Dumortierite - Meaning, Healing Properties, Mythology, History And Myths

Dumortierite is well thought-out to be a treasured nugget as it is the only gem jewel that permits its carrier to stand up for him. It is additionally branded to allow its carrier to be truly free to organize or manage the life. It is a jewel nugget that in the enchantment of life makes its carrier strapping enough to handle the challenges of the life trail on his own as well as raise the echelon of forbearance. It is celebrated to kindle the intellectual nerves of its carrier to heighten his rational aptitudes. It is too deemed to be a potent jewel boulder that serves to supplement the psychic supremacies of its carrier. It is broadly distinguished to extract from the core of the nature, earth in a darker tint of blue, but may vary from scarlet red to auburn brown as well as from mauve to inky. It is additionally believed for its grounding eminence, as it doles out to enlarge the capability to master the self along with the will power. It is, also, whispered to even out the emotions of its carrier as well as lend a hand out to accept the changes. For its grounding eminence, Dumortierite is exceedingly utilized for the meditative rationale that, on the other hand, helps to acquire psychic supremacies.

It is further celebrated to possess the strong reverberating energies that aid its carrier to keep up a correspondence with the cleric. It embraces the propensity to let its carrier put across his views, ideas clearly to the people around. The blue tints, as well as the resonating vibes of this nugget, make it a demure sparkler. It is often famous to uphold the subtle, ethereal vivacity which is conceived to be mystic, unruffled to use. In traditions, it is supposed that blue ranges of this nugget appeal to a stillness of silent veneration. It is comforting to verbalize from its carrier’s heart as well as help to trust the people around. It is additionally celebrated to poise the whole torso along with the chakras, which in turn help its carrier to seek the inner self moreover converse well with the self. It is recognized to awaken the conscious state of mind to weigh up the true words spoken. It is well thought-out to be a nurturing nugget that auxiliary draws off the pessimistic forces and permits the positivity to enter in the torso. It is often supposed to endorse the feeling of brotherhood also to the good will that further helps its carrier to open the mind to new ideas. It is acknowledged to inculcate the feelings of munificence. The sophistication of this jewel gem holds the refinement to affect the emotions of its carrier positively.

Further, it is not seen for its shielding properties but documented to provide encouragement also to the support. It is a stone of communication which uplifts the morale of its carrier. Dumortierite tends to enjoy the ability of articulation that in the spell of life taught its carrier to plate artistically the truth. Moreover, this nugget is understood to offer clarity in the sentiments. It is too believed to doge the objective of its carrier in regards to what matters most in his lifespan. It sometimes considers as an earthly rainbow due to the presence of other color varieties. In the traditions, it is too measured a jewel of strengthening that stabilize the inner self along with the surrounding aura. It terms as an excellent gem piece to balance the overall torso of its carrier, including emotional, mental as well as the physical torso. The rational vigor triggered by this jewel piece will harmonize the yin/yang energies or liveliness by drawing out the negative forces of the universe.

Where is Dumortierite found?

Dumortierite is known to pull out from the deposits of Madagascar, France along with Sri Lanka, Canada and too from Poland, Brazil. It is also widely extracted from the deposits of Africa, USA, and Namibia.

Healing Properties Of Dumortierite

Dumortierite is a jewel nugget that is regularly utilized to enhance the patience of its carrier. It furthermore believes that it can make the process to achieve the looked-for aspiration easier. It is a valuable boulder of ponderings, which in turn helps its carrier to attune the rate of recurrence of the divine wits. It is further known to lend a helping hand to its carrier to overcome the appalling obsessions. The idiosyncratic but pure psychic manipulates of this nugget are likely apt to clear the surrounding aura along with the internal aura. It has the propensity to fuel the intellect as well as the wits on different levels. It further adds psychic knack as a gift. It is well-known to enjoin the life of its carrier, as a prized cut stone of a command. Also to the enhancement of the discipline qualities, it is further believed to augment general regulations. It is a treasured cut stone that elevates the feelings of fear from the mind of its carrier to bring in the courage also to peace in his life. It is recognized to pilot the sense of order and clarity to the things done to heighten the life. It likewise works as a shoplifter for creativity as well as expression, it supplementary mold the raw energy into an organized state allowing higher expression of that creativity. In the spiritual kingdom of its carrier, it is celebrated to raise the spiritualism to link and communicate with the spirit guides. For its immense communicating qualities is utilized to elucidate the spiritual dreams. On an emotional level, it is greatly maneuvered to mitigate the distracting or disturbing emotions from the lifespan of its carrier. It is known to show the reality of the life and allows its carrier to live in the present not in dreams, so as to make him comprehend the twists and turns of the life. It is also known to accept the changes or reality. It is known to proffer self-discipline as well as reliance in the emotional and mental torso of its carrier to reduce the obstinacy. This nugget is besides known to lift up the depressing situations and fill in the peace along with the happiness. On a physical level, it is known to cool down the physical torso that helps to offer the soothing effect on the throat, thyroid along with the parathyroid gland. It is too celebrated to detoxify the over stimulated torso. It is highly conceived to treat diabetes, skin troubles as well as metabolic activities. It further purifies the blood also to the endocrine system of the carrier’s torso. It is good for those planning to lose the body weight.

