Rule over your absurdity, stupidity in some simple steps… Check Out HOW

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  • Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Rule over your absurdity, stupidity in some simple steps… Check Out HOW

metal feng shui

All the elements are known in Feng Shui to play a vital role in every phase of a soul’s life. Five elements of Feng Shui familiar to us are Fire, Wood, Metal as well as Earth and water. Metal is avowed to conquer the foolishness and aligns the flow of energies that are responsible for kindling the intelligence. Moreover, it keeps the life on track by balancing the lives in addition to the relationship with the kin. The energy of the metal element apart from controlling intelligence too heals the soul and induce creativity. In Chinese tradition, the vibrant forces of the metal element to assess to hold the impetus of togetherness in life. Further, it crystallizes the ideas, concepts, and working either alone or in groups. Among all elements that maintain the cycle of life, the Metal element is hard, jagged as well as destructive but all these traits prove important in our lives. It proffers the sharpness and hardness that helps the soul to find the way out of leading a prosperous life. The energies of the Metal element pervade stiffness that helps the spiritual and intellectual soul to seek affluence without being a dupe of others. The metal element is too predisposed to drive the power of fortitude in life to reduce concentration in addition o the determination in the spirit as well as in the abode.

To symbolize the metal element, as well as its energy colors like silver, white and gray, are used. In fact, gemstones of white, gray or silver hues are employed to boost up the aura of the space used for achieving concentration as well as gathering strength. Further, the vitalities of the metal element are wielded to augment the energy of the space utilized for working either with a group or solo. Rainbow, when selects the light tones or inclined more towards the lighter shades, enhances the ability to concentrate as well as assiduity to the diligent work of making life exuberant and home a happy place to live. It is believed that mental energy is related to the Noth-West and the West area of the dwelling. It too establishes a relationship between the areas that are related to blessings, helpful people, and travel necessitate in your life along with the Creativity and Children area. A metal element as known possesses the energy of crystallization that helps to inspissate the efforts and determination shown.



According to the black hat approach used in the Feng Shui, the Metal element on the far right corner of the energy door of the abode. In Chinese culture, it is professed to keep the metal elements like furniture of white, silver or gray color in that corner but if not feasible then place these color gem nuggets in that location.

Earth energy supports the metal energy, thus to suffuse the metal energy in the North-west or west corner then just adding silver, white or Gray colors are not enough, earthy colors like light brown-hued gemstones should too be kept along with them. Mixing or simply adding light brown color in white or gray or silver is a perfect blend to bring metal energy in those corners.



If the North-West corner or West area of a house is filled with too much fire energy then keeping metal elements is a perfect choice. The use of the excess of fire energy can be measured easily if found a lot of red or violet color in those particular areas.

Since historical times, it is known that the energy of the metal elements boost up the water energy and deteriorates the wood energy. Thusly, using silver, white or gray tinted gemstones where the balance of the wood and water elemental energies is disturbed. Too much water energy can be reduced by using light tones such as white or silver.


White hues of  Scolecite make it a calming stone that too proffers the soothing energies to stabilize the internal and external aura. Possessor of the uplifting forces, this charismatic is contemplated to enhance the meditative skill as well as trigger the third eye chakra of the soul. Further, it is conceived to make the connection with the energies of the cleric and Mother Earth.


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Rhodonite is a potent gem that increases the power of the inner self in addition to the energies of the other gems worn. It is linked with purity as it yields clear thinking and effectiveness. An enhancer gem nugget honors the Moon Goddesses and offers the spiritual linkage with the cleric.

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Opal is a gemstone that equilibrates the overall body in addition to the chakras in order to maintain equilibrium in the spirit. The energetic forces of this charismatic gem too serve to calm down the distressing soul. Further, the eminence of the stone stimulates the crown chakra all other chakras that can be activated by the colors present in this gem. The holder of the eminent properties, the enthralling Opal is conceived as a valuable gem that brings the spiritual soul closer to Mother Nature.  The responsive and sensitive Opal augments the spiritual forces to help the soul to understand the meaning of life. The eminent attributes of the gem reconcile the thoughts that stay in the unconscious mind. The resonance of the stone helps to keep life on the right path when situations seem difficult to manage. The vitality of this charismatic gem nugget links the inner soul with the energies of the earth to stabilize the restless mind.

