Bewitching Royal Blue Touch Jewels

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Bewitching Royal Blue Touch Jewels

Meant for ornamenting the feminine avatar, the opulent jewels immortalize “her” beauty. These charms are whispered as the peerless gawk of the emotions.

Revealing the blend of chic contours, stunning styles, and refined gemstones, the plush jewels come to the dawn after a long crafty night.

Sapphire, a royal gem, believed to be a stone of wisdom, is admired as a “Gem of Gems”. Known to heal the physical torso, this gemstone cures the issues of ears, eyes, nose and the list continues.

Being a powerful gemstone mending the Throat Chakra, Sapphire assists its carrier to express his views in an impressive mode.

Today, we will ignite the inner beauty of the swish Sapphire jewelry that you may pick for your harmonizing attire.

Greet the showstoppers for the bash tonight, which will give you a gypsy feel with a bright coupling of white topaz and sapphire gems.


Sapphire Pendant's

Designed to be worn in various styles, this magnificent Sapphire neckpiece is exposing its alluring designer heart motif. Heavily adorned with various enticing blue-hued Sapphire and white Topaz gems, it is exposing off its beguiling gawk. Strapless dress complementing this pendant will go well with it.



Sapphire Ring

A fascinating iconic piece of a sterling silver ring, handcrafted engrossingly with ornate pieces of white topaz and blue sapphires looks sumptuous. A splendid maxi gown with hanging wrist sleeves will look fine with this finger piece.

Sapphire Earrings

A burst of Sapphire gems on his heart-shaped pair of enthralling studs will look fabulous on you.
You may pair it with a bun cum braid hairstyle.

Sapphire Necklace

A riveting gold over the silver necklace, styled in branch pattern is attached with sparkling white and blue leaves embossed with white topaz and sapphire gems.

Matching pair of earrings will too turn out well on you.


Sapphire Bracelet

A shimmering piece of wrist piece festooned with sapphire and white topaz jewel boulder will raise your mesmerizing gaze.

Sapphire Bangle

Inspired by the style of bouquet, this spellbinding wrist circle will take your heart far away with it. The sapphire gems are peeping from in-between of the jewel piece.
You may don it at your date night out which will make the heads turn.


Sapphire Bead

Clutching a simple glimpse, this beaded neckpiece of Sapphire will go well with a harmonizing pair of bead studs.

After an intro about the Sapphire and its embellished jewels, I will prepare your attire with matching accessories too.

Wait wait wait…take a deep breath beautiful bees! My next Friday Publish will bring you your toning stuff. Till then, B..Bye.. and beautify your gape..!!

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