Exciting Gemstone Jewelry That Suitable All Types Of Mood In 2022

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  • Updated On Feb 1, 2022
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Exciting Gemstone Jewelry That Suitable All Types Of Mood In 2022

“Trends come and go. But only a few last long enough to be remembered forever!”

2021 was a year that had us awestruck for reasons more than one. But mostly, it was those astounding jewelry trends that left us at a loss of words. Be it that spectacular fall trend of wearing big, statement pieces or the summer “minimalistic” chic fashion - the past year has level upped our expectations from the dazzling world of jewels and gems! But now, it’s 2022. And just like us, you must be wondering what “new” does this New Year has in store for jewelry trends, isn’t it? Guess no more, for we have already figured it out for you! Stay tuned and read the article as we unfold some of the craziest jewelry and gemstone collections that are expected to be ruling 2022.

But first, let’s add the speck of fortune to your New Year - check out the list of best gemstones for 2022:

Top 3 Precious Stones of 2022 to Help You Fit The Overall Mood of The Year:

1.    Amethyst for Reevaluation

To reevaluate is to introspect. In every stage of life, to allow something great to happen, we first need to introspect within ourselves and eradicate anything that hinders our growth. And 2022 is going to be the year where you may need to practice a lot of it. So stock up on some lilac Amethyst jewelry to manifest the process. Predicted to be amongst the top gemstones for 2022, a piece of amethyst will also help you in;
  1. Enhancing the immune system
  2. Sleeping better
  3. Balancing your Crown Chakra

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2.    Citrine for New Beginnings

2022 is going to be the year for new beginnings. It’s going to be the year where you may finally want to ditch the past and move ahead for greater things. And to kickstart this journey of freshness in life, one of the most effective crystals for new beginning - Citrine - will be your godsend. This yellow gemstone will ignite a striking inspiration and motivate you to let go for the good. Citrine also aids;
  1. In improved digestion
  2. In conditions like depression and phobias
  3. In balancing the Sacral Chakra

3.    Malachite for Healing

With new Covid-19 variants upspringing every other day, forecasts predict that in 2022, you’ll need to heal yourself more than ever. So leave no room for any physical, mental, or spiritual vulnerability. But the question is - how? Well, Malachite is your answer! This lush green stone will help you ward off illnesses and infections, keeping you fit as a fiddle. For mental and emotional healing too, Malachite works wonders as it;
  1. Soothes dreadful past emotional traumas
  2. Helps in meditating better
  3. Heals the Heart Chakra

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Gemstone Jewelry Trends for 2022 And Tips On How To Team Them With Your Outfit:

2022 might only have begun, but this season’s jewelry trends will definitely last for a long, long time to come. Here are some of our curated favorites:

1. Flower motifs are going to steal the spotlight this year!

Colorful gemstone jewelry fabricated meticulously in blushing flower motifs? Why not! The season of 2022 is going to see a lot of graceful jewelry pieces designed in the backdrop of heart-warming floral prints. Trust us, from studs to necklaces - the flower motif will manifest every single piece out there!

Pair it with - a lavish side-slit dress to achieve the perfect date night look. 

2. Customized jewels are here to stay in 2022 too

Personalized jewelry is a cult favorite that slowly crept into mainstream popularity from the last decade or so. And since it’s been here for so long, we believe it’s going to be around for a while more. So ladies, start making your pick!

Pair it with - satin shirt and trousers for that formal look with a chic twist.

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3. Make space for some rainbow-hued Chakra jewelry already

Because birthstones for every month are significantly rising in popularity, trends show that the year 2022 is going to be kind to one of its close kins - the Chakra jewelry fashion. Bedecked with the power of 7 gemstones for the seven Chakras of our body, this multi-colored gemstone jewelry will be the new face of fashion in 2022. 

Pair it with - a maxi dress or a tunic for that hippie, fun look.

4. Elegance will reign with bespoke pendants

If there’s a piece of ornament that has always been loved by the jewelry aficionados, that’s perhaps a dangling piece of pendant. Make that bespoke and matched with one’s initials and boom - that’s a statement jewelry piece right there. And well, this year is going to be full of it!

Pair it with - white shirt and black denim for a lazy, casual look. 

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5. 90s pop culture will revive with large, extravagant chokers

Back with a literal bang - the era of chunky chokers will come back and take the fashion world in full swing in 2021. Colorful, bright, and grand - these chokers will revamp the current fashion rules. 

Pair it with - crop top and palazzo for the quintessential 90s teenage look

2022 - The Year of Reevaluation, Healing, Fresh Beginnings… and Style!

Now that you know what the upcoming year is going to be like, do yourself a favor - prepare for it with the suggested 925 sterling silver gemstone jewelry. And in case you’re wondering where to shop from, head to Gemexi - the ultimate wholesale gemstone jewelry seller and satiate your hunger. 

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