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One of the most collectible and a powerful earth healing fossil is loved by healers and wearers alike. Highly sought out fossil stone it is spiral in shape. Its shape symbolizes continual change and evolution. The remarkable spirals are at instances, nearly too optimistic to believe. As a gem of fortification, it emerges like a magic treasure in an ocean. It is measured to be an extraordinary conception of the Mother Nature as it tends to provide an insight to know the whole image of the self along with the environing universe. Often vibrant in color, it provides stability to its user, it too encourages ones survival instincts because of its association with the Root chakra.

Known to be a fossil stone with grounding virtues, it is prominent and has an internal anatomy of order and perfection which is predisposed to resonate with the human psyche like no other nature’s fossil. Ammonites have a propensity to absorb cosmic energy which carries a calm, stable frequency over eon of time. Envisaged to stimulate the life force within the carrier’s body, it brings chaos to the order. Time and again used to activate life path energies it brings back the scattered and discordant energies into cohesion and harmony.

Ammonite fossils, traditionally known as a genius stone are found in Madagascar and Alberta of Canada. Expanding the consciousness of the wearer, it displays the iridescence by compression along with the mineralization of these fossils. Pulling in more life force, it’s when polished is habitually of gem quality. These Ammonite fossils which are beautifully carved into a gemstone are traditionally recommended to place in the dwelling to draw health, opulence furthermore triumph. They too hold up the highest state of mental achievement as they are inclined to support spirituality, thoughts, focus moreover concentration to balance in all aspects the wearing individual’s life.

Recognized to draw off the all the negative energies from the surrounding aura, they are expected to boost aptitude and also discernment by absorbing brand new information’s needed to pursue good in life. The coils of these ammonites act as a filter for those energies which are no longer needed in life by a wearer as well in turn help to acquire fresh, positive, adoring life force energies.

Forms in many color varieties, it serves to increase stamina, vitality of a wearing person. It is deemed that each mesmerizing color of this amazing fossil manifests its abilities in different ways moreover serve all the energetic levels of being. Graded by flash and formation, these are best employed in dealing with the troubles of a blood pressure, degenerative disorders and also with the troubles related to the lungs. Tend to align with the spirituality, also serve to lift the heaviness that is sometimes felt during the depression.

Where is Ammonite found?

Ammonite fossils were found in nearly all the continents. Most popularly they are set up in Madagascar, Alberta of Canada and India. They are drawn out of the deep sea-bed and can also be picked up along the marine rocks.

Healing Properties

Ammonites, basically believed to carry the spirit of change and personal growth are an extinct group of aquatic animals. Associated with the third eye and root chakra, it is a grounding fossil which kindles spontaneity and emboldens the wearing individual to brave the unknown. They are too believed to ease birthing pains and bring relaxation. It serves to cure its wearer to maintain breathing, due to its circular plan. By encouraging charitable pursuit, they enkindle trust and assists one to arrive at safe conclusions. Ammonite as a powerful wealth stone, it works as a valuable friend to bring prosperity towards a wearer’s existence. They can lend the valor to the wearer to get out of the bad situations furthermore accept the permanent changes which positively affect the individual’s lifestyle.

Ammonites as fossils appear in marine rock, brings a sense of deep peace and clarity of mind for the reason that they resonate effectively in the Third Eye Chakra.

Physical Healing : Ammonites represent time, eternity and evolution. They encourage, in addition to sustains the flawless ideal of health. In general, they are used as protective objects to increase the healthy life of the wearing individual. As a talisman, these are worn as amulets to increase life span, emotional well-being, eliminate anything inside the subtle bodies whatever is not in perfect order due to their lineage.

The Ammonites were used historically for purifying, re-structuring, or doing away with fatigue as well promotes the absorption of minerals. It too assists in fertility, pregnancy, and parturition in the wearers. Astrologically oriented, they are too recommended by the shamanic healers to deal with the issues pertained to the legs, bones, joints, teeth, skin, along with the hair. Acknowledged to be pulled from the ocean floor, ammonites are also allied to the planet Moon, which rules the breasts, womb, and abdomen over and above also with the digestive system.

As an elixir, it helps reduce pain, swelling and inflammation as well as  used to restore mobility and ease cramps.  It is moreover considered beneficial for balance body heat, electrolyte imbalance, lubrication of the joints, and in restoring cellular fluids.

Emotional Healing : Ammonite fossil has a magnificent, soothing upshot on the emotional body of the wearing individual. They are said to assist with emotional health and high energy, as they are traditionally believed to change the negativity into smooth positive flowing energy into the surrounding aura. This fossil too works against stimulating the gut feelings while providing lucidity furthermore by inspiring personal power. They gently aid to bring suppressed emotions to the surface for resolution. Ammonite fossil helps dispel illusion plus rigid thinking to expose the true statement moreover help one move beyond narrow-mindedness to the larger image. These fossil stones increase self-confidence and also structure the wearer’s energy to unearth his true potential.

Ammonite is also an excellent gemstone fossil for helping the wearing individual to understand the balances inherent to relationships. It aids wearing individual to utilize his fair reasoning in situations where it would be wise to see and act on information with objectivity. It brings stability to the relationships as well as allows the individual to flourish within, which is beneficial to all.

Spiritual Healing : In the Middle Ages, Ammonites due to their spiral appearance they were believed to come from the head of dragons and were often used for magical projection. Traditionally, it is supposed that these gemstones radiate positive Earth energy which in turn bring good luck along with general prosperity to the wearer’s life. Its shape resembles ram horns, so was seen as a symbol of deity. They are likely, have a tendency to find the wearer’s way down to the spiritual path where the deity awaits, furthermore it shows the way to the wearer for the past-life meditations. As a multi-dimensional fossil gem, they manifest the highest aspect of the mind and attune the spirit. They are predisposed to heighten the intuitive powers and awakens the wearing individual to the purity and perfection of the cosmos.

