Abalone - Meaning, Properties, Color, Power & Facts

A shell of charismatic colors which slot in the beauty of the sea is none other than an Abalone shell. Known to be a scale of living animal it is deep-rooted in the vitality of the ocean along with the power of the living creature. It likewise has a strong connection with nature and mother earth, so healing properties of Abalone comes from nature including earth. It is also linked with the heartiness of the water, which helps the holder to carry the gentleness and beauty of the sea. By providing stillness in the emotions, it further holds love along with the compassion for the people around.

Abalone for the countless ages is believed to carry the spiritual oomph with it. Traditionally known to be the ears of the beautiful ocean, it is used for offering prayers to the divine. On an innate echelon, it facilitates to excite the psychic growth along with the intuition whilst promoting the supremacy of imagination. It likewise has a soothing pulsation which rallies around to unruffled the emotions during deep healing, on the other hand, it is too believed to sensitively prop up the augmentation of the Self. Acknowledged as a gift of the sea to the living soul, it is predisposed to create the direct nexus with the spirit. It is too known to provide corrective reinforcement to the emotional being.

Identified to belong from a mollusk family, it is fairly cozy to clutch as it vibes out the soothing energy to its holder. It is known to deal fruitfully with stressful situations of its carrier, it furthermore helps in eradicating the feeling of anxiety. Physically, it aids to cure joint problems, muscular issues, heart troubles as well as the digestive system. Famous in Mexico, it is gorgeous to use as a jewelry piece. Normally known as a Mother of Pearl, it has striking gleaming colors and markings all over its coverage. Traditionally, it is used in the practice of Feng Shui; In fact, as a great water element, it is used as a Smudging bowl to burn astuteness. The muted multihued colors of this splendid shell tend to augment the feelings of Concord, loveliness, concern moreover love. Carrying Abalone Shell Jewelry helps the wearer in solving the tough emotional issues he is facing. It is too known to pacify the nerves furthermore heartens a calm deportment. It too helps to softly open the psychic and instinctive relationships with the surrounding world. It is further known to be an admirable companion when requiring direction in kinships. It is too believed to develop the power of communication, collaboration, vow and concession in the holder, which further leads to accord and poise. Abalone Shell historically also known to improve expression, in actions along with the words the wearer speaks. It moreover permits the carrier to comprehend the issues faced by others. It lets the holder’s beauty through his heart in the aura he carries. It is best for the holder if going through the upsetting experiences of the life. 

Where Is Abalone Gemstone Found?

Abalones are generally found in the coastal areas of countries, like China, South America, and Japan. However, in present times they are mostly found in California, New Zealand, and Australia.

The abalone shells which are found in Australia and New Zealand are more often referred to as Paua shell.

Healing Properties Of Abalone

The healing properties of Abalone known to tone up the immune system of the wearer, apart from this it also energizes the physical structure and assists in the assimilation of proteins. It is known to profit the athletes, as it boosts up their potency, as well as stamina. It is a shell which comes from the family who are acknowledged to offer calm, imagination and adore to their holders. It is too purported to deal effectively with a stressful poignant situation which wearer is facing. The soothing vibes of this water shell, to appease the holders distressed mental state. Holding this charming shell can clean the surrounding aura by filling love and kindness all around. It is further believed to enhance mutual aid in the emotions of its wearer. It has a propensity to provokes the intuitive sense by inspiring the psychic maturity along with the perception in the carriers life. It is also said to endorse imagination in a congenial manner. Folklore says, that its whitish background helps the wearer to imbibe the white color energies in their life which help to move ahead in their life phases smoothly.

  1. Physical Healing of Abalone

For centuries, this magnificent water shell is used to cure the physical troubles of the beings. It is known to handle the heart, muscles, as well as joints problems effectively. It has given a title of a valuable gemstone for the great curative properties it carries along. The lining of this shell covering ranges from white to varied colors which too holds different energies and help to mend the problems wearer is facing physically. It further holds the properties which help the carrier to get over his strains along with his muscle spasms. It is too known to be beneficial for nerves and on the other hand help to stimulate the reflex action. It is intended to promote the immune system by removing toxins from the torso of the wearer. It is believed to assist with the digestive system, bowel disorders, gastritis, and constipation. It's soothing energies to cure the skin problems furthermore allergic rashes. By raising the mental function, it likewise serves to perk up the analytical abilities of the wearer. It is effective on hollow organs of the body like it helps to treat uterus and intestine troubles as well. Believed to be supportive for the heart, it fortifies the cardiac muscle moreover ends emotional dissonance that averts reception of love.

