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Apatite is a stone that is known for its power that helps in achieving goals and clearing the feelings of anger, apathy, and confusion. Apatite has received its name from a Greek word, which means to deceive. Apatite has received this name because of the diverse formations and variety of colors that it holds, which makes it easy to mistake it from other stones. Apatite is a stone that can magically encourage ideas and thoughts. It is associated largely in conjunction with intellect, meditation, physic awareness, and imagination. Apatite is relatively a soft gemstone and is therefore used widely for Apatite silver jewelry purposes.

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Where is Apatite found?

Apatite is a very common stone, and the noteworthy places where it is found are Germany, Portugal, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Morocco. However, the major sources of Apatite are Mexico, Brazil, and Burma.

Other sources include Canada, Czech Republic, India, Spain, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, Norway, and the United States.

Healing Properties

Physical Healing: A variety of Apatite, which is blue in color promotes the manufacture and development of new cells and aids in the incorporation of calcium in the bones. It helps to nurse back healthy bones and teeth, looks after cartilage and is valuable in the treatments for joint problems, rickets, arthritis, and motor skills.

Apatite is also linked with healthy eating and has been attributed to holding back hunger and increasing metabolic rate. It is generally supportive in reducing hypertension and healing glands and organs.

Emotional Healing: Apatite is believed to increase enthusiasm and building up energy reserves in the body when the body feels lethargic. It helps to triumph over shyness and introvert nature and helps the wearer to get rid of the feeling of alienation. Apatite is also recognized to promote honesty, social ease, and openness with others. It is useful in lessening grief and annoyance, and in reducing bad temper and emotional fatigue.

Spiritual Healing: Apatite is considered to develop the consciousness of past-life experiences and may also augment the understanding of karmic influences on the wearer’s current life and reality. According to a belief, the vibration of Apatite attracts towards it the "blue beings" of the heavenly nature whether divine entities such as Krishna, ETs or extraterrestrials, and allows one to communicate with them.

Heals and Balances Chakra: Apatite is associated with the Third Eye and the Throat Chakras. It is an excellent stone for balancing the yin and yang of the body. The Third Eye or the brow chakra is the center of our insight and command. It lets the wearer be in harmony with the worldly awareness and knowledge.

By balancing the throat chakra, it balances the overall voice of the body. It helps the wearer in communicating his opinions, thoughts, and feelings to others.  

Apatite Facts

Some facts about Apatite

  • It is believed that Apatite can build a connection with the UFO’s.
  • In earlier times, Apatite was used as fertilizers.
  • Apatite is not much known about its relation to any myth or folklore.
  • Blue Apatite honours the Greek Earth Mother Goddess called Gaia.

Metaphysical Properties

The Apatite mineral members were traditionally known as Chlorapatite, Fluorapatite, and Hydroxyl-Apatite. Apatite is one of those minerals, which are formed and used by natural micro-environmental systems.

Apatite is the main resource of the phosphorus that is essential for plants. The teeth and bones of most of the animals, including humans, are comprised of calcium phosphate, which is the similar substance as Apatite.

On Moh’s scale of hardness, Apatite weighs 5.

Apatite at a Glance

Cleavage Poor, in two directions
Other Names Fluorapatite, Asparagus Stone, Moroxite
Crystal Habit Tabular, prismatic crystals, massive, compact or granular
Streak White To Yellow-Gray
Refractive Index 1.634-1.638
Diaphaneity Transparent - Translucent
Moh's scale (hardness) 5
Sources Germany, Portugal, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, and Burma
Chemical formula Ca5(PO4)3(F,OH,Cl)
Lustre Vitreous
Color Yellowish Green, Brownish Green, Green, Violet, Pale Light Blue, Violet-Blue, Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Colorless
Chakra Healing Throat chakra

Apatite Color

Apatite is the standard term for many phosphates and a mineral group as well, but superior-quality apatite is a special stone that is found in a beautiful variety of colours. The colours in which the Apatite is formed in are white, yellow, brown, gray, red, pink, purple, blue, green, and sometimes multicoloured.

Apatite Colors

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