Scolecite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

A stone that spark off the heart to bring inner peace in addition to the transformation, Scolecite is too cogitated as one of the high vibration gemstones. It is reviewed as a potent stone that assist in communication specifically with the inner self. The reverberating energies of this alluring gemstone likewise help to align the chakras and contribute to maintaining the balance with the surrounding. The vivacity of the stone contributes to attaining the equilibrium within and outer soul to poise the distressed heart. The resonating energies of this enthralling gemstone aside from releasing the un-constructiveness too kindle the heart and infuse deep inner peace that helps the soul to achieve the real state of spiritual transformation. It also controls the activities of the life over and above monitor the actions of the soul. It too magnetize the desires and suffuse them into life to hearten the relaxing and calming spirit. Further, the verve of this captivating white gem boulder offers a restful and sound sleep. The pastel colors of the stone create a soothing aura all around and helps the soul to experience tranquility. It is s gem nugget that is mainly found in the regions of India and Iceland. It is pulled out in white color but can too be seen in pink and colorless. Sometimes, it is too noticed in yellow and red hues. The formation of this beguiling stone has taken place on the vertical striated prismatic gem nugget and is formed in massive and nodules form. The unique attributes of this calming stone distinguish it from other gemstones. Scolecite too holds the propensity to entwine when heated. As per Greek etymology, Scolecite means worm the word is given to this magnificent stone due to its property to curl when heated. When talked about its healing abilities, it is a stone that triggers the third eye chakra and hep the soul to understand the divine purpose of the gifted life. Moreover, the reverberating energies of this alluring gem too help to connect with the highest self through the enhanced meditative skills. The proficient forces of the stone infuse the gentle vibes of the pure aura into the inner spirit to release the off-putting energies out and take wise decisions with wisdom. Aside from the third eye chakra, the mysteriously attractive gem boulder too turns on the crown chakra to seek the highest wisdom. The fascinating white hues of this splendid gem pervade the calming energy throughout the entire being.

Scolecite is too predisposed to cater the feeling of unconditional love as well as fetch the same in the emotional life of the soul. The advantageous attributes of the stone cannot be described in a paragraph, to feel the positive energy one needs to bring it into the life. Furthermore, the white tints of this hypnotic stone aid in concretizing the spiritual love deep into the emotional and intellectual soul. The vibrant flow of the energies permeates the feeling of love that too set off the heart chakra along with the thymus chakra and the higher heart chakra. Acknowledged as a peaceful stone, it permits the soul to make a strong connection with the spirit in addition to the higher self. The energies of the stone are speculated to be instant and intensely relaxing. The resounding vibes of this enigmatic gem nugget seem to be pulsating, as they build a strong connection with the pineal gland. The potency of Scolecite brings liveliness in the life in addition to the excellence of leading a peaceful spirit. The vibrant shades of the stone often create a prevailing coherent dream to reverberate deep silence as well as accord in the life. On the intellectual, physical and emotional plane, the energies of the stone roots out negativity and proffers a sound sleep. The white hues of this gem nugget help to alleviate the stress along with other distressing energies to soothe the emotional torso. Furthermore, the calming energy of the stone allows the soul to make the spiritual contact and suffuse the genteel energies in the aura to pacify the intellect and heart. It enhances the intuitive skill and endow the soul with the proficient psychic gift. The high vibration of Scolecite along with its linkage with the heart makes it one of the most powerful gemstone that too transforms the life.

Where is Scolecite found?

it is extracted out from the regions of Denmark, Iceland, India and Brazil.


Healing Properties

Healing Properties:

A quiet stone and a holder of white energies, Scolecite calms down the distressing emotions. It too emits a soothing vibe in the surroundings that travels all through the chakras in addition to the internal and external aura. The uplifting pale color energies of the stone makes it a wonderful gem to be used to enhance the meditative skill of the soul and help to activate the third eye chakra. The resounding energies of this compelling stone too help the soul to make a substantial contact with the beings of the outside earth if desired. Apart from the beings of the outside earth, it likewise assists in making a strong connection with the energies of the cleric in addition to the angels and spiritual guides. Moreover, since ages this attractive gemstone has been accredited to access the Akashic records. It permits the spirit to obtain information about ancient acquaintance from the historical past as well as from the future civilization. Varies forms and hues of the stone aside from awakening the brow chakra too stimulates the higher intellect. Scolecite gently opens the chakras and cleanse all of them to allow the illumination to enter in and shine through them. The energies of the stone are speculated to assist souls in communicating with the heart energies along with the higher intellect to communicate clearly with the spirits of the cosmos. It makes the human spirit realize that we humans, including all other living creatures on the earth and in the universe, are the part of the same energy, expressed in varied forms. Thus, it holds the potential to connect the souls with each others heart. On the physical plane, it is assessed as a potent mineral that not only brings peace and tranquility to heart and mind but too roots out the issues related to the brain. It is considered protective when a person is facing distressful time by maintaining the appropriate serotonin levels in the brain. It too makes the soul ungrounded to attain the highest meditative state as well as gain the intuitive capabilities. The energies of the stone too help to achieve and maintain self-balance with the high vibrational energies of the stone to obtain the opulence and to fulfill the desires. At times, it likewise lets the spirit stay grounded as well as centered for leading healthy routine. It is a stone that is related to Capricorn, an astrological zodiac sign. It is true that the likelihood of the transformation of self within overall health in addition to the spiritual health is illimitable. Thus, support the statement, it is also believed in the past times that the powerful vibes of the stone help mend the contusion. Scolecite that is acknowledged for its ability to promote peace and assist in making connections helps the soul to understand and gain knowledge of the patterns followed to learn in the past. The reverberating energies of the soul likewise build a network as well as collect a pattern that allows the life of the spirit to grow and flourish. It is too said that serves the spirit to grow by improving the existing relationships as well as understanding the needs of the others. Further, it stabilizes, soothe and perk up the networks of the people working in organizations or working in a group. Scolecite too holds the potential to lead the person to the cause of the problem and help to overpower all the troubles successfully.