Within the essence of this jewel, it is probable to build up an understanding of the non-physical realities as well as to explore the inner workrooms of the self, where all understanding and acumen is contained. Ammonite, a fossil remains of ancient creatures allows the wearing individual to align with the source of life form and to stay attuned to Divine Will. These fossil gems enable the carrier to be at peace too. They too calm down the uniqueness, expression of the carrier of the stone.

Heals and Balances Chakra : Ammonites have a strong positive Earth energy to it, which serves to trigger off and balance the root chakra. With the grounding merits, it provides further enhancement of the holders’ well-being of the physical plane and also practiced in past life regression. It is a privileged gift for a human, as it facilitates to integrate the experience of the wearer in synergy with the natural harmony and rhythms of the Mother earth. The Base or Root Chakra is a step toward change which induces a difference because it holds the energy for kinaesthetic feeling. It is the source of physical and pious energy for the body moreover helps the physical body regains its strength and toughness.

Ammonite help releases karmic debris and harmful deliberation patterns while serving to attain and boost personal power within the personality.  This relic is also supportive in releasing depression furthermore finding purpose.

Ammonite is also known to resonate and activate the Third Eye Chakra, it as a powerful stone balance the mental energies and bring the higher forms of the truth to the physical plane. It too directs the holder’s sight and everyday awareness of the universe, for the reason that the third eye chakra or so called the brow chakra is known to be a core of perception. By stirring the energy of the Third eye chakra, it helps to balance the thoughts and internal communications which are healthy and vivacious. 

Ammonite Facts

Some facts about Ammonite

  • Ammonites were also termed as snakestone in ancient times as they were used as protection against snakebites.
  • Ammonites first appeared roughly 240 million years in the past.
  • The shell of ammonite is divided into the chambers where a strong wall-like structure was made called the septa.
  • Ammonites existed during the periods of Earth history known as the Cretaceous and Jurassic.


Metaphysical Properties

The ammonite is considered to be a very dominant earth curative fossil. The spiral shape that it has signifies frequent change and progression. Ammonites are believed to encompass a lot of cosmic energy from the earth, which is considered great in stimulating the life-force of a person.

The chemical composition of ammonite includes calcium carbonate, which are complex with some impurities. On Moh’s scale of hardness, ammonites weigh about 3.5 to 4.

Ammonite at a Glance

Cleavage None
Other Names Ammolite, Ammonite, Korite, Aapaok And Calcentine
Crystal Habit NA
Streak NA
Refractive Index 1.52-1.68
Diaphaneity Opaque
Moh's scale (hardness) 4
Sources Canada, India
Chemical formula fossilized ammonite shell
Lustre Vitreous
Color Gray To Brown Sometimes With Iridescent Colors
Chakra Healing Root or base chakra

Ammonite Color

The color energies of these fossils help to convert all energy that helps the wearer to receive positivity and love. The color hues of these fossil stones help to activate third eye chakra along with the brow chakra. They are commonly found in brown, red, reddish orange, Orange, yellow, golden yellow and in shiny gold colors.

Ammonite Colors

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Many people say that Ammonite is not a talisman, it is a fossil. My question is if it is so then will it prove to be a beneficial charm to wear.
Reply on 31/10/14
However it is a fossil but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used as a gemstone. Yes it is a useful charm and is well composed of various properties that are beneficial for the wearers.
Reply on 3/11/14
The healing properties of Ammolite match with my needs. I think I should try its powers. What say? Suggest please as I am in search of a best gemstone with relevant features.
Reply on 12/11/14
Aida yes you may go for this talisman but before this you should consult with your astrologer he will ask for your horoscope and will suggest you an apt talisman.
Reply on 28/11/14
Thomson Denial
this gemstone is used for treating pregnancy, birth and fertility related brother is facing such kind of troubles...should i recommend this talisman to him? what should o do..suggest please..
Reply on 10/4/15
Thomson gemstones are not just like you may recommend it to requires extra knowledge to do that...for this contact your astrologer..he will guide to a right that you and your brother may get benefited from it...
Reply on 15/4/15
yeah Thomson...Jewelexi is right, in fact you may tell birth date of the person to whom you want to gift Ammonite gemstone...Jewelexi's expert will help you out and will suggest an apt gemstone for you...I have also tried this earlier and today wearing the vest gemstone according top my birth date.
Reply on 7/5/15
Hi Thomson, I have an easy and best option for your problem. You may ask your question to Jewelexi at Ask Mittens page. Here you may post your query at free of cost. Their astrologers will reply you soon. So, try it, it will really work.
Reply on 30/5/15
I have been using Ammonite stone from past one year & it actually helped me to draws off all negative energies & releasing them as fresh, positive, loving life force energies. It also often recommended to put in the home to attract health, prosperity and success. Would recommend this talisman .
Reply on 11/7/15
Thank you diana your review really helped me so much.
Reply on 28/12/15
Hi my birthday is 7-11-1984 .
My husband birthday is 19-11-1984.
Can we buy Ammonite stone ourself.thanks pls suggest
Reply on 1/2/18
Hi my birthday is 7-11-1984 .
My husband birthday is 19-11-1984.
Can we buy Ammonite stone ourself.thanks pls suggest
Reply on 1/2/18

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