Things You Need To Know About Abalone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 12, 2021
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Things You Need To Know About Abalone

Abalone is the name that is commonly used for any group of very large to small sea snails, gastropod mollusks of marine which exist in the family of Haliotidae. Abalones are the snails of the marine. Abalone shells have a spiral structure which are open and are also characterized by various open respiratory pores that are aligned in a row and are near the outer edge of the shell. The shell's inner layer is quite thick and is made of nacre, which is generally known as the mother of pearl. This results in a variety of intense and changeable colors, therefore making the shells attractive in terms of jewelry and decorative objects. It is also used in musical instruments and furniture.

Australia and New Zealand are the two places where the abalone pearl jewelry pieces are quite famous. Unlike the Akoya pearls, Tahitian cultured pearls, and Oriental natural, abalone pearls cannot be judged based on their roundness. Abalone's inner shells contain intense colors that range from peacock green and dark cobalt blue to purples, pinks, and creams. Therefore, each natural or cultured pearl shows its unique colors. The abalone shells are used occasionally in smudging ceremonies also.

The healing properties of Abalone today are quite similar to the shell's ancient beliefs. Abalone healing provides energies of emotional balance and protection. Abalone brings natural shielding powers that bless the wearer with tranquility. It heals those who undergo emotional turmoil or for those who have been facing challenging situations in their relationship. Abalone, through its energy, provides a protective layer to the wearer and builds up their confidence so that they can view all circumstances and conditions from a higher understanding perspective. Being the representative of water, Abalone helps one to equalize the emotional strife.

The properties of Abalone enable the wearer to connect with their own highest chakras. The third eye, crown, and heart chakras are the primary chakras of Abalone. It also builds intuitive qualities such as clarity in the situations, imagination, and sensitivity in the wearer. During the cleansing rituals, holding Abalone makes one feel the purity in them. Abalone consists of divine energy, which clears one's spirit and also uses its highest chakras. Abalone enables the wearer to purify themselves, get rid of the negative thoughts and energies in them, and also from the negative energies prevailing around them.

Abalone has high nutrition and is also a very good source of iodine, protein, and omega3 fatty acids. It provides a wide variety of essential minerals and vitamins and is also extremely low in terms of fat. Apart from the nutritional benefits, Abalone stone has several health benefits which are mentioned below:



  1. It reduces the risk related to heart diseases.
  2. It also enables one to prevent cancer.
  3. It boosts the immune system of the wearer and thus helps them to be away from the diseases.
  4. It enhances the functioning of the thyroid gland. It prevents the liver from any damage.
  5. It helps in reducing and preventing joint pain.
  6. It improves the density of bone.
  7. It supports the body's metabolic functions and helps one to manage their weight.

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