The ebullience of this compelling gem facilitates the feeling to accept the changes with a hope of positivity. The preeminence of Opal serves to select the path of advancement for attaining progressive life. Further, the energy of the white-hued stone contributes to expressing self.

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Aura Quartz

The rainbow patina of the stone contemplates captivating the energies of nature. The energies of the stone uplift the mother’s soul and protect the unborn child during pregnancy. Aura Quartz holds the propensity to soothe the intellectual and emotional torso, moreover, obliterate the feeling of fear and cockcrow sickness. It overly helps to deal with the spiritual and angelic complications to understand the aim of life. It speculates well for those who are on the stage to choose the career option as it proffers the chances to grasp new opportunities that come in the way. The energies of the stone further help to expand the circle in which one interacts to attain the new heights of success. The vitality of Aura Quartz likewise speculates the best gem for enhancing the communication skill as well as communication that holds the value.

aura quartz

All sorts of Aura Quartz contemplate ideal gem nuggets to bestow love in life and boost up the feeling of passion for the soul mate. They too augment the self-esteem to attain the aspiring career. The vitality of the stone furthermore heartens the charisma along with the beauty to encourage confidence and face the hidden challenges of the life span. The resonating energies of the stone elicit the positive side of the soul and mind to deal with the unseen circumstances and maintain the equilibrium within the surroundings. It too brightens up the twists and turns of the gifted life to enjoy each and every moment shown to us by the energies of the divine. The vitality of Aura Quartz too brings joy as well as adds success in the career life. It promotes enthusiasm to dispel the dark out to suffuse light all around the aura.

Aura Quartz speculates to improve the intuitive ability to connect the inner potential of the soul with the energies of the cleric. It likewise helps to build knowledge to seek wisdom and develop psychic abilities. It supports the emotional as well as the spiritual soul to release out the bad experiences of the past and feel the positivity for leading a further life comfortably.

It acts as a protective shield against pessimistic energies in addition to the dark magic to make the life hassle-free. The vivacity of Aura Quartz aside from absorbing and releasing the negative energy stores the positive energies and regulate it to align the overall torso of the self. It is a master healer that not only cleanses the aura but too, motivates the soul to live a stress-free life and forget the past traumatic moments of life. It helps to attain the state of equilibrium by aligning all the chakras along with the physical torso.

The healing energies of the stone soothe the mind and relax the emotional heart to conquer stress and past wounds. The eminence of the gem helps to enhance the self–worth by uplifting the spiritual soul. It too infuses the zeal to live life to the fullest optimistically. The rainbow tints of the stone purify and align the overall torso and activate the color-specific chakra for maintaining equilibrium within the soul along with the surrounding aura.

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Scenic Dendritic Agate

Scenic Dendritic Agate, a perfect gem nugget for soul-searching assists the soul in focusing on the limitations imposed by the society as well as help in the cogitation of life’s experiences.

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Soothing and calming like the moon, Moonstone bestows peacefulness in the aura as well as helps to deal with the emotional traumas and ups and downs of life. It too infuses stimulates confidence to stand up and face the challenges of life once again.

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Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum stone is predisposed to possess the proclivity that contributes to awakening the inner spirit of the soul. It too helps the soul to understand the real purpose of the gifted spirit. It infuses the courage to work hard and make the living serene.

chrysanthemum stone

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Fossil Coral

Agatized fossil coral is acknowledged as nature’s mineral that has got the ability to connect the spiritual soul with the energies of the cosmos and with the liveliness of the gifted life.

fossil coral

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Apophyllite instills the divine light to form a solid association with the cosmic angels. The muffled vibes of this beguiling gem are assessed to be connected with the power of spiritual guides.


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White Topaz

White Topaz is regarded as the icon of companionship, trustworthiness, authenticity, and fidelity. For ages, white topaz has been used to prevent death.

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Okenite, a holder of womanly energy.  Often, it is acknowledged as the most temperate minerals among all. Further, the energies of this feminine stone profuse calmness as well as peace of mind.



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