Ametrine Jewelry Collection


Ametrine is the precious stone that is the mixture of Amethyst and Citrine, both the variety of Quartz. Hence, Ametrine is also called as Ametrine Quartz Crystal. Made with the combination of two stones, Ametrine encapsulates the harmonious blend of energies.

The new variant of the gemstone family enhances mental and spiritual clarity and unites masculine and feminine energies.

The color is usually transparent and is a blend of golden color from Citrine and the purple color from Amethyst.

Ametrine and its sales.

Ametrine comes as a valuable crystal that is formed after the combination of the two stones, Amethyst and Citrine. The crystal is sold majorly because of its property to enhance the mental and spiritual clarity.

The energy level doubles and the negative aura diminish for those who wear it. The property of the stone helps you to stay focused on the Citrine and the Amethyst helps for inspiration. The stone is very helpful for the Pisces and Libra birth signs.

The History of Choicest and Valuable Ametrine

The gemstone of Ametrine is mined from ages in Bolivia only. Hence sometimes Ametrine is also referred to as Bolivianite. The stone was introduced to Europe by a conquistador ’s gifts to the Spanish Queen.

Ametrine, the precious stone with unique healing properties.All at Gemexi

At Gemexi we claim to have the most original and the best of the gemstones from the most authentic sources. The Gemexi employs the adept craftsmen to offer you what is promising and exciting for you. The rare collection of jewelry made in Ametrine is liked by one and all. The range of jewelry includes Ametrine pendants, Ametrine rings, and Ametrine earrings. It is a birthstone for the Pisces and Libra.

Being in the Jewelry business, Gemexi claims to put in the best efforts to make each piece distinct and priceless. 

The original source of Ametrine.

The priceless and the starry Ametrine possess the qualities and properties to soothe the person who lives in great stress. For all those, Gemexi tries to bring the best gemstones that suit you. The Gemexi is the bank of gemstone and we bring the Ametrine Crystals from South America, from Brazil, Uruguay, and Bolivia.  

Jewels of Ametrine, the time-honored jewelry.

Each jewel made with Ametrine is embodied in the beautiful cuts and designs carving of silver metal. Ametrine Silver Jewelry is widely used for healing purposes and that helps a person when he is in depression, lethargy, fatigue, stress, and tensions. Considered as the natural tranquilizers, it provides a person with inner peace and relaxation. The jewelry made in silver looks pretty awesome that has an increased value due to the physical properties of the Ametrine stone itself. 

Excellent Work and Craftsmanship by Gemexi

The adept and skillful craftsman at Gemexi brings us the classic and timeless range and designs of jewelry. All the craftsmen are extremely proficient and very well know how to please the customers. They make the jewels with almost zero defects. It would not be a hype to say that customer appreciation has brought us a long way in the jewelry business. Each item at Gemexi induces deeper magnetism and surely motivates you to buy it.

Our designs display our deep-rooted knowledge, from long times to come, of how a gemstone may be crafted. 

Personalized Jewelry At Gemexi

Jewels form great love and attraction for many. Fondly loved by many people, it becomes a status symbol for many to own different jewels that are stylized as well.

For those who wish to buy and carry for a fashion statement, gemstone-like Ametrine has its own relevance and importance. With its deep healing effects, the gemstone is preferred by many people. Now it will be great if you have personalized jewelry all available At Gemexi. Our skilled and trained professionals help and suggest you the best and the popular designs.

The natural and striking colored purple and golden Ametrine jewelry catch the attention of many. Order your fabulous designs and give us a chance to return you the sparkling jewels.

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