Where To Buy Real And Authentic Moonstone Jewelry?

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  • Updated On Dec 29, 2022
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Where To Buy Real And Authentic Moonstone Jewelry?

One of the most beautiful gemstones out there is definitely the moonstone. Known for its gorgeous sheen and beautiful textures, the moonstone is famous for rustic styles like the hippies or for the chic and minimalist styles. Visually, genuine moonstone jewelry resembles the image of moonlight falling on crystal clear water and gives a very soothing feeling. Its gorgeous shine makes it really stand out from the rest of the gemstones and when light falls on it, the beauty is multiplied manifolds.

So how can you find out and buy real moonstone jewelry?

The moonstone comes in several colors like blue, gray, pink, peach, green, brown, and white. You can pick out any of these as all the moonstone jewelries are very pretty. You should understand the other factors that govern which moonstone jewelry you should buy.
  1. Clarity

Clarity is an important factor. You will find many moonstone jewelry with tiny cracks on the gemstone like little inclusions. While this does not mean that the moonstone you have is of bad quality, but from a sales point of view, the clearer a moonstone is, the greater its value is. So if you are looking to invest in moonstone jewelry, remember to see how clear its surface is.

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  1. Cuts

Cuts also determine the value of moonstones. They are commonly cut into beads, cabochons or faceted. The best and closest to real cut is the cabochons, however even faceted is very famous right now. It makes ones of the best quality moonstone jewelry as it can really hide the inclusions present on the surface. The rose cut is also very popular as it accentuates the texture and color of the stone while adding more angles and depths to the stone.
  1. Carats

Just like all other jewelry and gemstones, moonstones are also quantified in carats. As they are available in both small and large sizes, jewelers prefer 1 to 5 carats that are easily available too. If you go up to larger and clearer stones, then they can also be of 15 to 20 carats, but they are very rare and highly expensive. They are not common for people to buy, so as a retailer, expect to buy a moonstone between 1 to 5 carats.

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Significance of moonstones

Moonstones are very high in value when it comes to the subject of crystal healing. Moonstones are considered to be very powerful and they contain great healing properties. For women, moonstones can help them get closer to their feminine side. They can clarify the thoughts in women and help them grow their intuition. For people who are really afraid to change, moonstones can help them accept the truth and be more welcoming towards changes. Moonstones are also known to have a positive impact on the mind by encouraging clarity, peace and calmness.

Whether you are a direct customer or a retailer, knowing the significance of moonstones can help you steer your buying decision.

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Where to buy real moonstones from? Real

Now the real question comes, which is: where to buy real moonstones? The market is full of duplicate products that most people can fall in the trap of. But moonstones can be bought online at great deals if you can find the right website. Genuine clients and websites like Gemexi sell genuine moonstones and you can also purchase wholesale gemstone jewelry from their website at cheap rates. From easy delivery to on-site discounts, you can never go wrong with jewelry shopping from Gemexi.

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