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Belongs to one of the varieties of Beryl mineral, Aquamarine derived its name from the blue sea water. Renowned as the stone of people born in March, Aquamarine is comparatively a common gemstone and aquamarine silver jewelry comes at an affordable price. It is found in deeper and lighter shades of blue, however, the deeper and intense the color, the more value it will demand.

Aquamarine is said to be used while doing deep meditations, and hence it is also called as a stone, which helps the person to be in his/her spiritual being.

Aquamarine is a strong and durable gem, but it needs great care. The color of Aquamarine may also fade with prolonged exposure to light.

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Where is Aquamarine found?

Aquamarine is found in the mines of Colombia, India, Pakistan Russia, Malawi, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. In the United States, Aquamarine is found at the peak of Mt. Antero in the Sawatch Range in central Colorado. Brazil is also the source of Aquamarine. The states, like EspíritoSanto, Gerais, Bahia, Minas, and Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil produces Aquamarine. The Big Horn Mountains, in Wyoming, is also considered as a source of Aquamarine.

Healing Properties

Physical Healing: Aquamarine is considered as one of the strongest stones in providing remedial relief to the throat chakra. Sometimes due to an imbalance in the body, the throat chakra blocks. The throat chakra is the voice of the body, and it is believed to stimulate energy from the heart to throat. When throat chakra gets out of balance it also affects the health of other chakras as well. To rectify this trouble, Aquamarine is suggested to the sufferer. It helps in overcoming the fear of speaking in public and also relaxes those people who are stage conscious. 

Being a cooling stone, Aquamarine is useful for infections of the throat, like a sore throat, strep throat, and laryngitis. It is good for thyroid and pituitary gland as well. Moreover, Aquamarine soothes the inflammatory diseases of all kinds, which includes eczema, rosacea, hives, and psoriasis. It is effectively great in the treatment of herpes and shingles.

Emotional Healing: The aquamarine stone is a stone containing water element, which is considered powerful for cleaning the emotional bodies. The gentle energies of Aquamarine help one in overreacting less in the case where ego and self-esteem surround the person and he speaks non-required things. Moreover, it also reduces excessive fear and anger.

 Aquamarine increases the logical and rational reasoning processes and augments the capability of being spontaneous. It makes one indomitable through wisdom and learning. Aquamarine is believed to bestow determination, self-control, and cheerfulness.

Spiritual Healing: Aquamarine is considered the stone of empowerment for men and women in the same way. This wonderful stone enhances the intuitive ability of a woman and helps in getting rid of the emotional numbness. On the other hand, it helps men in communicating their feelings easily.

Aquamarine healing properties meditation. It helps in stirring of the paranormal abilities and induces surprises. In some of the traditions, it is believed that you can see your guardian angel with the help of an Aquamarine crystal when it is pointed to the North.

Heals and Balances Chakra: Aquamarine is basically known to heal the throat chakra, which is considered to be the voice of the body. It allows the person to speak without hesitation in public. It conducts the way we express our feelings and thinking process. The balanced throat chakra is responsible for the easy flow of energy from the mind to the body.


Aquamarine Facts

Some facts about Aquamarine:

  • Dreaming Aquamarine signifies the entry of new friends in life.
  • The biggest Aquamarine stone was founded in Brazil in 1910, which weighed 243 pounds.
  • The amazing aquamarine is the birthstone of people born in the month of March, and those who have born under the zodiac sign of Pisces.
  • Apparently, Aquamarine is said to have mystic qualities that enables one to call a devil from hell when kept in the mouth. It enables a person to receive answers to any questions asked.
  • The Aquamarine crystal that comes in pale turquoise color welcomes energy, enhances serenity, boosts freshness, and brings balance and hope.
  • The lighter shades of turquoise promote inner peace and harmony in a human being along with spiritual understanding.
  • The pale blue Aquamarine crystal helps a person in accepting and loving the life that he is leading with ease and comfort.
  • The light blue Aquamarine amulet develops endurance and patience, resolves differences or seeks compassion. It is equally good for curbing anger, and becoming cheerful and reliable.
  • It is also the birthstone of the Chinese zodiac sign of Ox.

