Why It Says Keeping Abalone Could be Your Luck Charm?

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Aug 27, 2021
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Why It Says Keeping Abalone Could be Your Luck Charm?

If you are a fan of expensive and unique looking jewelry, you must have definitely heard about abalone jewelry. However, for those who do not have any idea about what abalone is, let us tell you that Abalone is actually a kind of mollusk. As they are ear-shaped shells, they are popularly known as the ears of the ocean. Abalone has been in use as the item of adornments since ancient times. Today, abalone jewelry, especially abalone silver jewelry has become quite popular because of its unique look and the healing properties associated with abalone.

Abalone Healing Properties

Abalone is considered as a great source for various types of healing properties. We have listed some of the most important healing properties of Abalone below. Just check them right away!

Abalone invites good luck in your life – Let us begin with the most significant healing property of abalone, that is, the ability to invite a lot of good luck in your life. Yes! It’s true! Wearers or users of Abalone benefit from this amazing property wherein they can use this shell both at their workplace or at home. Be it your career or personal life, abalone will attract good luck in them. If your efforts and strategies are not helping you achieve your dream goals and you feel that something lacks in them, you ought to use abalone to bring luck and a good time in your life.


Gives you protection – It is widely considered that abalone provides a certain intangible protection shield or armor to its wearer. This shield helps the wearer to stay guarded against various negative thoughts, negative attacks or other sorts of negative vibrations. Also, this shield of abalone is said to provide a beautiful calming feeling. You can simply hold an abalone item in your hands and focus for a few seconds. You will experience a beautiful feeling that washes away all your stress and negativity.

Helps you gain the required balance in emotions – Use abalone and you will observe yourself that you start gaining emotional balance with time. It will help you control your negative emotions also and will make you feel more cleanse. It also helps you achieve the perfect balance between strength and tranquility.

Helps enhance your relationships – If you are facing a tough situation in any sort of relationship, abalone can help you out. It gives you the strength as well as the courage to combat the complicated situations in a relationship so that you can move on smoothly without experiencing any stagnancy.  

Helps improve inner awareness – One of the important Abalone healing properties is that it helps its user or wearer to extend the inner consciousness, which can be very beneficial if you’re having relationship issues. It lets you understand things in a more significant manner.

Benefits of Abalone Jewelry


When it comes to the benefits of abalone, you will be surprised to know that there are plenty of benefits of the same. The abalone jewelry does not only help you enhance your outer beauty but it also beautifies you from within. Not only this, when you use this beautiful shell, you start looking at life with a new perspective as abalone helps you say goodbye to all of your negative thoughts and emotions. It also helps your mind to become stronger by letting you overcome different types of fears as well as weaknesses. The benefits of abalone are not a new thing to know about. The shell was in use even in the most ancient cultures. For example, in the Native American cultures, the shell was believed to convey messages to heaven. The shell is still used in the Apache culture for celebrating and marking the womanhood beginning stage in any girl’s life. The most important fact about this lovely treasure of nature is that when it is with you, it never lets you feel lonely or depressed. You always feel happy and accompanied by calming energy when you have your lucky charm, abalone, with you.  

Abalone Silver Jewelry

If you want to take advantage of all the healing properties associated with abalone, you can simply buy authentic and beautiful abalone silver jewelry online. This jewelry looks exceptionally charming and unique. Moreover, as mentioned above, you get to enjoy so many beautiful, useful and important advantages associated with these ‘Ears of Ocean’, that is, the Abalone!

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