Iolite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Enclosing a fascinating past in itself, iolite is an amazing stone, which was once used by the Mariners as the compass to guide their way through the sea. With shifting shades of blue and violet, iolite carries the spirit of dreams, imagination, journey, and exploration. It is also referred to as the Vikings compass because other than just practically being used as a compass, Iolite provides the person to move spiritually and physically from one area to another.

Iolite also includes in itself a unique property, which is known as pleochroism. Pleochroism is a phenomenon with which one can see a kaleidoscopic effect when the stone is seen in different positions. Iolite is also called as the “Water Sapphire”, and has derived its name from “ios”, which means violet.

Where is Iolite found?

Iolite is mainly found in countries such as India, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Norway, Brazil, and Greenland.

Healing Properties

Iolite is beneficial to mankind in a number of ways, such as:

  • Physical Healer

The amazing iolite is credited to support the liver by promoting the detoxification of the body and reducing the fatty deposits. It regulates digestion, strengthens the nerves, enhances the growth of nails and hair, helps the people suffering from paralysis and numb limbs, and tolerating the pain.

It has also been used as a treatment for malaria and other disorders producing fever. Iolite is also believed to heal the pains of a migraine, headaches, dizziness, Meniere's disease, and troubles related to eyes. Furthermore, it also stimulates memory and averts nightmares, sleeplessness, and sleep disturbances. 

  • Emotional Healer

Iolite helps the wearer to examine his deep self. It helps in reducing the fear of unknown or unsurpassed. It connects a person to his soul and inculcates inner peace and self-confidence in him. In case of hardships, iolite helps in solving even seemingly impossible problems.

When a person wears this incredible gemstone, he gets the feeling of calmness, tranquility, optimism, hope, courage, and decisiveness.

  • Heals and maintains a balance between chakras

Iolite holds violet-blue energy that stimulates the third eye, opens communication and awareness, and directs the wearer’s sight.

The third eye is the centre of the person’s sensitivity and control. The consciousness of the human being stays there, and we relate to ourselves through this chakra. The healing and balancing of the third eye are necessary to make the thoughts and internal communications vibrant and healthy. Iolite opens up the wearer to new ideas, visions, and dreams and controls the flow of energy within all the chakras.

Iolite may also inspire the Crown Chakra, which is located at the top of the head. Crown chakra is a gateway to the prolonged universe that is beyond our physical beings, and controls the thinking and the way of responding to the world around us. It is the source of our values, beliefs, and spirituality.

  • Augments spirituality

Iolite is an excellent crystal for knowing the details of inner visions, journeying, and illuminating continuous growth. It strengthens the deep and significant bond between the mind and the heart. In shamanic healing, Iolite is used to influence the spirits, and in powerful medicinal benefits.

Wearing Iolite Jewelry assists in awakening the imagination and intuition. It is a great gemstone for tarot readers, astrologers, and other such mediums. It also is beneficial for past life regression. Iolite cleans the aura of the wearer, and takes him near to his soul and helps him in connecting with the god. It both braces and supports with the subtle bodies. 

  • Iolite’s color energy

A violet iolite inspires the feeling of admiration, mystery, magic, luxury, and nobility. Being one of the most powerful beams of nature, the rays of iolite help us to know what our dreams want to convey to us. It also instils in the wearer the feeling of doing good deeds and accomplishing tasks.

The indigo iolite is the combination of both blue and violet rays. It brings to the wearer the sense of dignity, wisdom, truth, and spirituality. Iolite promotes introspection and is considered to be the stone providing long-life and decisiveness. Dark indigo Iolite inculcates honesty, faith in religion, and spirituality while light indigo Iolite unites the wearer with the natural world.

Iolite Facts

Some facts about Iolite

  • This stone is often mistaken for Tanzanite.
  • Iolite is the perfect gift for the 21st anniversary.
  • The Viking mariners in ancient times used this violet beauty as a polarizing factor in terms of a secret gem weapon. It was also used as a polarizing lens for navigating the directions and determining the near-to-correct position of the sun.
  • Iolite is believed to free the wearer from all sort of debts and helps him in managing the money well.
  • Iolite is largely used to embellish men’s accessories, it is used in tie pins and cufflinks.

Metaphysical Properties

The chemical composition of iolite is magnesium iron aluminium cyclosilicate and is the variety of the mineral Cordierite which was named after French geologist.

The mineral Cordierite is typically found in regional or contact metamorphism of argillaceous rocks. The tenacity of an iolite is brittle, and on Moh’s scale of hardness, it measures 7-7.5. Due to its hardness and pleochroism, iolite is one of the most complicated stones to cut.

Iolite In News

Iolite Color

Being a transparent variety, Iolite is considered as a gemstone, and it fluctuates in color from sapphire blue to blue-violet to yellow-gray to light blue as the angle of the light changes.

Iolite Colors

  • CleavageGood, in one direction, Poor, in two directions
  • Other NamesCordierite, Dichroite, Bloodshot Iolite
  • Crystal HabitPseudo-hexagonal prismatic twins, as imbedded grains, and massive
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.542-1.551Â
  • DiaphaneityTransparent - Translucent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)7 - 7.5
  • SourcesIndia, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Norway, Brazil, and Greenland
  • Chemical formulaMgâ‚‚Alâ‚„Siâ‚…O₁₈
  • Lustrevitreous
  • ColorViolet Through Slighty Violetish Blue, Rarely Colorless
  • Chakra HealingThird Eye Chakra,Crown Chakra
  • BirthstoneApril
  • Zodiactaurus
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