Crystals & Covid-19: Stones for Instant Pandemic Stress Relief

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Feb 1, 2022
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Crystals & Covid-19: Stones for Instant Pandemic Stress Relief

 No one had ever imagined that one day the world will experience a virus that will change our worlds upside down! Covid-19 changed the whole scenario and everyone got shocked and disappointed when pandemic spread all across the globe. While we are still gathering our strength and dealing with several variants of this virus every now and then, we should always remember that there was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunlight or hope! Stay positive and gather positivity from wherever you can! Now that being said, let us tell you that natural crystals have always helped us in many ways. Even during the corona times, these crystals are providing help to millions across the world. Be it the physical illnesses, mental traumas, social troubles or something else, these crystals are offering help in multiple ways. You too can benefit from these natural crystals and gemstones as they are full of immense powers and capabilities. There are crystals that can save you from depression and there are crystals that can safeguard you from anxiety and stress. 

If you have been wondering what stones are good for depression or what crystal is good for stress, just take a look below and get ready to know about crystals for fighting stress, depression, and anxiety during the pandemic.

What Crystals are Good for Stress?



Whenever we talk about stones that help with stress, amethyst indeed tops the list! You will observe that this beautiful shimmering crystal is often recommended to those who find it quite tough to deal with stress and anxiety. Whether you are looking for best stones for anxiety, depression or stress, Amethyst will do its job well and will help you calm down and feel better. During the pandemic times of Corona and now recently, when Omicron is scaring all of us, Amethyst comes as a savior. It has the superb ability to calm us down. Removing the anxiety and depression, this crystal ensures that we stay protected from negative vibes around us. Apart from relieving stress, Amethyst also helps in the following:
  1. Blocks any negativity
  2. Enhances immunity power
  3. Cleanses our physical body systems
  4. Helps find relief from body ache
  5. Helps us sleep better
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Rose Quartz

The light pink colored and soothing Rose Quartz is also one of the best crystals for stress. It is especially a magical option for people who are facing depression. You must have read or heard many times that apart from the physical bodily ailments and troubles, the pandemic has instilled depression in most of us. It comes as no surprise because the Corona wave has hit almost each of us in one way or the other. While most of the people suffer from the Covid-19 virus, there are others who have lost their jobs, faced huge financial losses or have lost their loved ones. All this and much more has resulted in one thing called depression. With rose quartz at your side, you can keep depression at bay. Wear it or keep it with you and observe how calmness comes to you! The rose quartz crystal calms down your heart and is also an amazing crystal for meditation.


If you are looking for a stress relief stone that helps your control your appetite arising from tension and anxiety, Apatite is the right option. One of the commonly faced problems observed everywhere during pandemic is the weight gain. While we tried, tested and tasted various recipes, we ignored our weight gain factor. Moreover, many of us fell into the trap of stress eating also. Even at the present times, when we are locked down inside our homes, we are eating in stress most of the times. To keep such stress appetite away, you can find extreme help from Apatite which is widely known for suppressing and killing the stress hunger.

Blue lace agate 

Blue lace agate is an enchanting and attractive crystal found in lovely blue shade. It is counted among the crystals that help with depression and anxiety. It releases significant levels of relaxing vibes that helps us achieve peace and relaxation. One can also do mediation in a better way using the blue lace agate. 


Lepidolite is also one of the top stones that help with anxiety. Using this amazing crystal, one can combat depression and manage stress. It is even believed to instill lucid and chaos-free thinking procedure in its wearer. 

Black tourmaline 

Known as a wonderful grounding stone, the black tourmaline safeguards you from any sort of negative vibe and helps attain balance in emotions. Soothing your thoughts and helping you look at the world with a positive perspective, the black tourmaline is the crystal that can help you in many ways during stressful times. 

Stress stones relieve stress and help you stay calm. Choose one from the above list and find strength, energy, and positivity from these natural crystals that protect you from depression, anxiety, and stress during the pandemic wave of the corona.

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  • Randaal
    Aug 4, 2022, 7:08:01 AM

    Covid-19 almost had gone from the world. But the Monkey-pox is scaring everyone right now. Cases are increasing rapidly. This disease could be announced as a pandemic. For precaution, I have already ordered a Rose quartz ring for me and my family. This stone is believed to reduce stress.

  • Kethlina
    Dec 14, 2022, 9:10:38 AM

    I wore a Lepidolite ring which helps me with anxiety and stress.

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