Which Healing Crystals are the Best During COVID-19?

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Aug 16, 2022
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Which Healing Crystals are the Best During COVID-19?


The Covid-19 pandemic has unexpectedly hit the world and changed our lives and course of action forever. This horrifying situation has taught people the importance of keeping their immune systems high and taking care of themselves. Among many remedies to boost the immune system, using healing crystals is one of them. A lot of crystals are there to eliminate toxins from the body, release adverse effects from the environment, and improve the immune system. It is time to check out some of the best crystals out there to boost health and immunity.

Best Healing Crystals to Improve Immunity


Yellow Calcite:

When it comes to the list of crystals for Coronavirus, Yellow Calcite deserves to be there. This amazing crystal gently helps to take the user’s overall physical energy to the next level. Moreover, Yellow Calcite also enhances the strength and liveliness of the user.

Did you know Yellow Calcite acts as a brilliant energy cleanser for the body? The crystal leaves no stone unturned to ensure purification and elimination of toxins in both the aura and the environment of the user. That means Yellow Calcite can be considered as one of the ideal crystals for the immune system.

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What’s more? Yellow Calcite contributes to improving the user’s positive energies, which is essential for mind, body, and soul.

In addition, Yellow Calcite improves the metabolism as well as the immune system of the user. This crystal can be placed in the living room or any other room, where you spend the most of your time. Thus, you can leverage the power of Yellow Calcite for your mind, body, and soul.


Are you looking for the best crystal for immune system? Yes? Then, you can consider Amethyst to be one of the powerful options in this regard.

In short, Amethyst acts as a powerful protective stone as well as a healing crystal. When it comes to blocking adverse effects in the environment, Amethyst comes as a brilliant option due to its powerful cleansing capabilities.

In addition, Amethyst also contributes to boosting the immune system of the user. It implies Amethyst belongs to the list of crystals for health and immunity. This healing crystal can also cleanse the organs of the user.

Amethyst Rings  Amethyst Pendants  Amethyst Earrings

Are you suffering from insomnia and headaches? Then, you may consider trying the Amethyst crystal. Do you know Amethyst can act as an outstanding blood cleanser? It can also address psychological, emotional, and physiological pain. That means you can use Amethyst as one of the healing crystals for when you feel sick.

Where to place Amethyst to extract the maximum benefits out of this excellent healing crystal? The answer is the third eye chakra. Nonetheless, users can also place Amethyst at their bedside table.


Are you searching for one of the best crystals for healing sickness? Then, what about harnessing the power of Selenite? Whenever Selenite is kept on the affected body part of the user, it contributes to eliminating adverse effects.

Moreover, Selenite can also be programmed to cleanse the aura and keep all blockages at bay from physical, energy, and emotional level to heal the user’s mind, body, and soul. The Selenite crystal can also be placed in window sills to make the air inside the room filled with its energy.


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If you want to buy one of the best healing crystals for Coronavirus, Lepidolite can be an ideal option for you. Did you know Lepidolite acts as an excellent purification tool to keep the adverse effects at bay for the user? It is known as a calming stone, which helps to address sleep-related issues.

Moreover, when it comes to relieving depression, mood swings, or stress, Lepidolite acts as a powerful crystal. Lepidolite can be placed under the user’s pillow to acquire its maximum benefits.

Black Tourmaline:

When it comes to the healing crystals for COVID-19, Black Tourmaline is one of them. This powerful crystal leaves no stone unturned to boost the immune system of the user. Furthermore, Black Tourmaline also helps to balance the user’s right as well as left hemispheres of the brain. In addition, one can also leverage this crystal for body detoxification.

Moreover, Black Tourmaline addresses disorders associated with the lungs. In addition, it can help to protect, balance, and synchronize the Chakras. This crystal can also be used to combat electromagnetic stress. Do you want to retain positivity in your bedroom? Then, consider placing Black Tourmaline in all four corners of the room.


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Some other popular crystals for healing sickness include Fluorite, Ametrine, Pink Smithsonite, and Bloodstone.


Conclusion about the best healing Crystals During COVID-19

You are now familiar with top healing crystals to heal your mind, body, and soul. It is time to seek advice from an experienced healer and choose the best crystal for you. Do not forget to estimate your budget and have your requirements ready before opting for the most suitable healing crystal for you.

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