Want to interpret the world in a better way, and then awaken your consciousness.. Learn How??

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Want to interpret the world in a better way, and then awaken your consciousness.. Learn How??


The second chakra from the top, Brow Chakra often speculated as third eye chakra is the center of acuity as well as command. Brow Chakra holds the propensity to direct the observation of the soul in addition to the after day wakefulness of the universe. Third Eye chakra is the place where consciousness is supposed to be located here. Further, Brow Chakra is assessed to define the soul as well as help the spirit to relate the instinct through this potent chakra. The energies of this activated chakra help the soul to see his inner self along with the world around. It too serves to interpret what is seen with the naked eyes and what is observed through the gained knowledge. The resounding vigor of the triggered chakra aids, to know the inner self and desires or requirements clearly as well as observed the happenings of the world patiently.


The brow chakra is too predisposed to interpret the unseen, untouched and unknown universe in addition to the never searched inner spirit of the soul. It helps to comprehend the universe that comes into the torso chiefly through sight. The power of the stimulated chakra likewise works as a code breaker that helps to make new pattens too, to soothe the futuristic life. The energies of the third eye chakra proffer the understanding that assist in balancing the important in addition to the unimportant aspects of the life. Moreover, the energetic vibes of the triggered chakra command the energy stream within the torso as well as sort the connotation from shown data and imitations.

The positive effect of the poised brow chakra assists the soul to see clearly along with interpreting what is seen. When this potent chakra is balanced, then the soul can construe the visual signs as it makes the perception of the soul high. In fact, the contemplations, as well as the internal communications with the self, becomes hale and hearty in addition to vibrant.

The stabilized and equilibrated brow chakra evoke the strong viewpoint as well as creative ideas to built a repute in the world around. It allows the soul to be open to accepting new ideas and follow the dreams to make it a vision for achievement. It too makes the spirit observant and infuse the power to be reflective. Balancing this chakra help to align all the other chakras as well as maintain the proper flow of energy within all other chakras of the torso.


Immediately, if we talk about the unbalanced or unpoised chakra, then the distressed and free energies of this chakra put the soul into the trouble. It has the soul endures, as it is well known that without proper perspective, nothing in this universe would make sense. It would leave the spirit confused and directionless, as multitudes will face difficulty in seeing the things noticeably. It too allows one to differentiate between what is important at the particular point in time and what is not.

The unbalanced Third eye chakra will let the soul absent-minded, as one will not have command over the overall torso along with the intellectual thoughts. Masses with closed third eye chakra will suffer from the issues of headaches as well as poor vision. Furthermore, folks would face difficulty in solving the puzzles of the lifes and the upcoming problems.


The brow chakra can be balanced by the energy of either blue color gemstone or purple color gemstones. Not only crystals will activate the chakra, but color used in other things like cloths or decorated pieces would work. It is said that the tints of blue or purple when imbued with the energies of the mineral composed stones would hold a greater effect. Indigo is often related to equilibrate the Brow chakra. All the varients of blue, more inclined towards darker tones demonstrates the hue of the clear sky, a sky of isolation and manifestation. Blue or purple, a color of silence is speculated as a color of the reflection. The shade of blue is a signature of mystery hat too symbolize wisdom along with the judgment.


Mediation too plays a vital role in equilibrating the brow chakra, but, in general, it is too signified good for maintaining the good health as well as the healthy environment. The energy of the blue or indigo soothes the aura that in turn helps to attain the desired meditative state easily and effectively. Indigo is a tint that likewise holds the capability to allow the free flow of the energy imbibed from the energetic surrounding within the brow chakra to turn it on effectually by releasing the blockages.



Blizzard stone or Indigo Gabbro

Blizzard Stone is a fusion of diverse types of rocks, thusly, is does not show any crystalline structure. Though, the energy of the marble comes from its indigo hue. Now, as said Indigo is the tint of virtue that likewise brings maturity in the life of the soul. An extraordinary gem, Indigo Gabbro holds the valuable color Indigo that is considered a color for masses born under the time duration of January 20 on February 18. It is a hue of midwinter thus combined with the ray of perception, violet and the ray of belief, blue to form a ray of conviction, i.e., Indigo. Indigo Gabbro is a holder of water energy, the energy that proffers stillness in the heart as well as in the intellect. Water energy symbolizes the quiet strength in addition to a purification that concretize the undiscovered potentialities. A holder of water energy along with the power of indigo color, Blizzard gem is speculated a yielding stone that is powerful enough to control the circle of life. It too holds the power of regeneration and rebirth to keep the life moving.

