cozy. Rose quartz is one of the best crystals for sleep because it fills the surroundings with calmness and positivity which is quite vital for sleeping properly.

4. Tourmaline (Deep Black)


The everyday incidents in our lives can sometimes be very disturbing. When such incidents happen, we feel very heavy. Now, do you feel heavy before sleeping? Be it stress or anxiousness; the heavy feeling easily disturbs your sleep. Use the black tourmaline to feel light and enjoy a sound sleep. Though the black tourmaline is considered best for getting good sleep, you can also use the other tourmalines for the same purpose. The black tourmaline works faster and helps you fall asleep in a short period while the other tourmalines comparatively take a little longer for the same!

5. Lepidolite


The right balance between emotional as well as mental energy is essential to achieve good sleep. If this balance gets disturbed, a person can feel disturbed and annoyed resulting in bad sleep. Attain the right balance among your energies by using the unique Lepidolite. With the presence of lithium in it, the Lepidolite stone is also used in the medical world to combat despair & mood shifts.

6. Shungite

One of the most important crystals for insomnia, the Shungite crystals are recommended for people who find it hard to keep themselves away from electronic gadgets. If you too fall into this category, keep Shungite in your bedroom and let it do the magic. This crystal is known to protect you from negative vibrations that emit from your gadgets. Blocking negativity from your phone, television, and more such items, the Shungite stone is a lovely sleep-inducing option for gadget-inclined people!

7. Amethyst

If your thoughts keep on disturbing your sleep behavior, it is time to turn towards the Amethyst stone. It is strongly believed that Amethyst is a great stone for people who want to sleep properly. The stone possesses amazing healing vibes that help promote sleep.

Use the above beautiful crystals for sleep! These crystals have their own specific powers. Apart from helping you sleep in the right way, each of the above crystals comes with many other advantages too. Own these lovely sleep crystals today and leave your worry of sleeplessness behind. Keep the crystals in your bedroom, close to your bed, or under your pillow and just see how you wake up fresh and energetic the next day!

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  • Audrey
    Sep 23, 2022, 5:31:05 AM

    My uncle has an insomnia problem. I read this blog. If a gemstone could work on it, I will definitely buy them.

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