Perk up your crown chakra and control your mind

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Perk up your crown chakra and control your mind

The seventh chakra positioned at the crown of the head is regarded as the crown chakra. It is contemplated as the opening way to the broadened and extended universe that our overall torso without this activated chakra cannot reach. The stimulated energies of this magnificent chakra control the way we think in addition to our abilities to react and respond to the universe around us. Furthermore, the potent reverberating vibes of the crown chakra seems to activate our latent thoughts as well as acts as a wellspring of our feelings. Reckoned as the fountainhead of the mysticism along with deep spirituality, the potency of the crown chakra connects the inner soul to the higher planes of existence. Moreover, the authority of the vivacious chakra too widens as well as pull out the hidden energy from the torso to make a strong connection with the forces of the universe.


Acknowledged to turn on the intellectual abilities, it helps to understand the universal truth along with the energies motto to suffuse in the surrounding. It too assists to gain the higher information due to its ability to link the internal soul to the energies of the cleric. Further, the capabilities of the chakra speculated as a potent coordinator that maintains the relationship betwixt the parts of the overall body. It too coordinates the energy flow between the inner and outer soul as well as the coordination with the turning phases of the life. Thusly, it is often assessed that if crown chakra is balanced then our overall torso is balanced, and we fell coordinated with the surrounding aura.

The triggered crown chakra fits us in this vast universe and allows us to show our talent to the world around. It too keeps the unused energies of the soul balanced to make the spirit poised as well as help to make our position strong in this ever-changing world.

Triggered energies of the set off crown chakra likewise yields flexibility in our life as well as aid us know the pattern the life flows. It infuses the propensity to take things the way they are and bestow the power to face the challenges along with the setbacks courageously. Further, distinguished for its eminence, crown chakra has bcome an essential part of life as it kept us active and updated to enhance our creative skills. It too buttress our ideas and thoughts and help us o turn them into reality and maintain the rhythm of the lifespan.


Instantly see what occurs when this prominent crown chakra is not balanced?

Unbalanced Crown chakra often blocks the energy flow in the overall torso and hiatus the coordination between the body and soul. Unstable chakra frequently gives you a feeling of clumsiness as well as uncoordinated. Further, the unsettled energies of the troubled or unbalanced chakra create hindrance in the proper flow of spirit. It too makes the intellect sluggish and hampers the creative thinking along with new ideas or thoughts.

Further, the unactivated energies of the chakra make you feel uninspired and unfocused. Sometimes, it too evokes a feeling that forces us to question our existence; we become rigid, and our mental capabilities seem to be frozen we find difficulty in understanding the purpose of life. It limits our consciousness and force us to image vague things and ideas.


Now the question arises, what should be done to balance the unbalanced crown chakra?

The seventh chakra of the torso that is deemed to be located at the crown of the head should be regaled with the vitalities of the violet color gemstones. It is believed that the energies of the violet rays possess the universal life force that acts as an inspiration for our destiny. The vibrant energies of the violet color too bring the unlimited power of universe magic in dreams as well as the span of life. The Violet hue of the stone is often seen as the color that helps the individual to reach the spiritual domination. Violet is a fusion of two colors red and blue in which red symbolizes matter and blue signifies the spirit, but boh of them are too acknowledged to be associated with transformation.

Aside from violet color, crown chakra too resonates in the positive fashion to the white hues of the gemstone. White tints of the gem seem to profuse out the light of force that is a manifestation of the cleric.

The concept of the using white hues of the gemstone is popular in the spiritual healing. Furthermore, crown chakra likewise uses the energy of the white hues for its ability to connect with the divine intellect in addition to the cleric. It is contemplated that being at the top, this alluring chakra administers the execution of all chakras. The energies of the gem nuggets are soothing to the out of balance chakras, so some tones activate the crown chakra and develop the spirituality to regain the lost vivacity. Some tones are mentioned underneath that triggers the crown chakra and help in the following:

Since ages, it is believed that the darker tones of the gemstone help to root the feeling of depression along with sorrow as well as balance the function of the crown chakra. The light tint of mauve enhances the cosmic consciousness in addition to the love for humanity while the deep tone of purple signifies the attainment of the spiritual self. Purplish-Blue serves to attain transcendent quixotism.


Some gemstones that assist in turning on the Crown chakra are:




amethyst ring


Amethyst, assessed as a stone of creative thinking too brings spiritual consciousness to the intellectual mind. Further, regarded or its protective abilities, it shields the soul against psychic attack.

Read More about Amethyst






A blend of Amethyst and Citrine, Ametrine holds the healing attributes of both the stones. It brings mental focus as well as advance the creative thinking to acquire control of the life. Read More of Ametrine




atlantisite pendant


The energies of two stone fused into one to create Atlantasite not only activates the crown chakra, but to balance the emotions and the spirit of an individual. Read More about Atlantasite





Danburite ring


A stone of high vibrations, Danburite brings purity in life and turns on the intellect along with the highest levels of awareness to connect the inner soul with the spirit realms. Further, the energies of this enthralling gem help you to achieve the highest meditative state as well as access spiritual guidance. The soothing powers of the stone root out the anxiety and the feeling of fear from the emotional heart to bring comfort and serenity to the overall torso. Apart from the crown chakra, it is too acknowledged to set off the third eye chakra. On the physical ground, it detoxifies the body and cure the issues related to bladder and liver. It is likewise known to keep the soul guarded against the allergies. Read More about Danburite


Lavender Jade


lavender jade.

A rarest of all Jade, Lavender Jade possesses the gentle vibrations that soothe the soul and balance the overall torso. It too brings joy in the life along with internal peace and accord. It too proffers courage to handle the distressing emotions and control self while dealing with the emotional matters. The potent vibes of the stone turn on the third eye and crown chakra to attain balance and maintain equilibrium in the life. On the physical ground, it is a gem nugget that release toxins from the body as well as heal the emotional pains caused by the past moments.




Lepidolite earrings


It is a gem nugget that controls the mood swings and obliterate depression, anger from the intellectual and emotional torso for leading a serene life. Read More about Lepidolite





Recognized to evoke the highest meditative state, it augments the psychic abilities in addition to vision. Read More about Opalite




Quartz is often renowned for its abilities to possess the full spectrum of light that stabilize the overall torso and promotes harmony. Read More about Quartz


Ruby in Zoisite


It is gem nugget that brings the untouched state of consciousness and help to trace the past-life regression. Read More about Ruby Zoisite


Russian Serpentine


Serpentine got its name for its resemblance of the snakeskin. In ancient time, it is distinguished to proffer protection from the reptiles specifically, serpent venom. The grounding energies of the stone enhance the meditative skill and help to achieve the highest meditative state and gain the inner peace. Further, it mends the imbalances and poise the overall torso by triggering the Crown Chakra.



An angel stone, Seraphinite helps to make a strong connection with the angels of the cosmos and communicate with them. Read More about Seraphinite

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