Gemstones - The Good Luck Charm

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 19, 2020
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Gemstones - The Good Luck Charm

Gemstones hold the special attribute, and that is the living energy in the form of luck. Stones not only heighten the beauty or charisma of a soul but to proffer good luck whenever needed. At times, people need more than one gem to provoke the energy of stone to attract luck, not invariably. The vibrating energies of the gemstone don't only activate the chakras of the body, but to transfer some positive energy to a person in contact for creating sanguine effect all round.

Gemstones speculate to work on the ground rule of the energies of the body if lifestyle changes the effect may alter. Gemstones reverberate in their body in a way to know what is needed at a particular time then they start working accordingly.

I have found Larimar when depressed and guess what it acts as a true anti-depressing stone for me as well as open the gate to see life in a new way. It too magnetizes luck for my future positive encounters. Larimar truly acts as a good luck charm, when I needed the most.


Larimar Bracelet


I furthermore use amethyst and aquamarine and use them with separate gems and they too bring luck to me in my professional and personal life. These gemstones prove effective to me, but if you like to receive the same energies and effects first try to hold them as the essence of stone may vary from person to person's energies. Stones have the propensity to alter the life force and can bring luck to your liveliness.

Like money, everyone needs a good luck charm, as we all need happiness. The living energies of the gemstones in addition to their healing properties help us to attract luck. Without any second thought, gems positively attract the Luck factor but the intensity may vary, so it is always sapient to try using different gems for proper effect. Luck may too differ from person to person, moreover on the situation.

In today’s hard-pressed life, we did not find time to get out and hunt for lucky gems.  We all shop online as it is a convenient direction to search for what we require at affordable prices as well.

Agate contemplates as a lucky gem for those looking for luck in protecting ourselves. It is the only precious nugget that endows fortification all the time. Further, it is among the oldest gemstones evidenced in history.


botswana agate gemstone

Brown Botswana Agate Ring


Citrine and Malachite these two stones bring luck to the business. Citrine for its abilities to attract Luck factor is appraised as “lucky Merchant’s Stone”, as it likewise pulls prosperity as well as riches to the life of an individual. Put it in your cash drawer and experience the outcome. On the other hand, Malachite wards its holder from adversities as well as detrimental business alliances. It furthermore pulls the positive energies in business that ultimately leads to success.

citrine gemstone

Citrine Gold Ring


malachite gemstone

Malachite Ring


Sodalite too brings luck in business.

Sodalite Gemstone

Sodalite Pendant


If you are looking for just one opportunity to prove yourself, then grab Aventurine at the earliest. It is a treasure of opportunity and is one of the most influential nuggets to get luck and riches in the spirit of its holder. It heightens the prospects of winning every game by helping you to prove yourself. It is too good for people looking forward to winning the game of gambling.

aventurine gemstone

Aventurine Pendant

Bloodstone is a combo pack of Luck and endurance; it is predominantly advised to people who wish to be an athlete. Further, it balances the overall body by increasing endurance and proffering stamina.

bloodstone african earrings

Bloodstone Earrings


People are looking for boosting up their career, try using Garnet, as it is a lucky gem for career success. It too ameliorates the business affinity furthermore invokes the desire of the person to work with you.

garnet gemstone pendant

Garnet Pendant


Amazonite is a precious nugget that helps to make the holder’s dreams come true. It is an aspiration and anticipation gem that inspires you to achieve your goal. It moreover brings clarity, truth to your goal by galvanizing you to convert dreams into reality.

amazonite gemstone

Amazonite Pendant


Love is what we all need in life to subsist, to feel, so when the need arises for luck, search for Rose Quartz. It pulls love towards you either in a romantic relationship or married life. It is a preeminent gemstone for drawing love.

rose quartz gemstone

Rose Quartz Necklace


Carnelian and Red Jasper are favorable for those who need to build self-confidence. These gems too set off the hidden talents. Carnelian is good to carry on for the interview as well as auditions. Red Jasper is good for actors as it helps to summon creative ideas when needed most. On the other hand, Red Jasper to roots out the fear of the dark.

carnelian gemstone

Carnelian Necklace


red jasper gemstone

Red Jasper Pendant

Tourmalinated Quartz is the ace of gemstones in bringing luck as it carries the luck attracting abilities of both Quartz Crystal as well as Tourmaline. Further, it wipes out the bad vibes and cleans the energy obstructions to inculcate life with luck.

tourmaline quartz gemstone

Tourmaline Quartz Pendant

Aquamarine too attracts luck by rooting out the negative energies and worries from the overall body of the holder.

aquamarine gemstone

Aquamarine Pendant


Amethyst is a gem that keeps the mind at peace to give space to luck to enter into the life and show its positive effects.

amethyst gemstone

Amethyst Gold Ring


Cat's Eye and Hematite speculate to attract luck in understanding people and thus forming strong relationships.

cat's eye gemstone

Cat's Eye Ring


hematite gemstone

Hematite Band Ring

Love and loyalty in love are mostly desired and is important too, so by wearing Emerald one can stay loyal towards his spouse as easily as make him loyal too.

emerald gemstone pendant

Emerald Pendant

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