Welcome to the world of Gemexi, and it's heritage. We have been creating craftwork in the form of gemstone silver jewelry over two generations by the best Artisans of India. Our jewelry catalog features more than 500 new items, including jewelry and gemstones — and, for your utter convenience, links to styles on our website directly through the catalog.

Thanks to comprehensive feedback on our last sterling silver jewelry catalog, we know how much our customers rely on our catalog to go on new designs on the website from it directly. Your feedback has touched our heart, and that's why we are working hard to enhance your experience on our wholesale silver jewelry catalog: The jewelry findings catalog section is now organized by the time they are launched. We are adding the latest products to our catalog as soon as they are launched on the website.

Showcasing designs with a variety of gemstones Items are shown in multiple metal colors to enhance your shopping experience. Gemexi has become a leader in sterling silver catalog jewelry, offering a compelling and unique assortment of the most beautiful treasures to cater to various tastes. Whether that may be old-fashioned jewelry or modern jewelry, we deliver outstanding style and preferences. Gemexi stocks a large selection of jewelry, and we are still in the process of inhabiting the web store, so if you have been looking for something that isn't featured on this online store, please don't hesitate to inquire.

Explore stunning jewelry pieces in one place, from gorgeous bracelets to unique necklaces, exquisite pendants, ethnic earrings, and more; our Lookbook will help you pick up the best Jewelry as per your choice. Choose from an impressive selection of exquisite pieces in sterling silver with natural gemstones, unparalleled designs, and infinite creativity. This Lookbook will serve you perfectly according to your taste and preferences.

Gemexi - Handpicking Gemstones To Delivering Happiness Since 1973

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  • Jewelry By Style - Part 1
    Add an incredible spark of liveliness and beauty with our finely crafted glittering jewels! At Gemexi, shopping for jewelry is a unique experience, and well, wearing it? It’s beyond explaining in words! The jewels created at our site are true sagas of innovation and passion. Fervently created by our in-house artisans who are masters of jewelry making, our vivid and wide range of colorful gemstone jewelry will elevate your look in no time! To ease your task of choosing the perfect style you just need to turn up the pages of our Jewelry by Style Catalog.

    Unveiling countless mesmeric options, each of our jewelry brochure designs will leave you stunned! Just click on your favorite jewelry catalogue design or gemstone catalog design, and you will be directed to the appropriate results available in form of enchanting jewelry present on our site. Providing exact matches according to your chosen gemstone jewelry catalogue design, our latest collection of gemstone jewelry catalogue simplifies exploring, discovering and shopping jewelry according to your classic taste. Explore our neat pages of catalog with jewelry products and their details and get engrossed in the most gripping styles. Keep clicking and turning the pages till you find your dream jewel at Gemexi. 

    Our grand and stunning jewelry collections include the following adorable and to-die-for choices:
    1. •    Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise
    2. •    Native American Jewelry
    3. •    Chakra Theme Pendants
    4. •    Snake Jewelry Collection
    5. •    Victorian Two Tone Jewelry Collection
    6. •    Bezel Gemstone Earrings
    7. •    Moon Jewelry
    8. •    Native American Style Jewelry
    9. •    Meditation Rings
    10. •    Bezel Necklace and Bracelet Collection
    11. •    Handmade Faceted
    12. •    Minimalist Rings Collection
    13. •    Plain Silver Rings
    14. •    Crystal Healing Jewelry Collection
    15. •    Statement Rings
    16. •    Zodiac Pendants
    17. •    Coffin Jewelry Collection
    18. •    Big Gemstone Pendant Collection
    19. •    Faceted Gemstone Jewelry Collection
    20. •    Boho Rings Jewelry Collection
    21. •    Bali Style Ring Jewelry Collection
    22. •    Star & Moon
    23. •    Poison Box Jewelry Collection
  • Jewelry By Style - Part 2
    Inspired by the striking, rich and diverse beauty of colorful gemstones, the assortment of luxurious jewelry pieces at Gemexiwill always keep you coming back to our online store, over and over again! It’s time to take a closer look at our Indian handmade jewelry catalog! Instantly distinguished for their excellent quality and fresh designs, the jewels at Gemexi will refresh your closet and, indisputably, your looks too! Take a careful glance at our latest collection of gemstone jewelry catalog which is imbued with many splendid collections as mentioned hereafter! 
    1. •    Retro Bohemian Jewelry
    2. •    Raw Moonstone Jewelry Collection
    3. •    Native American Style Jewelry Collection 
    4. •    Moon Shaped Jewelry Collection 
    5. •    Meditation Rings Collection
    6. •    Checkerboard Gemstone Jewelry
    7. •    Adjustable Rings Collection
    8. •    Gemstone Stud Earrings Collection 
    9. •    Star Jewelry Collection
    10. •    Bezel Necklace Jewelry Collection 

