Have you ever had DIFFICULTY FOCUSING, then why not try the promising power of stones

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  • Posted: Friday, October 16, 2015
Have you ever had DIFFICULTY FOCUSING, then why not try the promising power of stones

People often feel trouble concentrating and find hard to sit still. Did you ever impede others during a discussion? Did you ever act impetuously without judging or thinking things through? Did you ever face a situation, when you find the intricacy focusing on the job at hand? Have you ever daydreamed?

From time to time, we face these issues, but for some people, it becomes difficult to control these sorts of behaviors. People, facing this trouble tirelessly plaguing their everyday subsistence fail to maintain their long-lasting relationship in addition to their career or professional life.


The issue of concentration or focusing, in medical terms, referred to as an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or simply ADD. In the medical sciences, it is processed as a psychological disorder or a disorder that is caused due to some physical difficulty. The cause remains unidentified but can be treated effectively either with the medical help or with the energies of the gemstone.


People suffering from ADD, sometimes do not even realize what they are going through, and the people around can clearly notice this disorder. Multitudes born in the phase ranging from  460 to 370 BC and suffering ADHD were described as Hippocrates. To understand and know the symptoms of ADHD or ADD was first introduced in the medical sciences, in the year 1980 in the third edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. In the year 1994, the definition of ADHD was modified and categorized into three groups. The first type is hyperactive-impulsive, the second one is inattentive, and the third one is a mixed type and is broached as "presentations".

Gemstones are predisposed to hold the attributes that help to release ADHD disorder from the intellectual torso and make a person, acceptable in society.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire possesses the properties that heal as well as nourish the intellect to keep the mind in order. The energies and the vivacity of this charismatic gemstone clear the neurons (transmitters and receptors) of the brain as well as clear the blockages of the mind. It too teaches the psychological and cerebral discrimination to bring clarity to the thoughts. Further, the vibrant energies of the stone likewise bring perspective to the ideas or thoughts. The potent blue hues and reverberating vibes of this alluring blue sapphire crumble disharmony in the head to intensely assist and profit all the functions controlled by the brain. The functioning and managing of eyesight and hearing is too taken care of by the cerebral brain. The forces or the blue vibes of the stone increase the mental potential. Moreover, it augments the capability to discriminate betwixt the mind and the higher self.

blue sapphire

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Lavender often regarded to rouse up the essence of your true self as well as help to gain the real spiritual heights for the growth of self. The purplish energies and the vibes of this enthralling gem nugget too align the chakras along with the physical torso to attain the subtle self. Furthermore, it roots out the energetic blockages by aligning the inner energies that help the soul to think clearly. It likewise obliterates the negative vibes from the cerebral body to allow the soul to move freely and express self clearly. The mauve tints of the stone help the person to become more receptive and accept the guidelines of the world. Thus, to influence the spirit and stay poised. The eminence of the stone allows the flow of energies by correcting them to raise intellectual thinking. It too rouses up the mental (intellectual) surface for the resolution to release restlessness of the mind in addition to the confusion. Since ages, Lavender has been appreciated to promote awareness of the inner dimensions of the self.





The dark blue hue of Sodalite purifies the aura and release the negativity from the inner soul. It too makes the surrounding atmosphere harmonious to live. It proffers clear thinking by absorbing the off-putting thoughts from the mind. It likewise holds the capability to release mental disharmony that bod down the intellect. The energies of the stone too help the soul feel lighter and burdenless. Further, the potent vibes of the blue Sodalite that upset the functioning of the overall body in addition to the mind.

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Combine three stones Blue Sapphire, Lavender as well as Quartz for curing ADHD

A combination of three potential gemstones, Blue Sapphire, and Lavender along with quartz holds a significant effect in healing the ADHD issue. The power of three stones when fused together helps to clear the energy blockages and allow the flow of positive energies in the intellect for the proper functioning of the brain. Furthermore, they assist in clear thinking and expressing themselves openly or can say clearly to the people around. The energies of the Lavender buttress the movement of the attention of the soul beyond the intellect to connect with the spiritual realm.


Onyx in the world of gemstones is known to stabilize the overall torso by healing the emotional and intellectual wounds as well as by strengthening the root chakra. The black tints of the Onyx are regarded to activate the root chakra and grounds the restless energies of the soul into the Mother Earth. It too connects the soul and spirit to the mother nature to know the real self and gain spiritual understanding. Moreover, the energies of the onyx make the person productive in this physical world. Since ages, onyx is predisposed to soak up the rays of all seven colors of the rainbow and imbue them into the body with the help of triggered root chakra. The potent and compelling energies of the Onyx rise or stimulate the brow chakra to gain the proper understanding as well as the clear thinking. It is too supposed that the energies the stone absorbed pass them to the color-specific chakras for equilibrating the overall body in addition to the restless mind. The enigmatic gem helps the soul to become more adaptable that in turn makes the soul multi-tasker. It too enhances creativity and opens up the creative vision.

marquise black onyx

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Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper a perfect grounding jasper cheer up the physical torso by guarding the overall body against the evils or negative energies of the surrounding. The uplifting energies of the stone to release the off-putting and unconstructive energies from the intellect to clean the blockages and promote the free flow of the positive energies. Poppy Jasper likewise energizes the mental capabilities and contribute to clear and creative thinking. Further, it heartens a deeper appreciation of the soul’s connection with the spirit of Mother Earth. It too motivates the inner soul to trust self and take creative actions.

poppy jasper

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