Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian Opal - Properties, Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Ethiopian Opal is most of its ability, bring’s forth the wearing individual traits furthermore characteristics to the surface for examination and rendition. It is a triumph of most of precious gemstones, for it reflects out the attributes of most of them. Its luster is like a painter’s palette which picks up the wearer’s beliefs, sentiments and place them on the healing surface. This mesmerizing stone is often termed as a Chocolate Opal, for its chocolatey color inside its nodule. Hydrophane Ethiopian Opal occurs in an assortment of colors and prototypes which tend to display brilliant flashes of color. It is figured out in nodules within the volcanic ash in stratum between Rhyolite layers. These magnificent Ethiopian opals help to exaggerate out the negative emotions of the wearer which at times may be sore to turn out, consequently it builds up the root to see how destructive these emotions can be and assists the process of letting them die.

Discovered in 2008 from the well district of Ethiopia, these opals helps to light the positive activities and emotions of the wearing individual. It enhances the true nature, good eminences as well as helps the wearer to foster his highest potential. It is best recognized for its karmic excellence, as it aids the wearing individual to remember that whatever he sends out will return to him in the end. It is too proven to be extremely stable despite its porosity. It also shows the diverse play of colors which ranges from fluorescent reds to orange, in addition, greenish to blue, white to yellowish, and brown along with fire colors. It too causes a striking pattern formation along with the colors like turquoise and indigos which make this opal unique. This gemstone has the propensity to inspire passion, hope, virtue, purity, luck, love and happiness in the life span of the wearing individual. This stone is marvelous for utilizing Water liveliness, the oomph of stillness, quiet potency, and refinement. This soothing crystal too shields the wearer against negativity and is often believed to be a stone of ancient wisdom. It burns off karma from the past and open the way to rebirth. Traditionally, it is considered that it bears a soul holograph which helps the holder to access his past, present and also the future.

Known as a joy filled gemstone, it is predisposed to activate the base and sacral chakras. It combines all the subtle bodies into equilibrium, so the body as a whole can work tunefully. Historically, it is alleged that this Ethiopian opal carries a positive dragon energy which purifies the whole surrounding aura, as well as the surrounding aura of the planet. This mesmerizing crystal helps the wearer with the cosmological journey. Being a gem of ecstasy, it helps to horn the wearers communication skill which is a voice of the hereafter.

Where is Ethiopian Opal found?

Ethiopian Opal is found in Ethiopia, mainly in the Wollo Province in the northern part of the country. The opal deposits are located in a volcanic area known as the Shewa Province, which is part of the larger Ethiopian Highlands region. The opals are formed within the volcanic rocks, and are typically mined through open-pit mining methods. The Wollo Province has become a major source of high-quality Ethiopian Opal in recent years, and the gemstone is highly prized by collectors and jewelry designers around the world.

Ethiopian Opal Healing Properties

Ethiopian Opal, by balancing all chakras and auras, transmutes the negativity from the holders surroundings as well from within. It often helps to increase the psychic abilities of the wearing individual in order to communicate well. It has a propensity to promote a sense of security and dispels out the feeling of depression. It too encourages the wearing individual to stop brooding in order to better direct his thoughts. Its brightest azure appeases the wearer mind; it is a stone of protection which provides a marvelous shield to the wearer to keep from absorbing other people’s negative thoughts and energies. Like it uses diffraction and meddling to produce its colors, it too run intervention around its wearer to change the negative situation into positive one furthermore transform the depressing mood into a joyous one. Reverberates with the energies of the goddess, it is a stupendous gift for ladies. It is too believed to give an emotional support to the wearing individual. Notorious to relate with love, longings, it is a seductive gem which further arouses passion and eroticism for a partner. As known to possess water energies, it is good for those working around water.