    Check Out Our Unique Handmade Jewelry Catalogue for Rich & Exuberant Jewelry Collections 

    At Gemexi, every piece of jewelry begins as an idea and then, imagination is transformed into reality through the skilled hands of our extraordinarily talented artisans. Moreover, the variety of designs and styles is so wide that you won’t be able to satiate your desire of shopping beautiful jewelry with just one product. From classic vintage designs to contemporary and the trendiest ones, the look of every silver gemstone jewelry catalogue design offers vivacity in its own unique way. The bold and charming rings, the feminine bracelets, the pretty awesome pendants, stylish studs, and many other jewelry styles await your glance. While you check out the lure of your desired silver jewelry catalogue design, you would be glad to know that our silver gemstone jewelry catalog will connect you directly to the page where exact matches of your choice are available. You will be able to explore a wide array of jewelry designs matching your style. Check out our handmade gemstone jewelry catalog today!
  • Spring Collection 2022
    Obsessed with the most distinguished spring jewelry that makes heads turn? Love chasing the latest spring jewelry trends? Gemexi presents the sparkling range of brightly-colored spring jewelry! Our detailed spring jewelry catalogue unveils exuberant and plentiful choices for those who love owning the paraphernalia of luxurious, colorful gemstone jewelry!

    Take a look at our spring summer jewelry catalogue that takes you on a fascinating ride of lavish spring jewelry choices. Specializing in creating rich sterling silver jewels and embedding natural gemstones with acumen and imaginativeness, our assortment divulges Petite Gemstone Necklaces, Star & Moon Jewelry, Stacker Midi Rings, Link Gemstone Bracelets, Faceted Gemstone Jewelry, Flat Uncut Polki, Victorian Two-tone Jewelry and many more other unique collections. Turn on the pages of our spring/summer jewelry e-catalogue to get engrossed in the incredible beauty of finely carved gemstones and handcrafted jewelry. We have created a legend of jewels using Amethyst, Citrine, Sapphires, Abalone, Tanzanite, Herkimer’s Diamonds, Pearls, Turquoise, Ruby and what not! Sourcing the excellent quality gemstones and redefining their appeal and attractiveness with our artisans’ talent, we have presented a collection of spring jewelry that will make you celebrate and enjoy your springs like never before! 

    Enjoy the cinch of shopping your favorite spring jewelry with our prudently created spring jewelry catalogue wherein each category or design will open up pages of rich collections that you want to opt. Whether you wish to own gleaming cage pendants or colorful drop earrings with absolute ease of wearing, you would get to explore and shop jewelry from a wide variety of designs and styles. Each style in our spring summer jewelry catalogue is directly associated with relevant pages of our online store so that you simply get to see and shop what you wish to! Shopping jewelry could never be easier than this! Get your hands on our fine summer jewelry catalog and own the most beautiful spring jewelry collections!
  • Gemstone Earring Collection
    We cannot deny the fact that your look remains incomplete without donning a stunning pair of earrings! Be it the luxury part look, an evening out with your beau, a casual lunch with your friends or the formal office days, a pair of elegant earrings are needed to attain that perfect look that makes you feel proud and others, envy!  Contemplating this need, we, at Gemexi have come up with a world of sophisticated dazzling earrings that help you celebrate every occasion and outfit. Our gemstone stud earrings catalogue is full of a plethora of choices that help you pick smart choices according to diverse styles. Our latest collection of gemstone earrings includes vibrant choices in every aspect. Be it the wide color palette, contemporary designs or varied styles, we have got it all covered for you. Check out the luscious reds, deep blues, beaming oranges, bright yellows, and lush greens in form of natural gemstones that are carefully incorporated in our inventive earrings. 

    Shop that Perfect Pair of Earrings with Gemexi’s Catalog Gemstone Earrings

    Regardless of whether you desire a luxurious look or a minimalist one, our range of 925 Silver Gemstone Earrings offers you plentiful choices. Combining modern trends with a dash of traditional aesthetic beauty, we have the most impressive range of gemstone earrings. Check out our Native American style earrings that perfectly captures the spirit of playfulness. Take a look at our beautiful assortment of chandelier earrings that have all the glitter and glamour which you need for special occasions. Own the tempting plain sterling silver earrings from our site which are a must-have for every woman who wants versatile earrings that look great with any apparel or catch an elegant look with our bezel gemstone earrings. The new design gemstone earrings catalog available at our site will provide you with all the details that you look for while shopping for precious jewelry. Our silver gemstone earrings e-catalogue will serve as your guide and will help you land on Gemexi’s pages according to your chosen style or criterion.