5 Facts That Make Jasper More Beautiful

By Gemexi Team | Loose Gemstones
  • Updated On Mar 18, 2020
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5 Facts That Make Jasper More Beautiful


Microcrystalline quartz and a fine-grained chalcedony, Loose jasper is a beautiful nurturing stone. It is an opaque variety and you will be amazed to know that each jasper gemstone is unique in its appearance because of the patterns and formations that lie in it. The stone contains many impurities and it is because of these impurities that we get such spectacular designs and colours. In jasper, you can get to see a night sky, desert, poppy fields, sunshine and whatnot that have been created by God and held by nature.
Jasper is found in endless varieties and is mined all across the globe. The colours in which they come include pink, brown, yellow, red, green, grey/white and shades of blue-purple.
It is surprising how different beliefs were associated with this stone in different cultures. The Babylonians believed jasper to be a female stone and a symbol of childbirth. The Native Americans believed it to be a rain stone. In some civilizations, it was inscribed in the breastplate of the high priest while others believed it to be a stone that keeps spiders and scorpions away.
Physical healing properties of jasper: Jasper is considered to be extremely beneficial for the wear and tear of the tissues of the internal organs. It can treat the disorders of the stomach, bladder, spleen, kidney, and liver. Japer is very comforting for the digestive system and is known to maintain the balance between the storage of mineral content and the supply of it in the body. Jasper is also good in the situations of nosebleed. It reduces haemorrhoids, soothes gout and epilepsy and treats the loss of smell.


Emotional healing properties of jasper: Jasper is a strengthening agent for an emotional body. It releases stress and infuses calmness. It brings in the feeling of humanity, generosity, patience and compassion in the individual. Jasper gives you the mental strength, needed to deal with all the quest of life. It is a stone of audacity and courage. It teaches you to stand for truth always and inspires you to move forward with confidence rather than aggression.

Spiritual healing properties of jasper: Jasper is regarded as a stone that strengthens one’s connection with the earth. It builds a relationship of an individual with sacredness and spirituality that exists in nature. Jasper encourages the wearer to rejoice the moments of splendour in good and bad as well as ordinary and extraordinary. It lets the wearer finds his own peace and clam in connection with god.

Other benefits of jasper besides the healing properties:

  1. Jasper heals and stabilises the base chakra.
  2. If you are really looking to cut down smoking and reduce the consumption of alcohol then jasper is a great talisman. It removes all harmful toxins from the body and regulates your desires as well as behaviour.
  3. Also, jasper is an excellent diet stone. It boosts your physical energy while dieting and strengthens your will to follow your diet strictly.
  4. It eliminates all negative energies, increases one’s the focus and is a wonderful stone for banishing nightmares as well as harmful thoughts.

Indeed, Jasper is an incredible stone. The best part of it is that since there are so many colour options in it, it gives an individual the freedom to wear silver jasper jewelry in her favourite colour. If you are actually willing to order some wholesale jasper silver jewelry after reading the amazing facts then you must visit GEMEXI. Here you will find great variety, good designs and economical pricing, all at one place.

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