Moonstone - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Moonstone is considered to be as ancient as the moon itself and holds the power of secrecy and mystery. The secret and truth of this miraculous stone lie beneath the pearly white veil, and its reflection of the light makes the wearer understand its teachings and wisdom.

Moonstone is primarily an amulet of the journey into one’s own mind and body, which takes the wearer deep into his own personality to recover, what is lost.

Since times immemorial, Moonstone has been connected to the moon, and the most interesting part of the moonstone is the enchanting play of light that it exhibits when kept and moved in different directions into the light.

Moonstone is also legendary as the Traveller’s Stone and is mainly defensive of those who travel at night or upon the water when the moon is shining brightly.

Where Is Moonstone Found?

There are two varieties of moonstones. One is the Adularia moonstone, which is roughly in the shades of transparent silvery white, pale gray or blue shimmer. It is mostly found in Burma, Sri Lanka, India and Madagascar. The other variety of Moonstone is Albite moonstone, which is in the feldspar group. It is a semi-transparent stone with a pale and iridescent reflection. This stone is a little dull in texture. It comes chiefly from Canada.

Moonstone Healing Properties

The benefits and healing properties of wearing Moonstone are:

  1. Physical Healer

Moonstone helps in keeping in tune with the normal rhythms of the biological forces of the wearer’s body and helps in utilizing natural energy cycles of the body. Moonstone is a great stone for women; it helps in enhancing fertility, eases the issues while pregnancy, treats the problems of the reproductive system, alleviates menstrual problems, and balances the hormonal system.

Moonstone can perform great as a growth stone for children and adolescents and has been considered to slow the deterioration process of the elderly. It mainly helps in alleviating degenerative conditions of the hair, skin, eyes, and the fleshy organs of the body. It is also useful in treating insomnia.

Moonstone may also be used as a therapy in enhancing the absorption of nutrients, getting rid of toxins and treating disorders of the digestive systems.

  1. Spiritual Healer

Regarded as a sacred stone in India, Moonstone is considered there a stone of the gods and goddesses, of optimism and religious purity through defiance of the ego. It is thought to fight materialism and greed, and as an enriching stone for enhancing the faith and belief of people in all cultures.

Moonstone unlocks the intellect to hope and wishes, motivation and desire, destiny and synchronicity. It brings optimism and keeps the wearer away from negative thoughts and ideologies.

  1. Emotional Healer

As the moon is considered to be soothing and calming, in the same way, Moonstone has long been known for its qualities of composure and peacefulness. It instills willpower in the wearer and the energy that is required to maintain it all the way through emotional traumas. It also helps recognize the emotional prototypes that are stocked up in the subconscious mind and stimulates confidence and self-possession.

Moonstone is a great healer for children as it treats insomnia, sleepwalking, and other sleep-related problems in them.

Moonstone grants gentleness within the self, deep and pure feelings, and happiness to the wearer. Mostly associated with feminism, Moonstone reveals the power of women to fight bad things. It enhances the intuitive side of the mind. For men, Moonstone helps in making them more compatible with the feminine aspects of their nature and balances the emotional feelings and thinking in them.

  1. Balances and Heals Chakra

This beautiful white crystal is believed to heal the crown chakra and the spiritual center of the body. Moonstone is helpful in representing oneness with the god, harmony, and astuteness.

The crown chakra is the gateway to the universe beyond and strengthens our spiritual powers. It is the source of universal power and force. When the crown chakra is in balance, the energies of the wearer are in balance.

Moonstone cleanses and drives out pessimism and negative energies from all the chakras, giving them energy and support. It provides spiritual sustenance to assist the wearer throughout all changes in his life.  

Moonstone Facts


Some facts about Moonstone

  1. It is said that if lovers or couples present Moonstone to each other, it maintains harmony between them, and always keeps their love fresh.
  2. Dreaming of Moonstone indicates approaching risk and danger.
  3. Moonstone honors the Welsh Goddess of encouragement and awareness called Cerridwen.
  4. Moonstone is the customary birthstone of June, along with Pearl.
  5. Moonstone is also a useful Feng Shui amulet.


Healing Properties of moonstone


Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Moonstone is the variant of Feldspar mineral and contains sodium potassium aluminium silicate. It is a semi-transparent stone having a pearly gleam. The most distinguished and eminent variety of Moonstone is pale or milky white one, which has a shimmer of blue tint. The more sparkle the stone has, the more precious it is. The blue Moonstone is the rarest, and hence the most expensive variety of Moonstone. One more variant of Moonstone which is extremely popular is the multicolor one, which has a rainbow-like shade.

On Moh’s scale, the hardness of Moonstone weighs 6, which means that it has an average hardness.

Moonstone In News

Moonstone Color

Some of the varieties of Moonstone are also found in other colors such as peach, yellow, grey, beige, champagne, blue, reddish or black.

Moonstone Colors

  • CleavagePerfect, in two directions
  • Other NamesRainbow Moonstone
  • Crystal Habit
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.559-1.568
  • DiaphaneityTransparent - translucent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)6-6.5
  • SourcesBurma, Sri Lanka, India Madagascar, Canada
  • Chemical formulaNaAlSi3O8 and CaAl2Si2O8
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorColorless, White, Slight Orange, Green With Blue Sheen
  • Chakra HealingCrown Chakra
  • BirthstoneJune
  • Zodiacscorpio
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