What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Moonstone?

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Sep 8, 2022
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What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Moonstone?

Moonstone is considered to be one of the most magnificent gemstones of all. Available in a kaleidoscopic range of colors - pink, green, yellow, and more - it’s because of its enchanting luster and distinct appearance that today, a moonstone needs no introduction. It is a precisely popular name in the world of gemstones. But did you know, its journey actually started from ancient Rome? Yes, we’re not joking. What we know of today as moonstone is believed to be one of the most admired gemstones of Goddess Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon. From there on, its popularity spread like wildfire which indolently went ahead to captivate the whole world! But, is it just the beauty of the stone that caused a stir in the world so deep? No, absolutely not.

In case you are not aware, a moonstone is laced with some incredible benefits too, which forms a part of the many reasons why it is so coveted. Want to know more about them? Here, read on:

What are some of the most fascinating advantages of wearing moonstone?

Like told earlier, a moonstone isn’t just all fine and dandy to the eyes. The benefits of wearing moonstone extend to our mind, body, and spirit. So, if you’re looking for some solid reasons as to why you should invest in moonstone jewelry, look no more. Here are 5 superb moonstone benefits that would surely compel you to get a piece of moonstone jewelry:
  1. Unleashes your feminine side

Considered to be the top gemstone for women, moonstone is what you need if you’re finding it hard to channel your inner lady, lately. Whether it is suppressing conditions like hair loss or menstruation pain in females, balancing hormonal fluctuations, or promoting characteristics like gentleness and compassion - you can trust a moonstone to take care of these and more for you.
  1. Helps in attaining emotional balance

Moonstone has a relaxing, rather tranquilizing effect on its wearer. This particular feature makes it an amazing stone for those who struggle to sustain a balance between their many emotions. This means if you’re someone who tends to feel extremely low or uncannily high at times, moonstone will lead you on a path where exists a healthy balance between all these emotions one feels.
  1. Helps in maintaining a healthy sleep cycle

Are you an insomniac? If yes, then hold up - we have some good news in store for you. This luscious and glossy gemstone is widely popular because many claim that it aids in eliminating serious sleep conditions like insomnia. Yes, you heard that right! Moonstone brings about a sense of calmness and tranquility in the mind and body of its bearer, eventually causing the person to counter insomnia and get their dose of healthy sleep every night.
  1. Keep physical illnesses at bay

The health benefits of wearing rainbow moonstone are tremendous. So, if you are someone who keeps falling sick, a moonstone may be nothing short of an absolute benediction for you. Especially for the folks who tend to experience frequent nosebleeds, moonstone is a table-turner. Besides, wearing this stone is also believed to alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress.
  1. Brings good fortune

Many cultures across the globe believe that moonstone is a bearer of good luck. From ancient times, a moonstone is being worn by a huge lot of people because of this very reason. It drives away all the negative energy and floods its wearer with positivity, calmness, and good fortune.

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Here are a few fashionable moonstone jewelries you must add to your wardrobe now

Moonstone is a charming gemstone packed with mind-blowing benefits. And now that you are aware of most of them, we’re sure the next thing you must want to figure out are the possible ways you can wear a moonstone to reap its benefits. So, here they are:
  1. Wear a moonstone ring

A moonstone ring is the most trendy piece of gemstone jewelry collection for a reason. Simply elegant and subtly minimal - rings do the talking without you having to do much. So, if you want to wear a polished gemstone like the moonstone without going too loud with your look, we suggest you go for a moonstone ring.

  1. Make way for moonstone pendants

Dainty, blithe, exclusively charming - that’s how we describe a pendant bedecked with moonstone. Whether it is formal wear or a casual outfit day - a moonstone pendant has the power to effortlessly set the tone right for every event.


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  1. Moonstone earrings for the go

Aren’t you tired of your everyday earring? Those usual diamond solitaire studs in sterling silver? Well, it’s about time for a switch. Get your hands on a pair of moonstone earrings and amp up your wardrobe while increasing your spirits!


Gemstone jewelry is widely sought-after, largely because it is not just gorgeous but also carries tremendous powers. Moonstone is no exception. So, now that you know how wearing moonstone jewelry benefits people and the most fashionable ways you can sport them, why wait? Go, get shopping already!

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  • Owen
    Aug 23, 2022, 5:15:50 AM

    Moonstone jewelry like a moonstone pendant gives a unique look on me. I always get many compliments whenever I wear this. I have faith in gemstone healing properties, I believe it could bring good fortune.

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