Fail in expressing self; why not trust the vibrant blue.. Learn HOW to use..

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  • Posted: Sunday, October 11, 2015
Fail in expressing self; why not trust the vibrant blue.. Learn HOW to use..

Every living soul on the earth needs to communicate to show his presence to the world. Communication and the power of speech are governed by the throat chakra of the body. The voice of every soul, throat chakra is the relief valve that permits the energy of all chakra first to concentrate and then flow out to strongly trigger up the sleeping ability to divulgence. The stimulated throat chakra not only proffers the capacity to express self but too yields the confidence to stand in front of others to influence them through your communication power. It too bestows the leadership qualities and assists in attaining the position that is once desired of. The third chakra from the top holds the ability to maintain balance as well as regulate the energy of the other chakras for equilibrating the entire soul within the universe. It is believed that unbalanced throat chakra or blocked energies of this alluring chakra can too affect the effectiveness of the other chakras in addition to the overall health of the person. Further, the balanced energies of the throat chakra help the soul to convey self and reveal the potency in the right order to the world around. Since ages, it is acknowledged to make contact with the energies of the cosmos too for procuring the coveted spiritual stage.


The aligned and relatively balanced charismatic chakra often serves the spirit to show self clearly to the multitudes and portray the picture of his thoughts clearly for advancing in the life. Recognized for its most potent aptness, this enthralling chakra aids in passing on the beliefs and emotions too aside from the ideas. It is reckoned that when the vibrant throat chakra of the body is in equilibrium, it opens the world for its soul to see the unnoticed as well as bring out the hidden truth to the world. Cleric has gifted this chakra not only to communicate but too get recognized and magnetize the attention of the masses for relishing the name and fame earned.


In the ancient lore, it is explicitly stated that the chakra of the blue aura controls the free energies of the inner torso. It too ease the free flow of energies of the other chakras by clearing the energy blocks. The free movement of energy within the torso connects the internal soul to the spirit. The energy that rouse upward from the sacral chakra through solar plexus can carry on its path facilitating the free expression of the values in addition to the ideas. Throat chakra too shows its effects on the physical structure of the soul, if it is out of balance, then the person might feel sore throats along with tight jaws, headaches, and stiff necks. Apart from the physical issues, throat chakra too shows its potent effect on the spiritual body. The unbalanced throat chakra, let the soul experience fear, self-doubt as well as lost. In fact, the person would not be able to express self clearly, due to loss of words and understand the intentions of the others. The disturbances in the proper flow of energies of the throat chakra likewise makes the soul feel lonely, out-of-the-way and misunderstood.

To balance the chakra and boosting up the capability to express emotions blue tinted gemstones are contemplated best. The dark hues of the stone is predisposed to hold the power of truth. On the other hand, the lighter hues of the gem hold the potential to balance the soul in addition to the power of flexibility and relaxation. The energy of the yellow color gemstones since ages are known to enhance the power of the blue tinted gemstones to activate the throat chakra. The yellow energy of the crystal is too accredited to augment the power of communication. It too help to express freely by drawing the energy from the solar plexus. It likewise soothes the intellect along with emotional and intellectual soul and torso. Furthermore, it too grants effectiveness.



A guardian gemstone, Azurite apart from releasing the inner strength it helps to carry forward the energy for gaining attunement with the surrounding aura. The blue energies of the stone, protect the inner in addition to loved ones and possessions. The energies of the gem too root the free energy of the soul into the earth for attaining the balance. It helps to magnetize wealth for enhancing the riches of life along with spirituality. The dark color hues of the stone teaches humanity and brings in compassion in life.

blue azurite

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Speculated as a guardian buffer gem nugget, Trolleite shields the soul nd the loved ones against evil and negative energies of the surrounding aura. It too proffers physical security in addition to the possessions. It guards the spirit along with the valuables that hold importance in life. As a buffering gem, it helps to get through the hard times of the life and bring things on the right track again. It decreases the effects of the ups and downs the life faced by soothing the emotional heart and intellectual soul. The energies of the stone too contribute in shielding the intellect and inner soul from the outside influences that turn your life towards deterioration. It helps to deal with the bumps as well as bruises of the life span. The icy blue color of the stone soothes the distressing emotions and bring in serenity to face the challenges, understand the need of the hour and follow the right path. It likewise helps to acknowledge the power of truth and were flexible to adjust self in the circumstances of life and stay poised. It too enhances faithfulness and trust on the qualities of the self, in addition, the others.



