Benefits of Rainbow Moonstone and How to Take Care and Wear

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  • Updated On Jan 13, 2022
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Benefits of Rainbow Moonstone and How to Take Care and Wear

Rainbow moonstone belongs to the feldspar minerals and is a variety of labradorite. The beautiful gleaming rainbow kind of light found on the surface of this gemstone is the reason why it is called so! It has been called the ‘Stone of Protection, Mystic, and Magic’. In the earlier times, it was strongly believed that those who held this gem in their mouth during a full moon were able to get a foretaste of their future. The beautiful rainbow moonstone is worn in form of pendants, rings, bracelets, and other jewelry forms. It looks charismatic when adorned with jewelry. However, this enthralling gemstone is quite popular for its unparalleled qualities too.

Let us read below and find out the significant benefits of wearing rainbow moonstone. 

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Benefits of Rainbow Moonstone

  1. Rainbow moonstone is famously known as the Stone of Protection. It provides protection from negativity, dangers, and harm. Wear it and stay safe from all negative effects.
  2. One of the popular benefits of wearing a moonstone is that it activates your powers of the psyche and helps you understand spirituality in a better way.
  3. It is regarded as one of the best stones for feminine energy.
  4. Rainbow moonstone is believed to be a strong gemstone that helps you get a glimpse of your past.
  5. Wearing this gem helps you become more confident. You start believing in yourself.
  6. The beautiful rainbow light of this stone symbolizes the happy colors and positive perspective of life. It's deep and positively influencing energy helps you find comfort at difficult times. 
  7. Using the rainbow moonstone, one can attain balance in emotions. It is indeed a wonderful gem for those people who sometimes get into chaos because of their own complicated thoughts and emotions.
  8. The gemstone is also believed to bring good luck and happiness in life.
  9. It helps ward off various types of fears and makes you strong from within.
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How to Wear Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone rings are considered as the most suitable jewelry form for wearing this enchanting gemstone from the astrological point of view. It is indeed the best way to wear a rainbow moonstone. If you have been wondering about which finger to wear a moonstone ring, let us tell you that wearing it on your right hand’s small finger is the correct option. The gemstone combines perfectly with sterling silver and has its own advantages. So, get your moonstone set in a sterling silver ring and start enjoying the benefits of wearing moonstone. 

How to Cleanse Rainbow Moonstone?

Moonstones are also delicate gems and should be cleansed with care and gentleness. The finest and most trusted method of cleaning is the old way of water and soap. Use lukewarm water. You can also add a few drops of mild soap to it. Clean your rainbow moonstone jewelry with the help of a soft brush and soapy water. Once cleaned, dry off the jewelry with a soft jewelry cloth. Never keep your jewelry soaked in water for a long time. Though, you can use water for cleaning it.


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Best Way to Care for a Rainbow Moonstone 

One needs to follow certain simple rules for taking care of your rainbow moonstone jewelry. The same are mentioned below:
  1. Avoid exposing your rainbow moonstone jewelry to extreme heat and sunlight.
  2. Do not store your moonstone jewels with other jewels. Use a soft jewelry box with fine lining to keep your moonstones safe and gleaming. 
  3. Do not use any chemicals or cleaning agents for cleaning moonstones.
  4. It is best to take off your jewelry while going for any sports activity, water sports, or any physically exhaustive activity as prolonged exposure to sweat, water, heat, or dust particles may cause damage to your moonstone jewelry.

How to Charge Rainbow Moonstone

The most trusted as well as easiest way to charge your rainbow moonstone jewelry is to keep it under the moonlight overnight. It would be best if you get an opportunity to keep it under the light of the full moon. Another way to charge your moonstone is by keeping it under running water for a couple of minutes (5 to 10 minutes are fine). If possible, do so with running natural water. If natural running water is not available, you can also use the running water of your tap. It is also strongly believed that burning incense sticks around the moonstone help remove the negativity that your gemstone might have soaked with time. For doing so, you should first clean and charge your gemstone and then use the incense sticks.

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Buy a beautiful rainbow moonstone jewel of your choice and get ready to attract happiness and luck in your life. Wear your gleaming moonstone jewels and flaunt your classic choice in jewelry. Reminding you about the enchanting moon, your rainbow moonstone jewelry will simultaneously protect you from all sorts of negativity too!

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  • eliva
    Jul 22, 2022, 7:29:29 AM

    The beautiful rainbow light of this stone symbolizes the happy colors and positive perspective of life. It's deep and positively influencing energy helps you find comfort at difficult times. good blog with usefulinformation.

  • Layla
    Aug 5, 2022, 6:44:16 AM

    I have two moonstones rings. When I feel a low spirit, I wear them for feminine energy. But I do not know how to care for them, Now I read this article and it contains many tips. which helps me a lot.

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