Solar Plexus Chakra: Suffering a troubled digestive system; know HOW to restore your health

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  • Updated On Jul 26, 2018
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Solar Plexus Chakra: Suffering a troubled digestive system; know HOW to restore your health

The energy distribution center, Solar Plexus Chakra regarded as the foremost chakra of relationships. Solar Plexus Chakra is situated betwixt the ribcage and navel. It holds the propensity to control the immune system of the overall torso along with the digestive system. The balanced chakra keeps the body physically fit as well as proffers the strength to fight infections and keep the body shielded from the allergic reactions. Further, the stable and balanced energies of this potent chakra help to ingest the nutrients taken in the food. The off-balance chakra makes the soul weak and prone to infections and a person sustaining low tolerance for many nutrients. The out of track solar plexus chakra give rise to the hormone disorder and locks your spiritual freedom. The poised Solar Plexus Chakra keeps the soul unperturbed and assists the soul in interpreting the world in his imaginative way. It controls the distressing emotional and yields the ability to face the twists and turns of the life. It too boost the courage and release all sorts of fears that makes the human soul weak. When the vibes as well as energies of the Solar Plexus Chakra are out of order and not aligned with the vitalities of the other chakras of the overall torso, then the energy distribution center, Solar Plexus Chakra contemplated unbalanced. Unsteady Solar Plexus Chakra keeps the person spiritually out of a track; he will feel irritated and fear of losing self. Further, feels the fear of disappointing others, the annoyance of others as well as fear of subordinating the self, life, and pleasures to the will of others.

Now the question comes up what should be done to keep this out-of-balance chakra balanced and equilibrated with the energies of the surrounding and within.

Yellow hues of the gemstones or say the golden-yellowish color of the crystal helps to regenerate the vitality in addition to balance to the solar plexus chakra. The vibrant sunny yellow tints of the gemstone activate the energies of the sleeping Solar Plexus Chakra and aligns the free moving energies for attaining the balance. The balanced chakra too allows the soul to seek solutions to the true hidden desires as well as try hard to accomplish them.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutile in Quartz holds the potential to help the wearing soul attaining spirituality and connecting with the energies of the cosmos for gaining deep spiritual knowledge. It brings the wearer closer to nature and remind him of his dependence on the power of Nature, mother earth and the Sun. In addition to this, this gemstone too promote life-giving vitalities to the wearer's spiritual search. Often assessed as an Attractor Transformer, this Rutilated quartz vouchsafes the energies of the cosmic powers to understand the purpose of life spiritually. Rutile in a Quartz makes it a potent talisman that holds the ability to assist the wearing soul finding new states of subsistence. Quartz containing the golden spikes that make it a potential transformer talisman, like these yellow tones of the spine augments the ability of a person to find the new direction in a meaningful way. The golden rays of this alluring Rutile in Quartz bestow happiness in the inner soul as well as makes the whole surrounding active and positive.

rutilated quartz

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A leading gemstone of imagination and manifestation, it holds the potential to enhance the personal will of the wearer. Contemplated to possess the power of the sun in its charismatic golden tone, Zebradorite energizes the soul with its tender and comforting energies. It triggers the inactive chakras of the body like the first sunlight after the night or the sunshine of spring. Further, it clears the blockages of the intellect in addition to the spiritual soul and frequently awakens the creativity along with the power of imagination. It is too predisposed to keep going the process of transforming dreams and wishes into reality. The pure yellow energies of this alluring gem nugget advance fullness of life along with the fresh beginnings and new interests. A guardian filter gemstone, Zebradorite keeps the negative energies away from the wearing soul as well as protect the travelers and adventures.



A popular meditative gemstone, Citrine holds the healing attributes that not only clarify the intellectual and spiritual blockages but too heals the physical torso. It enhances the imaginative forces and allow the soul to show its talent to the world. Often acknowledged as a restful gemstone, Citrine is too regarded as a powerhouse of the creativity. The energies of this enthralling gemstone equilibrate the Solar Plexus Chakra along with its energies to maintain the balance within the surroundings. A seeker and a transformer, it aligns the free energies of the first chakra of the relationships that is also assessed as an energy distribution center. It helps to find the way towards prosperity (desirable state) and serenity when life is taking distressing turns. It too grounds the energies and connects the soul with the vitalities of the Mother Nature, the Universal Life Force.


