Need enthusiasm in life, access the power of the fire element... Learn how

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Need enthusiasm in life, access the power of the fire element... Learn how

Fire energy is one among the five elements of all energy, as per Feng Shui. The other energies of nature are speculated to be stashed away in metal along with wood, earth and water. As explicated in the Feng Shui every component is vital to maintain in balance in our spirits and in our families. Since ages, it is believed that gemstones are predisposed to hold the energies of the five elements of nature according to their color hue. The vigor and scintillation of the fire is contemplated to profuse enthusiasm and brightness in life to understand the true meaning of the life phases. Further, the distinct rays of the fire energy yields warmth to take each activity with passion as well as clarification. Fire symbolizes Yang energy as per Chinese philosophy. Alike Yang, Fire is too acknowledged as a energy of heat that provokes the capability to take immediate actions as well as control the unsettled emotions. It is too identified as a force of passion that can be seen in the ideas and concepts of the soul. Furthermore, it brings passion and seductiveness in sex life. As a potent energy, Fire is noted as a lively element that evokes the feeling of aliveness, but at times is regarded for its destructive ability.


To match the momentum of life every soul needs heat and passion to lead life according to his will as well as make the living joyous'. The exact frequency to match the momentum of life can be attained thorough the prowess of the fire element. Since ancient times the potency of this fire element is used in moderation due to its ability to destroy things if used in excess. The word fire itself means power, burning sensation that heat up the surrounding aura and shows the adverse effects it not used properly or in controlled mode.


Fire energy can be judged through some natural gifts of nature or hues either of gemstones or of things. The tints are red, orange, violet and pale purple. The reverberating color energies of these hued gemstones augment the space that the soul uses for accomplishing the higher energy activities. The red tints of the crystals are assessed to cater the power of the Sun in addition to the energy of the fire in life as well as in the home. Cystals holds the propensity to charge up the surrounding aura and help the spirit to take abrupt actions with the help of color energy of gems.


In a a Chinese religious motif, bagua fire energy is portrayed to be associated with the South direction either of home or a particular room. According to the Chinese and Western culture fire element is analogous with the area of fame and repute. Fire element not only heat the area or dewelling with passion, zeal, but too with riches and esteem. The vibrant forces of this alluring fire element often looked upon to boost up the soul and the ability to stand up for the protection of the family.


In the black hat approach of the feng shui, the back center of the room or house is linked to the metal element, but this part should posses the fire energy. Thusly, regarded a best place to construc  fireplace. Combining the red, violet and orange color gemstones too evokes the power offire energy and make the life somoother to live. During the winter season the need of fire energy is more due to the absence of the sun rays while in the summertime due to ample sunlight the need of fire energy in other courses is less or negligible.

To add fire energy in a place aside from placing the gemstones related to the fire energy the gemstones related to wood energy is too placed. The reason to keep the gemstones of wood energy is that wood energy is contemplated to support the elements or energies of the fire. Crystals that denotes the fire energy holds the red, orange or violet hues while gem nuggets that symbolize wood energy are in green or dark brown in color.

If in the south direction of the room or home fish tank or the thing that signifies the water energy is kept then to reduce the effect and enhance the fire energy gemstones related to fire energy should be kept. Green or dark brown gem nuggets can too be kept to reduce the effect of water and enhce the powe of fire energy. In traditions darker tones of the brown gems are given more importance. It is likewise supposed that the things associated with the fir energy reduces the mental energy and augments the earth energy, thus the gemstones with red, orange or violet tones should be used to balance the energies of the area where the wood element is more or earth element is less.


All the five elements plays a vital role in life and is equally important to maintain a balance. Fire element is needed to provoke the zest, passion and love in the spirit.

In Feng Shui, a candle or the color of red is used to enhance the fire element and energy in the area. It is also deemed that the colors work well to stir up the zips of the fire as fire signifies Yang energy, so red light or shade seems to be an excellent remedy to increase the effectiveness of fire element.


Among all the elements of nature, fire element is avowed as an element of  understanding, courteousness, as well as observance. Since ages, it is known that the soul who is governed by the fire element holds the capability to communicate his feelings properly as well as present self confidently. Further, fire dominated soul keep no animus, but holds feeling of compassion for multitudes around.

It is poved that when the fire element or energy is imbalanced in the life than the spirit finds difficulty to present self in front of others. It is too beleieved that the soul can shows extremes of emotion either positive or negative and sometimes react overactively. Furthermore, it is speculated that unbalanced or lck of fire energy in the life of a soul force him to suffer from the issues of poor circulation, poor eyesight, dry skin as well as stiff jints or joint pains. The person can too feel tired, unenthusiastic or undergo panic attacks and anxiety along with fear about the future. Natural sunlight helps to increase the fire element in the inner soul as well as augment the internal fire.


Too much of fire energy shows the adverse affects, it can make the person loud, obnoxious and angry. Unbalnced energy often leads the person into arguments and disputes. To cool down the excess of fire energy it is adviced to breath the fresh breeze of the soothing moonlight.


