Jewelry Catalog

Welcome to the world of Gemexi, and it's heritage. We have been creating craftwork in the form of gemstone silver jewelry over two generations by the best Artisans of India. Our jewelry catalog features more than 500 new items, including jewelry and gemstones — and, for your utter convenience, links to styles on our website directly through the catalog.

Thanks to comprehensive feedback on our last sterling silver jewelry catalog, we know how much our customers rely on our catalog to go on new designs on the website from it directly. Your feedback has touched our heart, and that's why we are working hard to enhance your experience on our wholesale silver jewelry catalog: The jewelry findings catalog section is now organized by the time they are launched. We are adding the latest products to our catalog as soon as they are launched on the website.

Showcasing designs with a variety of gemstones Items are shown in multiple metal colors to enhance your shopping experience. Gemexi has become a leader in sterling silver catalog jewelry, offering a compelling and unique assortment of the most beautiful treasures to cater to various tastes. Whether that may be old-fashioned jewelry or modern jewelry, we deliver outstanding style and preferences. Gemexi stocks a large selection of jewelry, and we are still in the process of inhabiting the web store, so if you have been looking for something that isn't featured on this online store, please don't hesitate to inquire.

Explore stunning jewelry pieces in one place, from gorgeous bracelets to unique necklaces, exquisite pendants, ethnic earrings, and more; our Lookbook will help you pick up the best Jewelry as per your choice. Choose from an impressive selection of exquisite pieces in sterling silver with natural gemstones, unparalleled designs, and infinite creativity. This Lookbook will serve you perfectly according to your taste and preferences.

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