Crystals which help to balance chakras

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  • Updated On Mar 3, 2023
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Crystals which help to balance chakras

What are the types of Human Chakras?

Chakras can be known as the focal points which were used in the variety of the ancient meditation practices dominated by Tantra or the inner traditions of Hinduism in a collective manner. The very concept of chakra took arise in the early traditions of Hinduism. The different types of human chakras are as follows:
  1. Root chakra
  2. Sacral chakra
  3. Solar plexus chakra
  4. Heart chakra
  5. Throat chakra
  6. Third eye chakra 
  7. Crown chakra.
Chakra balancing crystals are used for the maintenance and regulation of emotional turmoil and act as energy centers as well. The two religions that believe in Chakra are Tantric Buddhism and Hinduism.

7 chakras are responsible for…. 

The very word Chakra implies “wheel” in Sanskrit and it is known for the flowing of energy into our body. The seven chakras located in the human body are essentially known for the regulation of human sentiments. Following the meditation practices, chakras may harm the body if it becomes out of sync. The root chakra is used for the connection of the mind, body as well as the soul with the earth. Chakras and crystals go hand in hand with each other. The sacral chakra is used for the association or connection with the lymphatic system and is responsible for the act of expressing various emotions or sentiments. The solar plexus chakra is situated below the rib cage and is used for boosting self-confidence as well as discipline and wisdom. The very next chakra is known as the heart chakra and it has its connection with compassion and love. The throat chakra is used for the very act of voicing and makes the desired person creative. The third eye chakra is used for the act of catering information about ones’ self and beyond the materialistic world. The seventh or the last chakra is used for setting up the connection with the almighty. The crystals for each chakra are different from each other both in color, type, and functions.

How do unblock these chakras?

The chakras may be defined as complex energy systems and the very center of the spiritual power inside the body of a human being. They are known for balancing these energies. There arise several problems if the chakras are blocked and they are difficulties with sleeping, concentration, lack of motivation, and feelings of helplessness. Chakra balancing with crystals can be used for the unblocking of energies as well. The different techniques for the unblocking of chakras are :
  1. Chanting of the mantras is often used at the end of the practice of yoga.
  2. The tapping works following the use of the fingertips on the specific meridian points spread throughout the body.
  3. Chakra meditation may be known as a powerful process or the techniques used for unblocking the chakras.
  4. The very use of the essential oils and the crystals for chakras is highly recommended for the act of unblocking the chakras.
  5. Proper nutrition also aids in the unblocking of the chakras.
  6. The easiest way of unblocking the chakras is to move out and feel nature.
  7. Chakra healing with crystals is an essential process for the act of unblocking the chakras.

How do balance chakras with crystals?

Numerous practitioners all across the world recommend the use of crystals for each chakra as these specific crystals, precious and semi-precious stones are used in a wide manner for the act of balancing and unblocking the chakras. There are various ways of using the stones or the crystals for balancing the chakras and they are: we need to wear the stone or the jewelry on the chakra locations, meditation needs to be done while wearing the stones, keeping the stone or the desired crystal in the pockets, adding them to the water used for bathing and lastly while sleeping we need to keep the crystal or the desired precious stone beneath the pillow or the bed sheet. Chakra healing with crystals is carried out all across the globe by various practitioners.

How do align chakras with crystals?

The desired combination of the crystals arrives with the act of balancing as well as aligning all the seven chakras in the human body. This specific act of chakra balancing with crystals is very important. Each crystal chosen is specific for the desired chakra. People who are willing to work on their chakras and try to find a balance and an alignment in their life should use these crystals. The widely used crystals and stones used for the aspect chakra jewelry are quartz, amethyst, opal, agate, and many more.

Crystals which help to balance chakras

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  • Colton
    Aug 17, 2022, 6:13:37 AM

    Chakras are the resources of energy for our bodies. When we do meditation, chakras play an important role all this process. They maintain our body and soul together. I use an emerald pendant for my heart chakra. Emerald helps to align my chakras.

  • kim
    Nov 11, 2022, 10:32:19 AM

    I have the Garnet pendant which helps me to connect my mind and soul with nature.

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