How To Care For Ethiopian Opal Stone Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Feb 14, 2022
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How To Care For Ethiopian Opal Stone Jewelry

Gemstones are far more than just a treat to the eyes. These immaculate precious stones are powerful, each of them possessing some uniquely stunning properties. One such gemstone is the super gorgeous Ethiopian Opal. Rare, expensive, and bewitchingly beautiful - this precious stone is all things wonderful. But just like we said, gemstones aren’t just a pretty jewelry item, they are far more than that. And Ethiopian Opals are no exception. Let’s unravel some facts about this gem :

What is Ethiopian Opal?

Belonging to the lavish opal clan, Ethiopian Opal is a fresh variety of opal gemstone that was initially spotted in Wollo, Ethiopia. These rarely occurring gemstones are vibrant in color, beaming soothing rainbow hues. If you think you have mastered the art of self-control, we bet you, this lovely opal will lure you into buying wholesale gemstone jewelry in a go!

Ethiopian Opal healing properties :

The Ethiopian Opal bears a truckload of healing properties. From aiding in physical healing to fostering psychological wellness - these rare opals do it all. Still in two minds whether this gemstone is the right pick for you or not? Check out these fascinating healing properties of the magnificent Ethiopian Opal to find that out :


  1. The Ethiopian Opal is a gemstone for love and passion. It encourages the feeling of self-love and enables the wearer to feel confident and cherished.
  2.  It welcomes wisdom and fosters better decision-making. This specific opal is a terrific gem for those seeking emotional stability.
  3.  The gemstone does away with the anxiety and allows the individual to feel a sense of absolute calmness.  
  4. One of the major reasons why this gemstone is so deliriously sought after is because it is believed to drive away negativity and pull in positivity.
  5.  This opal is also believed to benefit its owner by strengthening their willpower.

How to use Ethiopian Opal :

  To reap its wonderful benefits, Ethiopian Opals can be used in a series of ways. However, this mesmerizing stone is more prominently used as jewelry pieces. Danglers, necklaces, or rings - wear Ethiopian Opal jewelry in any of these forms and witness the positivity it harbors in your life.


Tips to care for Ethiopian Opal :

Ethiopian Opals are possessed with a lot of benefits. However, just like any lavish thing, these gemstones also seek a particular level of care. So, keep the following tips in mind for Ethiopian Opal care :

  1. Avert arduous activity while wearing this jewelry - Ethiopian Opals are delicate to the core. Most of the time, they are just one accident away from breaking down into pieces. So, it is always suggested to avoid meddling in tedious activities while wearing any Ethiopian Opal Stone jewelry.
  2. Never immerse opals in water - Whether it’s a classic opal or this ravishing Ethiopian Opal, the rule is pretty clear - never let them come in contact with water. Owing to their hydrophane nature, these gems tend to suck in water that ends up changing their look. So unless you want to flaunt an opal that is uncanny, keeping them away from water is highly advisable.

  3. No high temperature, please - This is a common “care tip” for all precious gemstones. But for Ethiopian Opals, this tip is a must remember! Normally, opals can tackle a temperature change pretty well. But suddenly exposing them to high temperatures could prove to be lethal because it tends to mess up with their appearance, big time.

  4. Keep liquid chemicals at bay - This goes without saying - precious gemstones, including Ethiopian Opal, should never be allowed to come near any kind of liquid chemical ever. Trust us, this is the kind of nightmare you would want to avoid.

  5. Clean it after use - Keeping your opals clean is an unsaid rule of the “opal care” do’s and don’ts. Make it a point to clean your Ethiopian Opal gemstone jewelry with a soft and dry microfiber cloth after every use to eliminate fingerprints, dust, and dirt. This single habit goes a long way in ensuring your opal jewelry lasts longer.

Ethiopian Opals are a drop-dead gorgeous gemstone that belongs to the pompous opal family. So, similar to all its kin, this category of opal needs special care too. And although this may seem like a fuss in the beginning, trust us, caring for Ethiopian Opal is actually pretty easy.

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  • Nathan
    Aug 30, 2022, 7:30:45 AM

    Ethiopian opal is my favorite gemstone. I really want to care about it, I follow all these methods for further use.

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