Want Stability In Life ? Give A Try To Ammonite

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Want Stability In Life ? Give A Try To Ammonite


Ammonite, a fossil stone with grounding virtues has such perfect internal anatomy of order that it is difficult to find any other nature’s fossil which resonates with the human psyche like this. Ammonite has the propensity to absorb cosmic energy and spread it as clam and stability over the person who is wearing it. It emerges like a magic treasure in an ocean. It is so vibrant in color and the spirals on it are so flawless to believe in easily. The ammonite tends to provide an insight into the whole image of self along with the environing universe. It is the most sought-after fossil stone. The healing properties of ammonite stabilize you on all physical, emotional as well as emotional grounds. 
Physical healing properties of ammonite: Ammonite helps in achieving flawless ideal health. In older times it was used as talismans to increase life span, emotional well-being and eliminate all that which is not good for body and mind. It was used as a protective object for the good health of the people. Ammonite is recommended best to do away with fatigue. It promotes the absorption of minerals as well as helps in purifying and restricting the body system. It also assists infertility, pregnancy, and parturition in the wearer. It allies with the moon and is therefore said to rule breasts, womb, abdomen and above all of it, the digestive system. Ammonite is suggested to cure the issues related to legs, bones, joints, teeth skin and hair. If you are not at ease because of some pain, swelling, inflammation or cramp in the body, the loose ammonite stone can help. It is moreover considered beneficial for the balance of body heat, lubrication of joints, restoring cellular fluids as well as maintaining the electrolyte balance. 
Emotional healing properties of ammonite: Ammonite as a healer soothes up the emotional body. Since ages, it has been believed to change the negative energy into positive energy. It assists in controlling emotions and in maintaining high energy. It stimulates your gut power and instills the power in you. It quietly aids in bringing the suppressed emotions to the surface. It helps in dispelling the illusion and think in a clear state of mind. It shadows the narrow mindedness of a person and increases the self-confidence to the next level.
Spiritual healing properties of ammonite: Ammonite caries the tendency which helps the wearer to dedicatedly walk the spiritual path. It manifests the highest aspect of mind and attunes to the spirit. It is a multi-dimensional fossil gem which also helps the wearer to know about the past life meditations. It awakens the individual to the purity and perfection of the cosmos as well as heighten their intuitive power.
Ammonite balances chakra: Ammonite brings stability in individuals’ life by balancing the root chakra. The root chakra holds the energy for kinaesthetic feelings and therefor balancing this chakra is like taking a step forward towards the change which brings in the difference at all levels simultaneously. It is a source of physical and pious energy. Simply, it is a stone of strength and toughness.
It is said ammonite also activates the third eye chakra. It increases awareness of the environment around, balances the thoughts, internal communication and helps in keeping life vivacious and healthy.

Interesting facts about ammonite: 

Do you know when ammonite first appeared? It first appeared roughly 240 million years ago. In older times, due to the spiritual appearance, ammonite was believed to come from the head of dragons. It was often used for magical projections and is believed to bring good luck and general prosperity to the wearer’s life. It was also termed as snake stone as previously it was used to protect the person from the snakebites. 
Ammonite is considered to be a very dominant earth curative fossil. Actually, they used to exist in the periods of Cretaceous and Jurassic. It holds the power to stimulate the life forces of a person. 
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