Metaphysical Properties

The hardness of the stone weighs from 7.5 to 8.0 on Moh’s scale. The deep blue version of Aquamarine is called “maxixe”.

Being the stone of the sea water, Aquamarine has always been considered great for sea travellers. Aquamarine is ruled by the energy of the moon, and hence it is advisable to charge it under the moonlight. Some experts also suggest that before putting the aquamarine stone on, hold it near your heart, and feel the emerging gentleness and mildness of this wonderful stone.

Aquamarine at a Glance

Cleavage Poor, in one direction
Other Names Maxixe
Crystal Habit Prismatic to tabular crystals; radial, columnar; granular to compact massive
Streak white
Refractive Index 1.577-1.583
Diaphaneity Transparent - Translucent
Moh's scale (hardness) 7.5-8
Sources Colombia, India, Pakistan Russia, Malawi, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya
Chemical formula Be3Al2(SiO3)6
Lustre Vitreous
Color Greenish Blue To Pale Blue-Green
Chakra Healing Throat chakra
Birthstone March
Zodiac Pisces

Aquamarine Color

The ocean-like effect has given Aquamarine its name. It is the blue variety of Beryl mineral. Pure Beryl is colorless, the impurities present in it makes them colorful. There are various other varieties of Beryl, like Heliodor, Emerald, Pink Morganite, etc.

Aquamarine Colors

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Aquamarine comes in blue color as you have mentioned but I have seen its sea green color too. Is it fake one or does it means something else?
Reply on 1/11/14
No Mick it’s true as Aquamarine reveals its greenish blue to light shade of bluish green. This tint of Aquamarine is also well composed of all the powers and properties that blue shade of this talisman have.
Reply on 12/11/14
There are various mystical qualities of this gemstone. I think I should go for it as I am in love with the features like this. Suggest please as I know every gemstone doesn’t suit every person.
Reply on 22/11/14
Aquamarine is a birthstone for March born and Gemini and Scorpio Zodiac. So, if your case matches with any of these then you should go for it without any haut otherwise you should talk to your astrologer he will offer a best gemstone name for you.
Reply on 28/11/14
Erdmute Talle
I purchased a several sterling silver rings with stones from you in 2013 and wish to order more, how can I do this since I don't see your jewelry on e-bay anymore? Please respond, thank you!!!
Reply on 3/1/15
oh waoo Mics...congrats...good to hear this...apart from properties of Aquamarine...I have fall I love with its beautiful gape...isn't it??I want to tune it...but have a question should I??
Reply on 18/4/15
I have tuned this gemstone...and guess has become my best makes me feel that it is there for me always when I need may also go for it...take the advantages of its come out of any confusion seek an advice from your astrologer....he will guide you in a right way...Best of Luck..!!
Reply on 4/5/15
hey John, let me give you an easy and fast solution to your problem. You may ask your Aquamarine gemstone related query at free of cost to Jewelexi at its Ask Mittens page. Their best astrologers will reply you with the best answer which will help you to proceed further towards the goal of your life.
Reply on 7/6/15
Hey jack. I'm thankful to you for this suggestion. It helped me in various aspects of my life. Ask mittens is wonderful. I got all solutions of my life on this site. Just glad to find it.

Thank you jewelexi and thanks jack for the help i was off since many months just got back and thought to thank you :)
Reply on 13/1/16
This stone looks exceptional..!! Is it suitable for everyone??
Reply on 17/6/19
I love the healing and the design of this pretty stone.
Reply on 7/8/19
I search and buy so many gemstones but quality you provide is just awesome.
Reply on 24/9/19
The healing properties of aquamarine gemstone is next to the awesome...Thank you gemexi
Reply on 20/11/19
I love the way, you guys deal with your consumers. I really love your services & will definitely shop again. Thanks
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