  1. Physical Healer

Ethiopian Opal grants the wearer extraordinary foresight, it is regarded favourable for the health of the eyes, hair, nails and skin of the wearing individual. It is of great assistance for purifying the blood along with the kidneys and in regulating insulin production. It is also alleged to guard the wearer against the evil’s eye. Each exuding color of this Ethiopian Opal has a tendency to display out its diverse eminence. As it heightens the sexual vigour, it too reinforces visual acuity and heals ear ailments. It is advantageous for the heart, lungs as it helps to protect the wearer from problems like related to them as well as with liver. This mesmerizing gem possesses sedative, what’s more, laxative effect, reduces the effects of poison, acidity and is also believed to lift up sensuality. It is likewise valuable in pondering the body’s water content, also help to prevail over dehydration or lessen water retention. It facilitates to slim down the fever besides help to revive the memory and robustly steady out the neurotransmitter troubles. It is supportive of concerns related to female hormones, as well endow comfort during childbirth.

  1. Emotional Healer

Ethiopian Opal is a breathtaking gem, as it said to give the wearer a sense of calmness which in turn serve to encourage faith, loyalty, truth as well purity. It is particularly committed to healing and strengthening the emotional body of the wearer. It lends a hand for the wearing individual to be honest with the true self. Its high internal energy brings the emotions to the surface, so as to cover the situations clearly. It facilitates the carrier to pass the negative emotions as well as soothes his poignant body, to make him unruffled and in control. It assists the holder in becoming confident, positive and loving, more creative additionally unprompted. Historically, it is acknowledged as a jewel of happy changes, as it brings happiness from the understanding, that the wearer possesses unlimited potential which allows his aspirations to rise in future. Various color radiants stands for their meticulous reason, white conveys freedom, brown is supposed to bring wisdom, yellow for wealth as easily as green for cheerfulness. It too augments individual integrity. It helps the women wearer to attach with her soul goddess which ultimately help to obtain the feminine oomph. As a lustrous jewel piece, it is best experienced for its elegance and beauty. Through ages, it is believed to be associated with the matrix of life itself. It has a propensity to bring wisdom, help to reinforce and foster the growth of love because of its strong magnetic power. It is trusted that it aids the wearing individual to discover the intent of his dependable self as well as elucidate the intellect and invigorate the humor. With the uplifting feelings, Ethiopian Opal too helps the wearer to learn to love himself by reminding him that all things around him is good and true.

  1. Spiritual Healer

Ethiopian Opal is a stupendous gemstone for bringing spiritual Light into the aura. It opens up the mind to a new hope and wishes, it, on the other hand, helps to awaken the psychic and mystical qualities of the carrier of the stone. By enhancing cosmic awareness, it hoist the wearer's level of intuition and insight. Traditionally been used to invoke apparitions, it augments lucid dreaming. It is deliberated to be a protector moreover a shamanic guide who facilitates the wearing individual in journeying deep into the self for healing. This enchanting jewel is believed to be associated with the planet Mercury, a Greek god Hermes. It is a jewel of light and is ideal for attracting angelic energies, in addition, to increasing communications with the heaven. It is, what's more, a water stone with the perfect vibration to connect with devices forces along with the spirits of water. It brings flashes of insight, saving the wearer from negatively banishing possibilities. Even so, it grants intuitive recognition and allows the wearing individual to absorb that which is demanded from the cosmos and not necessarily what is required. It combats materialism and strengthens the religious belief of religious masses in whole polishes. Hermits, monks and other contemplatives withdrawn from fellowship for spiritual reasons, find a special affinity for Ethiopian Opal.

  1. Heals and balances chakra

Ethiopian Opal occurs in nearly all colors, and dominant color energies may be employed to excite corresponding chakras. The dazzling play of colors in this gem are constructive to trigger on the several chakras which ultimately linked to the Crown Chakra as well as help to infuse the aura with full gamut Light for nursing the wearing individual back to health.

The white energy of the Ethiopian Opal tends to activate the Crown Chakra, which is the spiritual centre and helps the wearing individual to interact with infinite, with divine. It offers wisdom and peace. It bonds the wearer’s energy to the source of universal force. It too stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negative energies. Its purge effect is influential at all echelons. Its vigour also tends to turn on the Third Eye chakra, which in turn controls the energy flow of the body and dispels out the negativity. It instils the source of vision as well as ideas.

