Aragonite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Aragonite – a centering stone is also known as tufa or tchazar crystal, which symbolizes legitimacy and understanding. This splendid stone was named after the Spanish River Aragon, where it was first identified in 1788. In ancient times of Roman and Greek, it was already well-known as a healing and decorative stone. They all love this stone including Indians, as it is very easy to work with Aragonite and to polish it. Therefore, it is said that Aragonite is an ideal stone for work of arts and carvings.

Aragonite is an appealing and exceptional gemstone that is been unnoticed as compared to other ostentatious stones. However, due to its calm and affable colors, this stone can be used to make simple and pleasant designs. It is believed that Aragonite is familiar to the Earth Goddess, which promotes conservation and recycling traits. Hence, it is considered as a reliable earth healer and grounding stone.

Where is Aragonite found?

Aragonite mainly found in sedimentary environments, where it forms a porous rock. Turkey and Czechoslovakia have that similar environment. Other places include Spain, France, Colorado in USA and Cumbria in England. The substantial material of aragonite crystals is found in horizontal layers.

Healing Properties

Aragonite – the conservationist stone encourages a sense of balance through their Star Clusters and its positive vibes encourage its wearer to be conservative and caring for the earth.

Physical Healing : Aragonite is believed to be the stone of nurturing, which promotes the feelings from the stressful situation to the peaceful environment. Due to the high content of calcium in the composite of aragonite, it helps in the good formation of bones and promotes healthy joints. Touchstone is one of the available forms of aragonite, which can be carried on its wearer.

It is believed that aragonite is excellent while strengthening the immune system of the wearer and converts their living in a healthy one. Hypersensitivity can be reduced with this stone and it also prevents calcium deficiency.

Aragonite is also known as the earth centering stone that helps in transforming stressful energies into the positive earth energy, such as geopathic stress. This stone has a wonderful quality of converting negative energies into positive ones.

This grounding stone has a soothing effect on the wearer’s mood and also persuades a serene way of living. It is believed that aragonite safeguards against nightmares and sleepwalking when it is placed under the pillow. It led the wearer to be confident while dealing with other people.

Emotional Healing : Aragonite is considered as a marble stone, which stands for power and strength. Furthermore, these strengths and powers help the wearer to open their mind to new visions. This stone has the ability to enhance tolerance, trust and insight in one’s life so that he or she can face each and every situation in a good manner.

Emotional wounds, which would be related to the past of the wearer, can be healed with this amazing stone. Increasing positive energies, boosting self-confidence and feelings of self-esteem are some of the major traits of aragonite stone. It let the wearer believe in himself and handle each and every bad situation positively.

This stone is astounding for parents and people who are in tensed relationships, as it relieves stress, emotional fatigue, and annoyance. Aragonite also promotes patience into the wearer’s life, whenever he or she needs it the most.

Certainly, time keeping abilities can be enhanced by this stone for family members as well as at the workplace. Aragonite is used to develop reliability and discipline in people that works excellent at the workplace. Moreover, it also provides mental energy, which is required to meet the professional challenges.

Spiritual Healing : Aragonite crystals are spiritual stones, which are related to the mother earth. Mother Earth helps the wearer to open up and receive those energies that motivate him or her to move forward with their life. Aragonite absorbs all positive energies that exist in the world and provides the flow of healing energy to the wearer.

This wonderful stone works well during the meditation session, as it is considered to elevate vibrations to high spiritual level. Aragonite will provide insight to the wearer for their problems, which helps them to accept bad situations very easily. This stone provides comfort and patience to the wearer when they get inundated with responsibilities.

Heals and Balances Chakra : Aragonite stone is a well known Earth healer and promotes the wearer to conserve precious resources of Earth. This stone works for all the chakras, but particularly it activates Root Chakra. The combination of Earth healer and Root Chakra creates a strong connection between the wearer and the spirituality of Earth.

Aragonite Facts

Some facts about Aragonite

  • Yellow, green, pink and brown colored aragonite stones, also known as Mexican Onyx, and it is largely used in making work of arts and decorative objects.
  • Aragonite gemstone is related to the element of water.
  • Sometimes this stone is used as a gemstone or stalactite forms, which can be cut and polished to create ornamental slabs and beads.
  • The soluble calcium, which is present in the composite of Aragonite, is able to preserve many shell, snail and coral fossils.
  • Aragonite is the primary mineral, which makes up the organic compound such as mother of pearl.
  • One of the major properties of aragonite is that it provides warm to the body of the wearer.
  • Aragonite is also used to fight against the deficiencies in Vitamin A and D. It also combats night shudders and muscle contractions.

Metaphysical Properties

Aragonite is a polymorph of calcite mineral, which has the same chemical composition as calcite and vaterite (CaCO3), but it comprises the different physical structure. At 400°C, aragonite will convert to calcite mineral.

This spectacular stone occurs in compressed, rough and colossal fibrous appearance, which is often twinned and makes a pseudo-hexagonal transparent stone. Aragonite is found in much different practice including small, elongate, translucent stones that are formed in radiating groups. Concretion and stalactites are also common in the composite of aragonite. On the hardness of Moh’s scale, aragonite measures in between 3.5 to 4, although this stone has an imperfect and distinctive cleavage.

Aragonite In News

Aragonite Color

Aragonite crystals fluctuate in color and can be found in many colors such as white, yellowish, red-brown, brown, pale blue, violet and grey. These crystals also comprise transparent appearance.

Aragonite Colors

  • CleavageGood, in one direction, Poor, in two directions
  • Other Names
  • Crystal HabitPseudohexagonal, prismatic crystals, acicular, columnar, globular, reniform, pisolitic, coralloidal, stalactitic, internally banded
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.53-1.685
  • DiaphaneityTransparent - Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)3
  • SourcesTurkey, Czechoslovakia, Spain, France, Colorado in USA and Cumbria in England.
  • Chemical formulaCaCO3
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorColorless, Green, White, Gray, Red, Yellow, Brown, Blue, Violet
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra
  • BirthstoneMarch
  • Zodiacpisces
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