Know how to get rid of Heart Burn and acid reflux through the color energies of the gems

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Know how to get rid of Heart Burn and acid reflux through the color energies of the gems

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The color strengths of the gem play a vital role in healing the overall torso. Moreover the reverberating energies when fused with the color powers of the stone boost up the strength to fight against the ill and shield self from the negatives.

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The vitality and vivacity of the five potent gemstones such as Bloodstone and Citrine in addition to Apatite, Blue lace agate as well as Yellow Sapphire help to mend the physical issues. Furthermore, proffers the soothing effect on the issues like Heartburn and acid reflux.


The yellow vibes of the Citrine are predisposed to bestow the vigor that helps the soul to move on to the next higher state of being. The resonating yellow energies of this potent nugget serves to loosen stress and tension from the intellectual torso as well as augment the suppleness in the cells. Further, it yields the soothing vibes to the organs of the body to mend the body as the whole and release the troubles related to heartburn and acid reflux. Citrine too hearten the torso to relax as well as attain the fitness. It likewise unlocks the inner voice and the ability to hear the inner voice gain the spirituality. Citrine too holds the propensity to root out the things that no longer serves the soul, whether on a physical level or intellectual, emotional level. Aside from proffering flexibility, it too shore up the fitness of the stomach. The yellowish tints of the alluring citrine maintain the well-being of the organs of the body by eliminating out the troubles of the skin, kidneys, and gallbladder along with intestines, urinary tract, and liver.

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The cool blue vibes of the Apatite are contemplated to nurture the overall body by perking up the flow of nutrients into the overall body along with the bones to make them strong. Further, the revitalizing energies of the stone likewise help to resolve the troubles related to food digestion. The elan of this enthralling gem nugget mends the torso as well as reinforce the parts of the skeletal system in addition to the organs. It too heals the issues of bones, bone marrow as well as joints. It yields the base to maintain the health, moreover cure the physical problems. Aside from the physical health it too heals the emotional and intellectual troubles and makes the overall torso healthy. It helps to root out the emotional stress and soothe the intellect to save the soul from the emotional eating. It too assists in making the choice related to the required nutrition and nourishment in the body. The energies of the bluish Apatite also help to overcome the prolonged illness as well as the issue of cold, heartburn and acid reflux.

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Yellow Sapphire is inclined to shield the soul from the solar rays in addition to the electromagnetic radiation due to its resonating yellowish vibes. The potential vibes of the yellowish sapphire fortify the health of the skin along with the digestive system and the waste management and elimination organs of the body. The potency of sunny tints of the Sapphire serves the soul to adapt harmoniously self to the surrounding environment and stay fit. It too helps to improve the skin condition and protect the dermis from acne, eczema as well as skin cancer. The reverberating force of this charismatic gem nugget too keeps the abdomen and the organs of elimination intact so as to save the soul from the troubles of the heartburn and acid reflux. It keeps the urinary tract, kidneys, and the intestine along with the gallbladder and liver in order. Further, the vibes of the stone too soothe the inner linings of the organs and guard the soul from the issues of ulcer, reflux disease, Crohn’s Disease, or diverticulitis.

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