Its pink and green gloominess imitate the Light of the heart and love, which shows it, inspires the Heart Chakra. This chakra facilitates the wearer to standardize the interaction with the external world and embrace what the wearing individual resist. It is for maintaining healthy relationships.

The brown and red gloominess kindles the Base Chakra. This wheels the energy for kinaesthetic movement. The gold and orange gloominess identify with the Sacral Chakra and pedals the flow of oomph of the Life Force of the torso.

Important Info & Facts About Ethiopian Opal

  1. The Ethiopian Welo Opal or Ethiopian Opal is a variant of Opal, however, a little different in its consistency, manifestation, and properties than the Australian Opal. It was exposed in 2008, and the properties due to which it varies from Australian Opal is that it is found in nodules unlike the layers of Australian Opal. A black colored Australian Opal is regarded as the finest quality of Australian Opal, but there is no black shade as such reported in Ethiopian Opal.
  2. Ethiopian opal is believed to be an ancient gemstone. An anthropologist in 1939 ascertained some evidence of opal in the caves of Kenya. Nevertheless, the stone was re-discovered again in the mid-’90s, and mining was begun.
  3. A good quality Ethiopian Opals have a variety of colors to display such as orange, red, green, pink, yellow, brown, white, and blue. Some of the colors of Ethiopian Opals are so exquisite and unique that they are not even found in Australian Opals. The striking pattern formation of Ethiopian Opals makes them look more wonderful.
  4. Ethiopian Opals seems to encompass all the splendour of the nature in themselves. They look so attractive and beautiful due to the rainbow-like colour, fire and lightening element, and all the serenity of the far seas that they exhibit. Ethiopian Opal is the form of mineral silica, and it contains 3% to 21% of water in itself. Ethiopian Opal is the gemstone of Ethiopia and Australia.
  5. The planet Mars is also said to be the home of this amazing stone as announced by NASA, in 2008.
  6. Ethiopian Opal is the luckiest among all the other variants of Opal.
  7. The Ethiopian Opal is the birthstone of the people who are born in the month of October, and who are largely born under the astrological sign Libra.
  8. Ethiopian Opal mainly symbolizes purity, innocence, and hope.

Ethiopian Opal Metaphysical Properties

Ethiopian Opal has plagiaristic its name from the Sanskrit word "upala", which stands for, "valuable stone".These  Ethiopian Opals have asserted to be discovered around 4000 years ago, and since then it has not lost its popularity as a healing stone among human beings. The basic property of Ethiopian Opal is its structure, which is not crystalline, but is made up of hardened silica gel. It is said that pure Opal is colorless, but it is very rare to find, generally Opal is found with some amount of impurities in it, which makes it look even more beautiful. The hardness of this magnificent stone on Moh’s scale ranges flanked by 5.5 to 6.5, which, on the whole, depends on the structure of Ethiopian Opal. The more porous the Ethiopian Opal is that can freely soak up water, will incline more towards the lower limit of the range, while the more translucent Ethiopian Opal having “conchoidal fracture” will occur in the higher range.

Ethiopian Opal In News

Ethiopian Opal Color

This mesmerizing stone is often termed as a Chocolate Opal, for its chocolatey color inside its nodule. Hydrophane Ethiopian Opal occurs in an assortment of colors and prototypes which tend to display brilliant flashes of color.

Ethiopian Opal Colors

  • CleavageNone
  • Other Names
  • Crystal HabitIrregular veins, in masses, in nodules
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.45
  • DiaphaneityTransparent - Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)5-6.5
  • SourcesAustralia,Brazil, Peru, USA, Mexico, and some parts of Africa
  • Chemical formulaSiO2-nH2O
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorColorless, white, yellow, red, orange, green, brown, black, blue to waxy
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra,Sacral chakra,Third Eye Chakra,Crown Chakra
  • BirthstoneOctober
  • Zodiaclibra
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