  1. Physical Healing:

The blue tints of this precious nugget are known to revolutionize the whole torso of its carrier by removing the chronic pain that might have appeared due to spasms. It is utilized for its calming eminence, as it reduces hyperactivity along with the mental distractions of its carrier. It is believed to remove the troubles related to the brain like migraines and headaches; it moreover helps to mitigate the issue of insomnia. It is too believed to be effective to increase the eyesight or to solve the eyesight difficulties. Further, it is believed to be good for skin, as it cures the skin troubles effectively. It is also employed to mend congestion issues faced by its carrier. Blue or various other bluish tints of this precious jewel allow its carrier to balance the hormones as well as align the overall torso of its carrier. It is further believed to transport the pure oxygenated blood in the veins of its wearing entity. It is a cut precious stone that is utilized to calm down the nervous disorders of the women wearer that indirectly holds the positive impact on the menstrual hormones. It is known to cool down the physical torso that helps to offer the soothing effect on the throat, thyroid along with the parathyroid gland. It is too celebrated to detoxify the over stimulated torso. It is highly conceived to treat diabetes, skin troubles as well as metabolic activities. It further purifies the blood also to the endocrine system of the carrier’s torso. It is good for those planning to lose the body weight as it aids on the digestive system too.

  1. Emotional Healing:

On the grounds of emotions, Dumortierite is highly treated to edify the value of the expression. It also teaches the high caliber of being silent. It is believed to communicate with the heart and without uttering a single word. This valued rock preciously treasures the words of truth to share them with the astuteness furthermore true proclamation. Dumortierite is auxiliary celebrated to open up the bottle lock emotions that block the path of pure energies, exercised to help its carrier in lucid thinking. It is known to boost up feelings or sentiments of completeness. It is often carried to demonstrate his vulnerable feelings. It is believed to console and quite down the anger of its carrier that in turn not allow him to stay controlled or in harmony. It cleans the negative aura that fills the internal soul with feelings of sadness as well as grief. It tends to show up the light on the path that fills with positivity.

  1. Spiritual Healing:

Dumortierite is an inspirational boulder that helps its carrier to search his inner self for truth. It is celebrated to examine the self that further serves its holder to understand the seep meaning of life. The vibrant vigor’s of the blue tints of this boulder provides an ability to advance the subconscious judgments into conscious wits which in the spell of life helps its holder to review the truth. It auxiliary motivates its holder to connect with the divine through a spiritual source achieved as a gift from this precious nugget. The bluish hues are known to resonate strongly within the torso which by turning on the chakras helps its carrier to understand the light truth and bond with the multitudes. It puts off the extrasensory spiritual burnout as well as helps him to receive the positive energies from the cosmos. It opens the innate forces along with the sensitivities that were blocked by the disharmony with the inner self. It is good to solve the meditative purpose of its carrier.

  1. Heals and Balances Chakras:

Dumortierite tends to hold the tinges of blue, which is known to elicit the Third Eye Chakra along with the Throat Chakra. The third eye Chaka is widely celebrated to open the intuitive self along with the psychic abilities. It auxiliary awakens the mind to arrive at spiritualism for spiritual direction. This chakra is inclined to grant trouble-free reach into all the approachable regions of its carrier’s life. It is further believed to control the not weakened flow of liveliness to and fro through the torso that allows augmented communication furthermore articulation all the way through the Throat Chakra. On the other hand, the triggered third eye chakra is envisaged to be a center of a torso that instills the ability of perception as well as a command, wisdom.

The Throat Chakra turned on by the Dumortierite is known to unbolt the blocked energies of its carrier that in the spell of his life allows him to communicate clearly and freely. It assists its holder to express himself without any fear and use the quality of true wisdom to attain spiritualism. 

Dumortierite Facts

Some facts about Dumortierite:

  1. Dumortierite proffers the restful vibrations that hearten persistence with the accepted form of the Universe.
  2. The calming action of this boulder helps its holder to remain in a state of consenting, accommodating the progression of the demonstration at times.
  3. Dumortierite too upholds a accepting the indulgement of karma along with the forgiveness.
  4. A boulder of the Throat Chakra, Dumortierite with its blue hues crafts, spiritual facts easier to articulate, and also persuades the holder to speak for self.

Dumortierite Metaphysical Properties

  1. Dumortierite deposits are usually known to occur near water, so often termed as Petrified Water.
  2. The presence of Mg (magnesium), Fe (Iron) and Zn (Zinc) in this boulder protrudes out the blue hue.
  3. It fetches the sense of calmness as well as relaxation.
  4. It is further used to reduce the stressful situations from the lifespan of its holder.
  5. Dumortierite develops managerial abilities, the strength of mind also to orderliness.
  6. Dumortierite is employed to rationalize the sensitivity of excitement and on the other hand by reducing stubbornness it tends to increase patience.

Dumortierite In News

Dumortierite Color

The blushes or tints of this boulder scope from reddish-coffee to lilac-sapphire blue to dark cerulean blue.The shadowy, murky blue multiplicity of this precious nugget is most widespread even though the accepted raw boulder may seem to be little lighter in the shade.

Dumortierite Colors

  • CleavageDistinct on {100}, poor on {110}; parting on {001}
  • Other Names
  • Crystal HabitAs fibrous or columnar crystals; coarsely crystalline to intimate parallel aggregates of needles; massive
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.686-1.723
  • DiaphaneityTranslucent to opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)7-8.5
  • SourcesAfrica
  • Chemical formula(Al7O3)(BO3)(SiO4)3_Aluminum_Borosilicate_Hydroxide
  • LustreVitreous, silky, or dull
  • ColorBlue, Brown, Pink, Violet
  • Chakra HealingThird Eye Chakra,Throat Chakra
  • BirthstoneAugust
  • Zodiacleo
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