  1. Emotional Healing of Abalone

Abalone is believed to carry the emotional healing properties of the pearl, as it is too extracted from the bed of the ocean. Water is known to provide stillness to the warring heart; it also brings in the feelings of well-being furthermore relaxation. It is effective on the senses; it has a great power to arouse all the body senses of its holder. Wearing this gorgeous gemstone makes the wearer feel happy, peacefulness and love. Abalone assists the wearer to feel the beauty of the life which divinity has gifted. Traditionally, it is believed to attract good fortune and is considered as a lucky talisman for it often magnets the prosperity in living life. It is considered best to handle alarming emotions. It is believed that if it is kept near it will bring some good omen and help to remove all the burdensome feelings from life. It tends to bring a sense of joy, fun long with humor. It has a securing, invigorating and sensitively harmonizing upshot on the wearer’s life. It swiftly helps out the wearer to drive away the negative vigor from the nearby aura. It props up the easy flow of feelings furthermore sensitivities to others. It fetches the harmony in kinships. It is acknowledged to be allied with skin, predominantly with motherliness.

  1. Spiritual Healing of Abalone

Abalone Shell is known to heighten the wakefulness of the self. It too helps the wearing individual to encourage deliberation of his life experiences that contribute to spiritual augmentation furthermore inner steadiness. Habitually, this beautiful shell is known to cater to the varied colors in life like purity, harmony, as well as a virtue. It is known to carry the innate powers of the Mother Nature. Its magnificent colors reflect the sun's light on the holder’s living life. Its natural colors manifest the wearer’s life with spiritualism. This shell as a talisman helps to unfold the spiritual universe to the holder.  It too serves to realize the spiritual knowledge which in spell helps to implement it to life.

  1. Heals and Balances Chakra of Abalone

Abalone Shell is a powerful gemstone to unfold as well as trigger the Solar Plexus Chakra (Second Chakra), Heart Chakra in company with the Throat Chakra. It permits the holder to transmit the knowledge of the heart to others. It furthermore lets the clear communication of the holder with the external universe. By allowing the wearer to seek his inner self, it helps to naturally use his inner wisdom. Being the natural endowment of nature, it by activating the heart chakra helps the holder to speak the language of his heart and mind. It too supports the wearer to articulate his opinions in a profound manner. By resonating within the throat chakra, it facilitates the carrier to express his emotions clearly and let the public know what he thinks moreover what his beliefs are. It contributes to the easygoing flow of vitality within the torso and spirit.

It is as well known to adjust the heart chakra which is the complete spell of life serves to ease the emotional setbacks by providing potency and poise. This shell further augments the faculty to love. The activated heart chakra of the torso helps the wearer to regulate his clear interaction with the external world. It too gives the power to manipulate and extract out the embraced emotions. This will further assist to pull in the congenial kinships and friendly relations with the people around. It overly helps to accept the changes in lifespan.

It is also acknowledged to trigger the Solar Plexus Chakra which helps the wearer to search for the self.  It helps the holder to see and judge his personal power in order to make him responsible, and reliable. This chakra is known as a center of the self-esteem which helps the holder to run a disciplined life. It will further direct the carrier to react to the life stressful circumstances in a positive way. 


Abalone Gemstone Facts

Some facts about the Abalone shell:

  1. The colors that the abalone shell displays depends on the food that the mollusk eats. The beautiful effects on the abalone shells are also determined by the water current and the temperature of the water.
  2. The inner lining of the shell is made up of nacre, which is the same element from which pearls are made of. The lining exhibits the colorful swirls and spirals shaded with colors, like pink, indigo, green, blue, etc. The gleam and appeal of these colors on  abalone make this gemstone impeccable for jewelry  and other embellishments.
  3. The abalone shells are so diverse in nature that none of the shells exhibits the same pattern or design.
  4. Abalone also produces pearls similar to that of oysters, but they are hard and rare to find because even a slight injury to the abalone leads it to death.

Metaphysical Properties Of Abalone

Shells are made up of calcium carbonate, and so is abalone. Abalones are originally large sea snails that are embellished with beautiful shells that are used as gemstones and decorative materials. The Abalone shells have a spiral structure, the inner layer of which comprises of nacre or “Mother-of-Pearls”. The shells are very firm in structure, and they have a lustrous and rainbow-like glistening interior. The outer edge of the shells has tiny respiratory pores, which indeed adds to the charm of these shells.

By holding a piece of Abalone shell in hand, it is believed that a person fills with the feeling of placidity, care, enchantment, love, solace, peace, and splendor.

Abalone In News

Abalone Color

Abalones are usually blue, green, indigo, pink or yellow in color, but there are some Abalones, which are a mix of these colors. The mixed-color effect of the Abalone shells soothes the eyes and comforts the mind to a great extent. It generally epitomizes the panorama and vastness of the ocean from where these shells are originally from.

Abalone Colors

  • CleavageNone
  • Other NamesEar Shells,Sea Ears,Muttonfish,Muttonshells, ormer,perlemoen,paua
  • Crystal Habit
  • Streak
  • Refractive Index1.53-1.685
  • DiaphaneityTranslucent-Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)3.5
  • SourcesChina, South America, Japan,California, New Zealand, and Australia.
  • Chemical formulaCaCO3 with H2O and other organic materials
  • LustreGreasy
  • ColorGray, Pink,Purple
  • Chakra HealingSolar Plexus Chakra
  • BirthstoneFebruary
  • Zodiaccancer
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