indigo gabbro



An enhancer gemstone, Sodalite shows the perfect cubic symmetry that leads the inner harmony in the soul. Sodalite is predisposed to enhance the internal energy as well as focus on the things need to get the fix. Further, it proffers the energy to encourage improvements in the areas of life in addition to the inner self. The powerful indigo hues of the stone help to accomplish the desires as well as invoke the ability to think new each time to gain the attention of the public. Sodalite too acts a filter gem nugget that filters the negative energy from the inner and outer soul to imbibe the constructive energies. The infused positive energies help to keep the evil and unenthusiastic out of the mind and heart to lead a serene life ahead. It too evokes the power to understand others and their situations to help them out. It holds the potential to magnetize positive from the surrounding aura and help the soul to attain the all the riches of life without any hurdles. It is a devoted gem; that likewise makes the soul devoted, loving and caring towards family and loved ones including, soul mate. Indigo color of the Sodalite enhances respect as well as consideration in the inner spirit to understand others and the surrounding world clearly. The darker tone of this enthralling gem nugget teaches the real meaning of humanity, charity, sensitivity and honor and influence the soul to follow the same path. Read More about Sodalite



Aura Quartz

The beautiful Indigo tint of the Aura Quartz contemplates being enlivening on all levels as well as holds the propensity to awaken the brow chakra of the torso along with all other chakras. It is regarded as the energy center of the body due to its ability to trigger the third eye chakra that is the known as the chakra of perception. Further, the energies of this compelling gemstone are predisposed to augment the avidity along with the sense of enjoyment to enjoy all the moments of life. It too roots out the feeling of sadness and despair. Read More about Aura Quartz




A charismatic stone, Iolite is a possessor of the magnificent qualities due to its alluring indigo hue. Since ages, Iolite is acknowledged as a Dispeller Energizer, as it has the property to dispel the negativity and energize the soul to imbibe positivity. It too keeps the spirit away from the things that are no longer needed in the life. On the physical part, it helps the soul to get rid of the pains along with the prolonged sickness. The reverberating vibes of the stone too obliterated the obnoxious feelings and worry that disturbs the heart and the intellect of the soul and does not allow to lead a tranquil life. It too bring balance in life and place the things in the correct order to run the further life on a right track. It releases the doubts and keep the spirit happy and joyous. Moreover, Iolite is too predisposed to hold the energies of the Mother Earth, which helps to focus as well as intensify the Universal Life Force. It works as a great antidote that allow the soul to stay energetic, focused and lively always. Read More about Iolite


Tanzine Aura Quartz

A captivating gem nugget, Tanzine Aura Quartz is a holder of indigo energy and proffers out the indigo ray of perception, hunch and encouragement to the soul. The charismatic Ray of the stone caters magic in the aura and bring luxury in addition to elegance in the life. The energy of the stone too enhance the imaginative skill of the spirit and turn the dreams into reality. It too brings the destiny in the favor of soul and allow to fulfill all the desires of this wonderful life. Often reckoned as a gem of magic, it brings the profound magic of the Universal Life Force to the life for the joyous living.

A seeker transformer, Tanzine Aura Quartz transforms the part of life into a more desirable form. It too helps the soul to notice the beauty of the world as well as magic and adventure all around. It is a stone of mystery that help you to find your desirable dreams along with the consciousness.




Tanzanite in the world of indigo colored gemstones is renowned to link as well as aligns the Heart, Throat and the brow chakra with the crown chakra of the torso. The alignment and a proper connection of all these chakras help the soul to think with the heart rather than the intellect but take the decision with wisdom. The energies of this appealing indigo gem connect the inner soul with the higher self as well as with the true self to gain the spirituality in the true sense. It is a stone of compassion that provokes the intuitive capability and help to experience the unity in diversity. Tanzanite is liable to heal the emotional wounds and make a strong connection with the higher knowledge in addition to the self. Further, it associates the energies of the lower chakras with, the higher crown chakra to symbolize integration of the spiritual energies through the energies of the third eye chakra. It too allows the easier flow of information by releasing the distressing energies.  Read More about Tanzanite


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