Top 5 Popular Gemstones of All Times

By Gemexi Team | Healing Crystals
  • Updated On Apr 27, 2021
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Top 5 Popular Gemstones of All Times

If one asks you to pick out your favorite gemstone, you will certainly think of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. While these are indeed some of the most expensive gemstones available today, this is not the end. There are more than 200 natural varieties of gemstones available in the world, now. The number of lab-grown gemstones is more than that. Some of these gemstones are rarer and even more expensive than the ones you've known over the years. At the same time, the rare and exquisite gemstones are also very popular amongst collectors.

Here are our picks for the top 5 most popular gemstones of all times:

Sterling Opal

Sterling Opal has created a buzz in the gem industry with its alluring design and patterns that resemble veined potch lines. It is also known as the Monarch Opal, Galaxy Opal, Monet Opal, and Exodus Opal. They are available in several colours as per your choice, but all of them have black potch lines, with random patterns, some even like a snake or honeycomb. They also have different light reflection patterns, getting as close to natural opals as possible. This makes them very pretty and definitely one of our first choices to get in jewelry or accessory.

Star Rutilated Quartz

Star Rutilated Quartz contains sharp needle-like inclusions of rutile and is one of the widely loved varieties of quartz. As the inclusions look golden, they go very well with exquisite accessories and are also available in lavish shades of silver, copper-red or deep black. Their distribution is very haphazard at times, but in Star Rutilated Quartz, they closely resemble a star shape in the gem. The dense structure of this arrangement makes the quartz body nearly opaque and even more magnificent. Usually, such inclusions can bring down the overall glamour of a gemstone, but in Rutilated Quartz, the star shape adds to the value and quality.

Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise

This gemstone is available in a variety of shades ranging from red and orange to even purple and yellow. These are derived from the spiny oyster and their shells are used for adding value to jewelry. These shells blend best with turquoise and have been used as an adornment by the native American Indians since ages. These organic gemstones are very gorgeous and almost an asset to jewelry collectors, so they had to feature in our list of top 5 gemstones. The unique color of each gemstone adds to its accent and makes every accessory different and luxurious.

Herkimer Diamond

With a subtle beauty as that of sparkling diamonds, Herkimer Diamond is indeed one of the strongest quartz even in terms of the impact it has. They are usually transparent and glow brightly, manifesting positive spiritual energy. They are often also termed as the healing crystals and have exceptional performance in terms of advanced spiritualization. They are also harder than the other varieties of quartz, thus more durable and easy to wear. Due to their small size, they can fit in different types of jewelry and can enhance your personality as well.

Ethiopian Opal

With a rainbow texture and amazing light play, there is no other gemstone like the Ethiopian Opal. They are one of the recently mined gemstones, just three decades ago, and have slowly been abundant in nature over the years. Their multicolored accent is very attractive and definitely, Ethiopian Opal stands out from all the other opals. Their trending color also makes it a nice statement piece for all seasons.

So, there you have it. These are our choices for the best and most popular gemstones currently in vogue. These can even be rarer than the ones we commonly know about, thus having a strong price point too. What does your heart say about these gemstones? If you are looking for accessories with these gemstones, you can also check out the gemexi webpage for perfect and gorgeous jewelry pieces.

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