Aside from the natural treatment of using natural beauty and color energies, gem nugges often help to overcome the imbalances of the fire energy.


Rocky Butte Jasper

Butte Picture Jasper

The Association of Fire and Earth elements in Rocky Butte Jasper allows the soul to seek for spiritualism in his life. A powerful protective stone, in general is practiced to assist and brings a gentle protection to astral travel. Read More about Rocky Butte Jasper


Imperial Jasper

pink copper imperial jasper pendant

Imperial Jasper teaches the various other possibilities to lead life as well as help to discontinue the combat with the inner self and besides with the divine to know the twists and turns of the lifespan. This jasper with a sensational beauty of pink color a powerful variant of red color reveals the perfect state of spiritualism. Read More Imperial Jasper


Kambaba Jasper

kambaba jasper pendant

Kambaba Jasper holds the energy of the nature in its green hues which comforts the inner soul along with the torso. The green swirls of this jasper relax the overall torso as well as serves to chill down the troubled emotions and mind. It balances the increased fire energy in the area. Read More Kambaba Jasper


Ocean Jasper

green ocean jasper

Ocean Jasper is thought to be an embodiment of love, happiness in life in summation to the joy of good spirit. Moreover, it is reckoned to bring new light in the life paths to deal effectively with the issues of the past life. The varied colors of this stone not only boost up the fire energy but too balances it. Read More Ocean Jasper


Porcelain Jasper

porcelain jasper pendant.

Porcelain Jasper is a magnificent gem nugget that is known to be associated with the fiery planet Mars along with the coolest planet Pluto. Known to be a gem pebble of Earth as it is deeply rooted with the nature’s energies. it balances the fire energies and radiates the soothing energies to poise the root chakra along with the solar plexus chakra. Read More Porcelain Jasper


Picture Jasper

rocky butte picture jasper pendant
Picture Jasper helps the soul to admire the nature and treat it as a gift of the cleric. The close alliance of the vigor and vitality of picture jasper with the cosmos serves to know broadly about the planet. The brown tones of picture jasper too aids to stay poised and grounded in the electromagnetic fields of the Earth. Read More Picture Jasper


Owyhee Bruneau Jasper

bruneau jasper cross pendant

Owyhee Bruneau Jasper comes in the banding patterns of brown and cream hues. Further, it shows the multifarious hue of red, creams and green. Reckoned for its nurturing properties, it is a stone that relieves the stress. Moreover, its supreme eminence is contemplated to gain the spirit of veracity from the nature. Read More Owyhee Bruneau Jasper


Rosetta Jasper

jasper silver dolphin pendant

Rosetta Jasper tone down the constant worry and relink the vitalities of the universe with the zips of the soul. It carries off the pessimism from the surrounding country to let the optimistic energies to enter in. This beautiful gem rock embraces the tints of pink along with the hues of brown or reddish-brown. Read More Rosetta Jasper


Plum Wood Jasper

plum wood jasper pendant

Plum Wood Jasper wipes out contradictions due to its purple vitalities that help to connect the spiritual self with the zips of the nature. It equivalates the energy by balancing the yin/yang energies of the torso. The cornucopia of colors of this plum wood typically exhibits hues of brown and yellow. Furthermore, it demonstrates the magnificent streaks of red shades as well as orange and olive. Read More Plum Wood Jasper


Coco Nova Jasper


brown coco nova jasper

Coco Nova Jasper is believed to root out the stress from the mind along with the physical torso which helps to maintain the overall health. It is generally found in brown, brownish-red or brownish-yellow. Read More Coco Nova Jasper


Coffee Bean Jasper


Coffee Bean Jasper.

The deep chocolate color helps to draw the fiery energies of the mother earth. It buttresses the inner firmness, serenity, as well as maturity. Read More Coffee Bean Jasper


Mexican Laguna Jasper

brown mexican laguna jasper

Mexican Laguna Jasper speculate as a earthy stone that warms the soul as well as clears the mind. Read More Mexican Laguna Jasper



Spessartite Garnet

Spessartine is known to work towards the aspirations, dreams, and objectives of a soul in life. Read More about Spessartine



red cinnabar

Cinnabar is considered a stone of physical energy in addition to vitality, and protection. Further, it is acknowledged as a gem of Fire Energy that brings the energy of heat in life as well as help the soul to take quick actions, emotion and passion. Read More about Cinnabar



aragonite earrings

Aragonite is familiar to the Earth Goddess and is regarded as a reliable earth healer and grounding stone. Read More Aragonite


Rose Quartz

rose quartz pendant

Rose Quartz is used to cure the emotional heart from hurt and distress due to past experiences. Read More Rose Quartz



rhodochrosite pendant.

The stone of love and Balance, Rhodochrosite helps the soul to attract love into life by enhancing and pulling out the hidden charisma as well as directing the magnetism to highest level. Read More Rhodochrosite



Citrine Pendant

Calcite is known as an embracing, centering as well as grounding stone due to its potent abilities that makes this stone a gem of reconciliation. It can soothes the arguments between partners, and serves them in upholding the balance into their relationship.  Read More Calcite

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