How To Identify If Ethiopian Opal Is Real or Fake?

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Jan 28, 2023
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How To Identify If Ethiopian Opal Is Real or Fake?

Ethiopian Opal - The Ultimate Gemstone For The Eyes & The Soul…

The ocean of gemstones and crystals is unimaginably fascinating. The deeper you dive in, the more you wish to explore. And why not? After all, it has never been a disappointing choice. Each dive into that ocean gave mankind an eternal healer. Whether you speak of emotional distress or any physical ailment - there’s nothing these tiny trinkets can’t heal and sweep away for you. Yet, only a few popularized gemstones have made it into our closets so far. But now, it’s high time we start bringing those unsung heroes into the limelight, too—for instance, the Ethiopian Opal. Undermined due to the extreme popularity of other gems of its species, Ethiopian Opals are a wonderful source of healing and fashion. But just like its extraordinary healing properties, its physical and metaphysical features are also never heard of. So yes - distinguishing between a real and a fake one becomes a Herculean task. But not anymore!

Read this guide to get your hands on the tips and tricks to spot a real, genuine Ethiopian Opal. But first, let’s get familiar with the gemstone, shall we?

All About Ethiopian Opal - Its History, Colors, Symbolism, & Metaphysical Properties: 

  1. History of Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian Opal is a gorgeous natural gemstone that marks its origin as early as 1994. Many people confuse the discovery of the gemstone at northern Shewa with that of a better quality Welo Opal. The Welo Opal, also known as hydrophane opal, is way more durable than the Yita ridge one. It is also a better fit to be used in Ethiopian Opal accessories. What’s more interesting is that as it is a hydrophane opal, there is a change in the color and weight of the gemstone when it comes in contact with water. 
  1. Color of Ethiopian Opal

White, pink, orange, red, blue, brown, black - you name it, and you’ll find that color in the gemstone! The factor determining the color of a particular opal is the mine from which it comes. However, if you are looking for colorless opals, Wegel Tina mine is where you will find it. It is only in the case of black opals that special importance is given to the body tone, as it plays a role in establishing the patterns. 
  1. The symbolism of Ethiopian Opal

Much synonymous with the marvelous appearance of the stone, Ethiopian Opal is believed to symbolize love, luck, and magic! Not just this, wearing Ethiopian Opal is considered good for the earth and air signs of the zodiac as it helps in intensifying their emotions - something that these signs often have problems dealing with. 
  1. Metaphysical Properties of Ethiopian Opal

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit term ‘Upala’ is ‘valuable stone.’ This gemstone does not have a crystalline structure. It gets its shape and pattern from hardened silica gel. Unlike pure opal, which does not have any color, Ethiopian Opals come with certain impurities, enhancing the beauty of this gemstone. The hardness will depend on the Ethiopian Opal’s structure, and the Mohs scale is likely to range between 5.5 to 6.5. The porosity of the gemstone will determine the quantity of water that it soaks.

Healing With Gemstones | Benefits of Wearing Ethiopian Opal For Your Body, Mind, & Chakras:

What good is a stunning gemstone that does not have healing properties? You guessed it right. Ethiopian Opal has amazing healing powers.
  1. Physical Healing - Wearing Ethiopian Opal jewelry is a brilliant way to heal your body from illnesses. Whether you suffer from heart disease or have trouble with respiration, this gemstone helps heal both. It improves your immunity and helps fight off infections and bad eyesight.
  2. Emotional Healing - If you are someone who suffers from anxiety or negative emotions, this gemstone will help you come to terms with your situation. It eradicates the negativity from your surroundings and the negativity that you hold within yourself. The art of letting go and acceptance of the higher good is what this gemstone promotes. 
  3. Healing the Chakras - It is a common belief that wearing Ethiopian Opal can free a person from past karma and introduce them to their higher self, almost like a phoenix rising from the ashes. If you feel that there are blockages in your chakras, especially the Sacral Chakra, wear this Opal and see how it paves the way for your unrestricted growth. You can also wear this gemstone to increase your creative productivity and cultivate positive, happy thoughts.

Real vs. Fake Ethiopian Opal - How Can You Tell The Difference?

As a basic consumer, we understand that it is difficult for you to know how to differentiate between a real and a fake Ethiopian Opal. So don't worry. We got you! Here’s how to detect a fake Ethiopian Opal gemstone in minutes:
  1. Search for the pattern - Real Ethiopian Opals will never have uniformity in the pattern they display. The intensity of the color is blinding and often starts from one section of the stone and moves further. The pattern's spacing is also spread across the stone and not packed together densely like that in the case of artificial Ethiopian Opals. 
  2. Look out for the texture, shape, and weight - A real Ethiopian Opal will have a wax-like texture. If you touch it, the surface feels like plastic. It will never be a perfect round or oval. The color will shine through if you expose a real Ethiopian Opal to light. You can see through the patterns and shapes that lie within. What's more? A genuine Ethiopian Opal is lightweight. 
  3. Price point - Did you ever find a person selling this flawless gemstone for a lesser market value? A genuine Ethiopian Opal will cost you a bomb, owing to its extraordinary healing powers. The best way is to put the gemstone under a microscope and see if it appears synthetic or too perfect. A genuine Ethiopian Opal will rarely be flawless. 

Now that you know how to spot a real from a fake Opal, we don’t think you should be waiting anymore. Reach out to Gemexi and buy premium quality Ethiopian Opal jewelry to doll up your look and your life. 

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  • Zoe parker
    Aug 1, 2022, 6:52:04 AM

    A real Ethiopian opal stone is smooth. When we touch it, It feels plain. Price is the basic fact that we can identify stone is real or not.

  • Telina
    Dec 5, 2022, 9:17:51 AM

    Ethiopian opal stone has healing properties and we can find out through the texture, color, and weight whether the stone is fake or not.

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