Ammonite, a Stone of Wealth

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  • Posted: Friday, August 26, 2016
Ammonite, a Stone of Wealth

Ammonite, a strong earth healing fossil is one of the most popular collectibles that is loved by not only the wearer but healers too. This charm is highly in demand and too sought out which is usually spiral in shape. The motif of this fascinating crystal will tell its story of continual evolution and change.

Ammonite, a charm of fortification, emerges like that of the magical treasure in the oceans. Stated as an extraordinary thought of the Mother Nature, Ammonite tends to offer a clear sight so that the owner may get to know about his zoomed image along with the world around.

Ammonite appears to be vibrant in hue it bestows the calmness to its carrier. It too motivates the survival instincts of its holder as it is linked with the Root Chakra.

Where is Ammonite found?

Traditionally, Ammonite is whispered to be found in mostly all the continents. Widely the main destinations where this fossil is set up are Alberta in Canada and Madagascar including the continents of India. These are picked out of the sea bed that are deep and are too drawn out along with the marine rocks.

Ammonite Color

The color powers of this fossil support in the conversion of the powers that assists the owner to receive the love and prosperity. The color tints of this crystal fossil contribute in activating the Third Eye Chakra along with the Brow Chakra. It too appears in yellow, orange, yellowish golden, shiny tints of golden colors, reddish orange, red and brown.

Ammonite, not a Birthstone

Ammonite is not associated with any month as it is not specifically a perfect birthstone for any particular one. So, everyone may get benefitted from its powers and properties.

Ammonite, the Best Zodiac Stone

Ammonite is favorable for the beings that fall under these tow zodiac signs, Cancer and Aquarius.

Benefits of Ammonite Gemstone

Basically, Ammonite is considered to cart the spirit of the personal growth and change. It is associated with the Root Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. It is a grounding fossil that spark alertly and bolsters the owner to motivate the unknown.

The pregnant ladies may carry this fossil crystal as it ease in baby delivering process and make the person relaxed. It is known as a wealth charm which acts as a lucky friend for its holder to attract the prosperity towards him.

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