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Golden Aura Quartz

Traditionally symbolized as the color of kings, Golden Aura Quartz proffers riches to the life of the wearing individual and infuses power like that of the Sun. Golden Aura Quartz holds the magical potency of its rays, as speculated liable to affect the deeper parts of the intellect and conjures up the images of the mystical places, treasures as well as adventurers. The golden hues of the stone too make the soul feel rich and secure. A representer of wealth and power, Golden Aura Quartz makes the wearer successful wherever he goes, whatever profession he chose. Noted to possess the color of midsummer, the ray of this stone bespeaks richness. The combination of warm yellow and jubilant orange makes the wearing individual vibrant and proffers the ability to live the moments of life joyously. It enriches the spirit and permit to enrich, improve and transform it into the more desirable state. A talisman of devotion, it too helps to attain the highest spiritual level and understand the purpose of life. It likewise yields the courage to enter into a commitment to care and love. Further, the powerful golden vibes of the proffer stone leadership and influencing ability that allows to control the situation effectually.

golden aura quartz

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Yellow Jasper

A stone that deflects jealousy, Yellow Jasper creates an excellent shield around the soul and protect from the off-putting energies of the world around. It eases the worry, root out depression and promote self-consciousness to overcoming embarrassment. Yellow tint of the Jasper transforms life to positive for accomplishing the goals and achieve what is desired. It assists in finding the new path and encouraging to opt for the new approaches and options that will lead to happiness in a boring life.

yellow jasper

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Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron, considered as a remarkable gem serves the soul to gain the spiritual insight and seeing things in a constructive manner. It releases the anger and soothe the distressed heart along with the mind. Holding the attributes of both seeker and transformer, it acts as a talisman that helps to find a way that leads to opulence. It too helps the wearing soul to find what he did not possess yet. It holds the potency of earth that offers the capability to do some modifications on a day to day actives of the life by gathering the Universal Life Force for attaining peace.

tiger iron

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An enhancer crystal that too shows the mirror of reality to the wearer bestow inner harmony in order to maintain balance within the surrounding world. It works as a building blocks of life for the wearing person by building a ladder that leads to success and liveliness. Further, point out the path for the new beginnings and achievements.


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Primarily regarded as a meditation stone, it brings clarity to the thoughts and allows to take corrective actions. Often known as the personal talisman, it proffers alertness along with the optimism. It imbibes the Universal Life Force that determines success and positive changes in the life. Further, it makes the wearing soul more flexible and stronger both financially and emotionally.


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Orbicular Jasper

Orbicular Jasper holds the propensity to attune the soul to the energies of the natural world. A stone that offers a transition aid to enhance the meditative skill as well as bring the potency of water to the efforts.  A Jasper that is of gold color is used to yield happiness and cure the physical issues related to the lower abdomen.

orbicular jasper

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Cats Eye

The reverberating vibes of this magnetizing and powerful talisman, Cat’s eye stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra along with the crown Chakra. Further, these triggered chakras raise the kundalini energy of the inner soul and clears the blockages and allows the constructive energies of the environment to enter in for opulence and serenity. The activated chakras excite the spiritual potential in order to gain the desired spirituality that leads to sensations of independence. The mustard yellow shades of this jewel boulder, switch on the Solar Plexus Chakra that helps to interpret the world in his fashion. 

cats eye

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Amber caters the power of the sun and connects the spirit to the natural, primal energies of Nature. Since ages, it is contemplated as “the gold of the sea”.


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Sulfur Crystal

Sulfur crystal often assessed as a purifier root out the negative energies from the inner spirit and brings constructive vibes to brighten the inner soul. It is a purifying crystal and one that is linked up with the Solar Plexus, the energy center. The bright yellow tones of the stone solidify new interests and brings seriousness as well as builds trust by bringing clarity in a new relationship.

sulfur crystal


A tempest stone, Pietersite brings calmness in life by releasing stress, anxiety and depression from the emotional, psychological and sentimental torso.The golden hues of this gem possess a rich and pronounced sense of idolatry and dedication, providing a mature enthusiasm and the ability to partake in a lifelong commitment of care and love.


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