True vintage appeal in engagement rings

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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True vintage appeal in engagement rings

The antique jewelry is of great demand when it comes to choosing vintage especially Victorian-style engagement rings. But at times it becomes grueling, as lot many designs came into existence during Queen Victoria’s rule.

bentley skinner victorian engagement ring

 Brides-to-be chiefly hold the romantic essence and get lured by the designs of the Victorian era. In the earlier phase of Victorian era folks usually choose big and elaborative rings while in the later phase multitudes prefer intricate and smaller rings.

bentley and skinner engagement ring

bentley and skinner's ruby victorian engagement ring


 Before 1870’s diamonds were in short supply, but spring up of diamond mines in the neighborhoods of the South Africa makes them comfortable to get to. Diamonds extraction leads to a fall in their cost that allows the designers to integrate them in their unique creations of the engagement bands. Further, the incorporation of these diamonds in antique engagement bands too adds charm.

a la vieille russie victorian engagement ring


Though the charisma of one thing remains unchanged and that was the preference of metal. Brides-to-be first and foremost choice was glittering yellow gold or alluring rose gold. The romantic magnetism of rose gold appeals the Victorians along with the multitudes of the today’s era.


victorian engagement ring


Victorians generally coalesce the radiant diamonds with other colorful precious nuggets. Queen Victoria loves the allure of Opals, but she too prefers to fuse diamonds with rubies, emeralds as well as turquoise. Further, she chooses the combination of diamonds with sapphires, amethysts and also garnets.


Larger size diamonds are rare to see in the kickoff of the Victorian era, and then the engagement bands of the brides often highlight the bunch of diminutive diamonds or other peculiar colorful gems. The bands too surround diamonds with a pearl in the center.


victorian engagement ring

Engagement ring with a diamond in the center usually uses old mine cut diamond of the 1700s. In the modern era, this old mine cut bears a resemblance to the cushion cut with more rounded corners.

Other than old mine cut the stroke that is popular in diamonds was the 58-facet old European cut and in a modern epoch is known as the round brilliant cut.

Engagement rings with setting of three similar colored gems or diamond. These stones are lined in series to give a ring an elegant look.


side view of a la vieille russie's victorian engagement ring


The craze of acrostic engagement was too popular in the Victorian epoch that reads out the hidden message like dearest, love moreover regard. The message is read from the first missive of the precious nugget.

 Other fashion or design admired by the folks in engagement rings were and still in demand is a snake silhouette ring used by Queen Victoria. The ring furthermore holds the romantic message shown in the motif embedded with the beautiful gems.

classic victorian design this antique engagement ring

Jewelry stores that are selling antiquity pattern engagement rings are the best place to search for authentic Victorian engagement rings. In today's world, these stores hold the core essence of its history as well as elegance. Buying vintage engagement rings are like buying a vintage wine, as the preference and taste for the individual matters. Couples prefer to buy a vintage engagement band with a touch of newness. The brides always like the wish to use something unique and can create a new course in the marketplace. The best way to find an engagement ring is sticking to the trend or to the era you are attracted to.

victorian engagement ring

Richard Ogden a locale of London is an antique collection house; it is too renowned to possess the vintage jewelry. The vintage rings used for engagement purpose can sometimes be costly to acquire due to their rarity. This deluxe jewelry boutique proffers both vintage and vintage-style rings for engagement.



victorian engagemen ring





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