Blue Aventurine

Often contemplated as a stone of worry, Aventurine protects the physical torso from the evils of the outside world.  It too brings in the Universal Life Force into the restless life and make the soul tranquil. It is likewise speculated to ground the energies of the soul to streamline them and attain equilibrium. It releases the stress and anxiety from the intellectual soul. It too brings light to choose te right track to walk on and gain the opulence. The energies of the stone roots out the self-doubt as well as help in releasing the negative energies from the overall torso. Aventurine likewise heals the side effects of the unbalanced throat chakra.

Blue Aventurine

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Chalcanihite on Goethite

The barrier in addition to a solidifier gemstone, Chalcanihite on Goethite acts as a barrier that keeps the soul safe from harmful attacks. Further, it keeps the spirit protected from the misfortunes of the universe. The energies of the stone solidify the relationship and assist the soul to built up the right habit and teaches compassion.



A barrier gem nugget, Kyanite is too speculated as a Strengthener. The powerful gemstone gives strength to the soul and help to open the directions that lead to opulence. It guards against the misfortunes and save from all the treacherous world. Kyanite instantaneously lines up all the chakras and restrained bodies, cleaning all the meridians and pathways.


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A dispeller gemstone aside from dispelling the negative too solidifies the relationship that are genuine and significant in life. At times, we all do not want to get involved in too many things and want to get rid off we no longer wanted. It keeps the soul protect from the physical illness such as pains, and disease as well as help to regain weight. It obliterates the worry and anxiety from the intellect that brings in the unpleasant feelings in the emotional life to stabilize the life. It too helps to maintain the positivity and attain the desired state.


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Lapis Lazuli brings in the internal harmony as well as enhance the feeling of improving self in addition to the things indispensable in the gifted spirit. Further, the blue energies of the stone help the soul to stick on the principles and follow the pasth of truth by improving the actions. It filters the negativity and imbibe the positivity to enhance the intellect and emotional heart to make contact with the power of cosmos. It too helps to see the posive side of all the things in addition to the others for maintaining the balanced life. The dark colors of the stone is believed right for the childers as well as bring love in the family.

lapis lazuli

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Aquamarine determine the success and help to bring new path and new changes in life. The light blue energies of the stone aids in becoming flexible to stay poised in the surrounding. A protective talisman, this vibrant stone releases the destructive behavior and accept the changes for bringing newness into the life.


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Peacock Ore

A enhancer gem nugget, peacock ore produces harmony in life as well as help to attain tranquility by accepting the changes of life. Furthermore, the powers of the stone contribute to staying balanced by soothing the distressed emotions and thoughts. Often reckoned as a the “building block”, it magnetize the riches and provide to attaining the success in life. It too newness and attack achievements by opening the path that leads to accomplishment. It is a stone of honor, truth and satisfaction.

peacock ore

Blue Quartz

Blue quartz holds the energy of blue, thus help to recover self from the past traumas as well as restore the lost vitality. It helps the throat chakra and enhance the communication.

blue quartz

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Cornetite Druzy

The blue tints of the cornetite jewelry brings deep understanding in addition to the meaning of love in life. It too helps to facilitate forgiveness as well as receive unconditional love. The potent blue vibes of the stone enhances the thinking process and assist in augmenting the quality of fair decision-making. Moreover, the reverberating vibes of the gem help to express self creatively.

Cornetite Druzy

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Apatite helps the soul to seek balance in addition to the flexibility in life. It is a gem nugget that keeps the spirit guarded from the evil as well as from the physical troubles. The blue vibes of this charismatic stone release the emotional traumas and lead a tranwuil life ahead.

blue apatite

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A barrier against misfortunes of the life, Labradorite protects the soul from negative energies of the world. It attracts positivity and keep the oul safe from harm. Further, it enhances the communication skill.

blue labradoritee

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Blue Chalcedony

The blue energies of the stone heal the throat chakra and allow the free flow of thought and emotions to express self to others. It also magnetizes name and fame.

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Sodalite is a gem of the mind. It is practiced to heighten clarity of thought, concentration, and focal point.  It enhances understanding of difficult concepts


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Dumortierite caters the Water Energy in the life. Its flowing energy will guarantee a steadiness of energy as the soul’s life unfolds as well as the flows. To keep the life moving forward, it directs the energies towards the path that leads to accomplishment of goals.


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