Jewelry Company Rebrands Itself with a New Name

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Posted: Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Jewelry Company Rebrands Itself with a New Name

Fine jewelry brand, Braesen recently rebranded and renamed itself as Anakao. The move came after the company was embroiled in a trademark issue from a UK-based company working in the same sector. The UK-based company had raised objection to the name used by the jewelry company. It was at last year’s International Jewelry London that Anakaolaunched itself as Braesen.

The CEO of the company, VinaySoudakarsaid that rebranding was quite a setback for the company but they are looking at this as an opportunity to fine-tune the brand image and focus on establishing the brand identity of the company.

On the occasion, the jewelry company not only launched its new look but also unveiled a new website. The name of the website is

The company decided to rename itself after a small fishing village in Madagascar, Anakao a place which is still virtually untouched by modernity. As a company, Anakao deals with fine jewelry. It specializes in creating jewelry sets with 18 carat gold, which are set with colored gemstones and diamonds. The fact that Anakaobelieves in high-quality craftsmanship, makes use of modern and innovative techniques and refines jewelry designs, makes it a company to look out for.

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