How Crystals Are Changing The Skincare Market

By Gemexi Team | Hair and Beauty
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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How Crystals Are Changing The Skincare Market

Loved and coveted throughout the world for their majesty, rarity, and rich colors, crystals have always held a great fascination for humanity. We work them into items of clothing, fashion them into pieces of jewelry, and attribute to them both great sentimental value and no shortage of enchanting properties — citing their power to heal us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As such, it’s no surprise that crystals are playing an ever-growing role in the world of skincare. We need our skin to be strong to protect us from harm, but also smooth and healthy to bolster our self-esteem and help us feel like the best versions of ourselves. And the allure of skincare treatments involving crystals has attracted some high-profile celebrity attention.

Let’s take a look at how exactly crystals are changing the skincare market, making a mark in creams and other treatments being used for various reasons.

They’re expanding the achievable aesthetics

We care very deeply about what we put on our skin because in many ways it’s considered an outward manifestation of our general wellbeing. Those who can’t afford to take good care of their skin will often invest in cheap ways to alter how they look (fake tanners, for instance), wishing to feel more confident about themselves.

But there’s a more premium level of subtlety to crystals that make a huge difference when it comes to skin treatments. The smallest addition of tiny crystals to a face cream can radically change the aesthetic it provides, and have a similarly-profound effect on how it makes the user feel.

With skincare manufacturers now readily employing crystals in their formulas (knowing that people are willing to pay for them), their aesthetic options have hugely increased — so no matter what kind of effect you’re looking to achieve with your skin, there’s every chance that you can find something suitable on the market.

They’re bringing people back to nature

In recent years, we’ve all become rather tired of the artificiality of modern life, leading to a general sense of unease. It isn’t that there’s anything inherently wrong with artificial ingredients (natural doesn’t mean good, of course) — it’s simply that it worries us when we don’t really understand what products contain. When we can barely pronounce ingredients, let alone grasp what they are, we’re unable to meaningfully assess them.

And while the average person might not have a great awareness of what exactly crystals consist of, they know one important thing: that they haven’t been tailored specifically to save money or achieve particular effects regardless of the damage done in the process. Crystals are established real-world ingredients that are added to treatments as they are (unmodified).

So the crystal trend in skincare is really reminding people of how reassuring it is to deal with products that are relatively simple in their design. In a time of great general distrust in the intentions of businesses using high-end technology, it’s refreshing to get a bit more natural.

They’re being added to medical treatments

Skincare isn’t just something people invest in for beauty purposes — it’s also vital for combating various skin conditions, some of which are extremely common. Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis: whether due to cold conditions, genetic predisposition, or other medical complications, many people suffer from unpleasant and demoralizing conditions.

Thankfully, there are many excellent and reliable medical skincare treatments on the market today, made available to the masses fairly cheaply and conveniently. They also tend to be fairly simple in the formula, with each one most likely relying on one or two active ingredients to work. And since they’re simple, they can easily be added to with different crystal assortments.

Why is this worthwhile? Well, as noted, many believe very strongly in the power of crystals to heal us in various ways, with different crystals and crystal types having different effects — so combining certain beneficial crystals with medical treatments holds a lot of appeals.

And the best part is that even the naysayers who doubt the healing power of crystals can see the benefits: if knowing that cream contains crystals makes someone feel better in itself, and the addition of the placebo effect makes it work better regardless of the innate power of the crystals, then it’s an inarguable net positive for everyone.

What are your favorite crystals? Does the idea of using them in your skincare treatments appeal to you? There’s a huge market for crystal creams today, so if it does, keep an eye on the stores. You might just find something suitable!

About the author: Scott McDougall (MPharm) is the Co-Founder and Registered Manager of The Independent Pharmacy, one of the UK’s leading independent online pharmacies. For more healthcare and treatment advice, visit their website.

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