Physical Healing:

Scolecite is a gem nugget that is predisposed to clean the physical torso and keep it guarded against the body parasites to get into it. It also treats intestinal disorders, along with the issues of the spinal alignment. The energy of the stone helps the soul to control the life in addition to the physical issues by knowing the root of the problem(s). On the physical ground, scolecite holds the potential to heal the effects of circulation in addition to the blood. It mends blood clotting as well as clogged arteries. Further, the energetic vibes of the stone treat the issues of bruises along with the troubles of the lungs, eyes, spine and intellect.

Emotional Healing:

Scolecite is often reviewed to uplift the energy of the emotional heart as well as the overall torso to attract positivity and serenity in the life. A stone of plenitude, it comforts the distressed heart and intellect to get inspired to accept the confronts of life in a sanguine way. It too proffers relief from the concerns. It likewise aids in maintaining the equanimity, composure and control to make self-stable and high enough to sustain the sudden challenges of the life. Furthermore, the soothing white energies of the stone stabilize the relations and relationships by infusing loving and affable energy in the inner soul. The vivacity of the reverberating vibes of the gemstone contributes the higher thinking to enhance the creativity in addition to the creative skill to cherish the heart and mind for self-recognition. It too encourages the spirit to find out the new possibilities to lead a serene life as well as a new vision to express self to others. It makes the soul gentle by bringing inner peace and releasing the fear of the past distresses. It eliminates violence from the life and personality completely. It opens the doors of the heart to express the emotional self to the loved ones and helps to make the heart to heart connection with the kins.

Heals and Balances Chakra:

A dream gem, Scolecite is speculated to augment the energies of the emotional heart along with the energies of the Heart Chakra but is associated with the crown and brow chakra. The magnificent vibes of the stone help to align the chakras, including higher chakras as well as blend the energies of each chakra with other for the balanced functioning of the overall torso. Hence, the aligned chakras then break through the sluggish energy and permit them to flow freely in the chakra system as well as the surrounding aura. The activated crown and brow chakra not only help in attaining the highest meditative state but too promotes relaxation and peace. Often, Scolecite is recognized for its capability to unlock the locked spiritual realms. The triggered crown chakra controls the thinking and yields the ability to respond to the world accordingly. Crown Chakra, a source of spirituality too help to realize the energy of the universe and the power of truth in life. The third eye chakra often recognized as a center of perception command the soul and spirit to stay aware of the universe around. It too balances the significant and unimportant things as well as control the energy flow within the body.

Spiritual Healing:

Scolecite aside from easing the emotional distress too clears the intellect to allow the soul to channel the consciousness of the cleric into the inner spirit. A potent stone is assessed as a high meditation stone that too bestow significant effect on the prayers. Further, the pale and vibrant hues of the stone aids in calling the spirit guides or angels for help when needed most.

Scolecite Facts

•    Scolecite is a stone that shore up the level of Serotonin in the intellectual brain.

•    Scolecite apart from healing blood disorders too heals Intestinal disorders.

•    Scolecite too helps in the coalition of the spinal column.

•    Scolecite mends the issues of the lower digestive system in addition to wounds, bruises as well as Blood-clotting.

•    Scolecite too helps to get rid of the Parasites.

•    It too enhances the energies of the Heart Chakra.

•    It too allows the soul to open up the higher meditative state as well as help to keep up the behavior.

•    It too encourages the interaction with other peaceable people.

Metaphysical Properties

•  The vivacity of the reverberating vibes of the gemstone contributes the higher thinking to  enhance the creativity in addition to the creative skill to cherish the heart and mind for self-recognition.

•    The numeral vibration of this stone is 1

•    The element of this charismatic gem nugget is wind.

•    The planet related to this stone is the moon.

•    Scolecite that is acknowledged for its ability to promote peace and assist in making connections helps the soul to understand and gain knowledge of the patterns followed to learn in the past.

•    As per Greek etymology, Scolecite means worm the word is given to this excellent stone due to its property to curl when heated.

Scolecite Color

A stone with an appearance of Rainbow Moonstone or Selenite, is white in color, but too comes in pink and colorless.

  • CleavagePerfect, in two directions
  • Other NamesNA
  • Crystal HabitMassive and Radial
  • Streakwhite
  • Refractive Index1.509-1.525
  • DiaphaneityTransparent - Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)5-5.5
  • SourcesBrazil, India, Russia, Spain
  • Chemical formulaCaAl2Si3O10.3H2O Hydrated Calcium Aluminum Silicate
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorColorless, White
  • Chakra HealingHeart chakra,Crown Chakra
  • BirthstoneFebruary
  • Zodiaccapricorn
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