Ammonite The Unbelievably Beautiful Fossil and Gem

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  • Updated On Mar 20, 2020
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Ammonite The Unbelievably Beautiful Fossil and Gem

Nature has bestowed many beautiful gifts to mankind. And, undoubtedly, precious stones, exotic stones belong to this huge store of gifts. Ammonite is an unbelievably beautiful fossil and gem that has always impressed humans with its amazing beauty and attraction.

gemstone ammonite

What are Ammonites?

Ammonites were marine cephalopod molluscs which used to live inside shells. These shells were actually chambered shells. The ammonites existed in wide variety and kinds. The pyritized ammonite display golden colour and contains Iron Sulphide and the mineral pyrite in it.


The interesting fact about these marine creatures was that they used to impel air inside the chambers of their shells. This helped them to float at various levels in water. This superb quality did not only help them to get food but also helped them in protecting themselves from any danger.

Ammonites are highly valued because they are opalized fossils. These special creatures existed approximately 400 million years ago. Today, you may come across ammonite fossils for sale online too. The ammonite jewellery does not only look beautiful but it is also valued for the obvious fact that it is made of ‘ammonite’ which is so rare, so precious and of course, so charming.


Where Does Ammonite Derive its Name?

If you are wondering as from where did these cephalopods derived their name, then let us tell you that their name is inspired by Ammon, the Egyptian God. This Egyptian God has been shown with ram horns coming out of His head. The twisted shells of ammonite looked like those horns and hence were given the name of Ammonite. These fossils also had use in the conventional remedies. It was believed to relieve the labour pains. The twisted pattern was believed to provide inspiration for breathing.   

ammonite earrings

Associated Legends with Ammonite

If you explore history, you will discover that the ammonite fossils were featured with miraculous powers and capabilities in many legends around the world. For instance, one of the Greek legends indicates that keeping ammonite fossil jewellery or ammonite stone under the pillow would help in the treatment of insomnia. It was also believed that the stone helps induce good dreams. On the other hand, the Romans used to believe that this curled fossil would induce visionary dreams in humans.

ammonite rings

Ammonite – The Stone of Protection

The ammonite stone is linked to the root chakra and is believed to provide protection to its wearer. The stone is also helpful for seeing the complete picture of any issue and it also provides a vision for the same. The wearers of this stone can clearly observe steadiness in them.

ammonite gemstone jewelry

Healing Properties of Ammonite

This stone acts as a great healing support for our Mother Earth. The curled and twisted design of this fossil stone represents recurrent change and development. This beautiful stone helps kindle “Chi” which is the life force or life energy. The reason behind is that this fossil has absorbed the intergalactic energy for millions of years. The stone is also believed to be very helpful in stimulating the various energies related to various life tracks.

One of the important characteristics for which ammonite is loved and respected is that it is believed to act as a filter for negativity. The stone attracts and captures all negative waves and transforms them into positive vibrations. Thus, it helps in scattering positivity within its aura. In many cultures, the ammonite stone is often used in homes as it is believed to attract good health, affluence and accomplishments.

This attractive fossil stone is also recommended by therapists to those who wish to increase their strength and liveliness. The stone is also believed to sort out problems related to lungs, blood pressure and ears. The therapists also believe that it is a wonderful stone to combat depression as it absorbs all the immensity of depression and let the person feel light, calm and relaxed.

ammonite gemstone jewelry

Significance of Ammonite in Feng Shui

The ammonite has got high value and respect in Feng Shui too. The Feng Sui experts believe that this stone is connected with the balances of Chi Lin. Hence, the stone is highly respected as the stone of richness and splendour which are the qualities of Chi Lin, the legendary character. 

significance of ammonite in feng shui

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