Give A Chance To Ethiopian Opal As Your October Birthstone

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Posted: Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Give A Chance To Ethiopian Opal As Your October Birthstone

The name opal hails from the Sanskrit word ‘Upala’ which means precious stone. Opals are among those stones which come with multiple choices of colors and patterns. The Ethiopian opal is the one that is particularly found in Ethiopia. Those who are born in the beautiful month of October are advised to wear opals as well as tourmalines. Now, if you wish to wear your birthstone in the category of opals, you get to choose from a wide variety of opals and one good option for the same is the Ethiopian Opal. If you or any of your closed ones are among those fortunate people who are born in October, there are enough reasons as to why choose Ethiopian Opal as their birthstone. 

  1. Ensures protection of the wearer

Many a time, most of us remain surrounded by the negative feelings of insecurity and harm. However, with Ethiopian opal on your side, you can leave your worries behind as it is known to provide protection and security to the wearer. Hence, wear it yourself or gift it someone special or someone whom you love from the bottom of your heart.


  1. Strengthens eyesight

Those having the trouble of weak eyes can trust Ethiopian Opal rings or any other jewelry form of this amazing opal as it will keep the eye troubles away! It is especially recommended for kids who have weak eyesight. Using this variety of opal will surely improve the eyesight levels both in kids as well as adults.
  1. Help see the past

If you are planning to buy a beautiful Ethiopian Opal necklace or pendant, just go-ahead for the same as it will open your doorways into the past. If you are curious to know about your past life, using the opal from Ethiopia will give you great results for the same. 

  1. Works at any stage of life

The best part of using the opal (Ethiopian) is that it can work in a positive manner at any stage of life. Thus, choose from the beautiful and captivating range of Ethiopian Opal pendants, earrings and more and get ready to bring some good things back to your life.

  1. Imparts inner beauty

Every gemstone can make you look good but how many of them can be counted upon for the inner beauty? Well, if you are the one who emphasizes more on inner beauty than this opal can be the best choice for you. It is considered all over the world for enhancing your inner beauty and working on your qualities that build your character and personality. The use of this opal will, thus, make you beautiful inside out! 

  1. Considered as the symbol of piousness

Since ancient times, the Ethiopian Opal has been considered as the symbol of piousness. The Greeks, as well as the Romans, used this opal for significant purposes in life including its ability to bring protection and purity as well. Hence, if you too wish to bring some purity in your heart, mind, and life, using the Ethiopian Opal earrings or other jewelry forms of this opal will surely help you out.

  1. Found in the form of beautiful jewelry

When it comes to Ethiopian Opal jewelry collection, the sky is your limit! You will discover a plethora of artistic designs and styles while checking out the adorable range of silver Ethiopian Opal jewelry. The superb color and infinite beauty of Ethiopian opal is the one main reason as to why this gemstone is highly demanded in the world of jewelry. However, the captivating traits of this gemstone make for other very significant reasons as to why people love to wear it as their birthstone. You can check out the wholesale Ethiopian Opal Silver jewelry online also which will let you explore the following options:

  • Sparkling and artistically crafted Ethiopian Opal rings
  • Imaginatively designed Ethiopian Opal pendants
  • Ethiopian Opal necklaces with immense beauty
  • Ethiopian Opal earrings that bring unique charm to your face       

You can choose to pick any of the above options and flaunt your birthstone ‘Ethiopian Opal’ in style! Also, you can wear it on multiple occasions which demands you to look unique and stand out of the crowd!


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