Reveal the purpose of Gemstone tree and its secret in Feng Shui

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Reveal the purpose of Gemstone tree and its secret in Feng Shui

A tree that is made up of gemstone contemplates the most significant tool for healing in Feng Shui. A gemstone tree that holds the eminent value in Feng Shui is noticed in one type of gem nuggets. The specific gemstones used in a tree is predisposed to influence the surrounding aura and the color energies associated with it works in the direction prescribed to draw luck and abundance in life.

Today wide variety of gemstones are used to fabricate a particular tree for the specific purpose and according to the color energy stored in the gem nugget. We can find gem trees that range from Amethyst to Agate then from fossils to the mother of pearl and corals.

If talk about the eminence and the healing properties of the gemstones, each gem nugget holds the propensity to stimulate the specific chakra and mend the particular torso. Since ages, Citrine has been speculated to attract abundance and opulence in life. Thus, the feng shui tree made up of citrine gem nugget should be kept in the South-East area (an area of wealth) to magnetize affluence in the span of life.

Masses, demand to achieve and sustain a sound health should use the gemstone tree made up of the Jade. It too roots out the illness completely from the surrounding area or the home. The green energy of Jade too brings prosperity as well as help to endure the moments to the widest. To mete out with the emotional matters the gemstone tree fabricated with the use of rose quartz is used and kept in the South-West direction.

At times, the tree of colorful gemstones is used to raise the creative skills of the individual as well as proved beneficial for the rational growth of the kids. Every gemstone has the authority along with the persuasive energies to unbolt the hidden strengths of the individual.

A tree represents stability as well as the overall growth in life, thus loaded with the powerful gemstones too adds meaning and heal the overall torso. It mends the wounded emotions and strengthen the emotional heart to face the ups and downs of the life. Gem tree likewise affects the rational and the physical torso to get a life serene and each path tranquil to come about.

Stones are placed like the leaves of the trees to bring opulence to life in summation to the gem nuggets Chinese coins are added to produce profusion in the phase of the life. Further, it is associated with the positivity that caters hopefulness. The Chinese coins used in the gem tree should be 8 or 9 in numbers as they are assessed as the auspicious numbers in the Chinese tradition. In Feng Shui, the number 8 and 9 are predisposed to hold the alluring properties that bear the positive fruits and make the living joyous.

It is too speculated that tree should also be laden with the fruits or the flowers made up of gems to magnetize positive vibes and the make of the aura peaceful.

Apple fruit (apple color gems) brings peaceful energies, peach fruit brings good health and the peony flowers for the sensational love.

Feng Shui gem tree attracts luck and all the riches to make life smooth to last.

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