9 Must-Have Turkish Jewelry for Noticeable Wedding Look

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  • Posted: Tuesday, September 8, 2015
9 Must-Have Turkish Jewelry for Noticeable Wedding Look

Let it be Turkish, Victorian, Boho or Edwardian, every art of jewel is a child of its relevant parent era or epoch. Today, let’s bring in light, the kin backdrop of the art of Turkish Jewelry.  

Allegory of Turkish Mode Jewelry

Ottoman Empire, synonym of Turkish realm, is acknowledged for the Turkish style Jewelry. Since 16th century, Ottoman jewelry is holding its throne forming its team with precious stones and jewel metals. Jewelry and artifacts that are fluent by the art of Turkish motif are alleged to be the part of antiquity.

Gaudy in hue, the jewelry with the Turkish theme looks opulent and loud at a glimpse. There is no pertinent trend for donning these era jewels as these are taken to be “all-moment” jewelry. We may carry these Ottoman pieces to every occasion be it any get-together, wedding, fest or any meet.

The artists employ distinctive metal to fabulously craft their dramatic jewelry, but in the designing tale of the Ottoman jewelry, the same metal always leads the role. Moreover, in-spite of following the strict symmetry, the metal and gemstones that are used for adorning these jewels holds more eminence.

turkish earrings

Jewelry in Turkish Motifs

Traditionally, the designs of the ottoman jewelry expose the natural motifs which may make us think of the taste in trend. With the increasing number of mines, during the Empire expansion, the production of the Turkish jewels too improved. Let’s listen to jewels speaking out the story of Turkish Pattern.



Among the renowned Sultans and women of that age, the adornment of the Turkish aigrettes was all the rage. These being an icon of the power was shaped and formed accordingly.  It’s too whispered that these were too gifted as awards or presents to the common crowd. During that era, well embellished aigrettes too raised the opulent gape of horses’ heads while they were taken to attend the equestrian ceremonies. The drop and floral motifs carved on these pieces became an appealing spot along with the engraved precious and dazzling gems.


Head Pieces

Later, the hair decorative stuffs, especially pins were also gaining the fame as a part of women’s Ottoman head accessories.

head pieces

Brooch Pins

Bedecked splendidly, these pins were too stuck on the Turkish brooches that were hanged on the outfits.

Two of these, typical pins from Ottoman, Zenberekli and Titrek, were in fashion which were known to dangle each body move.

The general patterns that were generally carved on Turkish jewels were bird, butterfly, bouquet and bee. Flower embossed designed were some unique hair adorning objects.

brooch pin


Since centuries, the ear pieces are also widely donned complementing the dresses. These Turkish earrings were designed in many contours that range from small drops to chandeliers. These jewels were clutching relatively more eminence than the other pieces as these highlighted the elegance of the Ottoman women’s hairstyle along with their typical dresses.

turkish earrings

turkish earrings

turkish earrings


The Gold Turkish bangles, in that age, were bought for the investment purpose as these were transformed into cash as per the need.

turkish ring

emerald bangle


Women, from the Ottoman Palace were frequently in purchasing the Turkish bracelets. These wrist pieces were designed in various styles.

emerald bracelet


Turkish rings, embossed with colorful gemstones like, emerald, ruby, sapphire were the main attraction of Ottoman women. They used to don multiple rings to hoist the splendor of their hands. The esteemed ring styles of Ottoman were rose shaped, solitaires, diamond engraved, and so on.

turkish ring

emerald turkish ring


The similar patterns were also impressed on their Turkish necklaces. Long and choker styles were common contours for Ottoman ladies. Further, with the pearls string and precious metals chain, the gold coins were also welded.

turkish necklace

emerald necklace


Embellished belts with gems, crystals, gold or silver, were the important members of their Turkish jewelry boxes. The floral buckles of these pieces were too decorated with dazzling gemstones that were hanged over hips and waist also.


buckle belt




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