Everything You Need To Know About Star & Moon Jewelry

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  • Updated On Apr 22, 2022
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Everything You Need To Know About Star & Moon Jewelry

They say creativity is inspired by nature. When we stare at the night sky aglow with a blanket of stars and a silvery crescent moon, that undisturbed beauty takes our breath away. To invoke a similar enchanting image of the night sky in our jewelry, we came up with Star & Moon gemstone jewelry. Wearing Star and Moon Jewelry lights up the appearance like no other jewelry. Did you know? Star and Moon jewelry are as old as the Gregorian period. Since the victorian era, the emblem found its presence in mainstream fashion. Star & Moon gemstone jewelry is accredited with good fortune and prosperity. In this article, we’ll discuss anything and everything under the sun about the Star and Moon jewelry. Let’s go! But first, let’s start by delving deeper into the rich history of Star and Moon Jewelry.

Star & Moon Gemstone Jewelry - Its History, Symbolism, & Everything In Between:


The star and moon emblems were a part of mythologies across different cultures. Greeks worshipped Moon as a female goddess named Selene. In Roman mythology, Goddess Diana’s bow was represented by the Moon’s crescent shape. Interesting, no? The moon represents yin in Chinese philosophy. The symbols were thought to be representations of divine powers of gods by the people of southern Mesopotamia. Originally, astrological believers used to put on the star and moon jewelry.


The star and crescent moon are considered to be one of the oldest emblems. According to Greeks, star and moon jewelry embody female empowerment. It represents the feminine attribute of regeneration or fertility. It also delineates virtues and clarity. Chinese believed that the symbols depicted that opposites could coexist. People in the Victorian era used the Star and Moon necklace to express the Victorian era's deeply ingrained feelings.


The Moon and the Star symbolizes eternal love by undergoing various phases, from full to new, and vice versa. These stages correspond to the fostering levels of love. For a long time, stars were relied upon to show directions. As a trinket, stars are the embodiment of the light. Star & Moon jewelry represents optimism, good luck, eternal connections, and mysterious abilities.

star with moon natural tiger's eye onyx kyanite silver pendant    925 silver star with moon natural pink thulite apatite pendant    Star with moon tiger's eye rhodochrosite inca rose 925 silver pendant    

Star & Moon Jewelry Collection - 5 Star & Moon Jewelry Pieces For Every Occasion:

  1. Star And Moon Earrings Wholesale For Mocktail Parties:

With trends going in and out of the mainstream, we need to avoid making faux pas at parties that too in terms of accessories. Star and moon earrings are your safe bet! Be a head-turner at Mocktail parties with emblematic earrings.


  1. Wholesale Star And Moon Pendants For Casual Meetups:

Choosing a pendant that's not very basic and not too bold is quite a task. For casual meetings with friends, you need something that adds just the right amount of easy-going vibe. Opt for Star and Moon pendants for the right kind of casual look.


  1. Star And Moon Wristlets for All-Girls Date:

We girls play with our hair and pose a million times with our hands pointing here and there on date nights. Donning an elegant wristlet is the ultimate ingredient to complete your look for an all-girls date night.


  1. Wholesale Star And Moon Rings For Celebrating Friendship:

Everything these days are dedicated to romantic relationships so much so that platonic relationships are almost underrated. So, we have a solution. Star and Moon ring wholesale is just what you and your platonic friends need on friendship day!


  1. Star and Moon Anklets For anywhere, everywhere:

Anklets have always been woman’s favorite but we tend to forget about them in hurry. So, if you’ve been wanting to go out with anklets, here’s your reminder: now is the time to flaunt your anklets.

star moon natural blue lapis lazuli malachite silver necklace    925 sterling silver  star moon natural brown tiger's eye necklace    star moon natural pink thulite lapis lazuli 925 silver necklace

Star & Moon Gemstone Jewelry - Best Gemstones That Go With Star & Moon Jewelry Designs:

  1. Star & Moon in Larimar -

Larimar is a healing crystal that boosts creativity. The metaphysical properties of Larimar include regulating Throat, Crown, and Third Eye Chakra. It promotes peace and comfortable silence. This ocean-blue-colored gemstone should be paired with golden Star and Moon jewelry.


  1. Star & Moon in Sapphire -

Sapphire is regarded as the ‘stone of prosperity. As a wholesale healing gemstone destresses the mind and synchronizes the emotions to keep the person at peace. The most favorable attribute of Sapphire is that it comes in different hues. Play with colors with the sapphire studded star & moon pendants.


  1. Star & Moon in Lapiz Lazuli -

A popular healing crystal with an attractive deep blue shade, Lapis Lazuli or Lapis is a right match for Star and Moon emblem. It promotes compassion and kindness in the wearer’s mind and keeps the
immunity levels high. So, heal in style with Star and Moon gemstone jewelry!

moon natural sponge coral lapis lazuli 925 silver ring    moon pink rhodochrosite inca rose tiger eye silver ring    star with moon pink thulite lapis lazuli silver ring

3 Tips On How To Ace Your Look With Wholesale Star & Moon Jewelry:

  1. Everyday Fine Jewelry:

First things first, opt for thin and chic gold pleated jewelry as star and moon pendants, rings, and bangles to achieve a basic everyday look with a dash of glam.


  1. Elegant Jewelry:

Do you know the spelling of elegance? It’s P-E-A-R-L. We kid you not. Nothing spells elegance like pearl Jewelry. So, add unparalleled glitz and glamour by mixing pearl to the star & moon insignia.


  1. Minimalist Jewelry:

The mantra of “less is more” is at its peak in the fashion universe. Ditch the traditional layering of jewelry and rely upon a single piece of Star and Moon pendant to notch up your look. 

The most treasured Jewelry of all times, Star and Moon trinkets are show stoppers. Let them expand your arsenal of jewelry because the outcome is a splendid, prosperous, and beautiful life- both mentally and physically. We are sure you’ve found good reasons to pick it up on reading the blog.


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  • Canon
    Jul 28, 2022, 5:23:20 AM

    I can wear moonstones and star gemstones every day. I have one anklet of moonstone larimar. It gives me positive vibes.

  • Perina
    Nov 25, 2022, 11:37:50 AM

    I have a moon-shaped Sapphire ring and it goes perfectly with the outfit.

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