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Lepidolite was discovered way back in 18th century and was then known by the name of Lilalite. “Lila” here was taken from a Hindu vocabulary, which means “to play”.

Lepidolite is a variety of Mica, which is generally available in grey, lemon or rose shades.  It is a stone of trust, tranquillity, and acceptance. Lepidolite is largely known as the stone of transition as it changes the wearer’s old behavioural pattern and thoughts and induces a change in him so that he can match up with the dynamic world.

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Where is Lepidolite found?

The notable places where Lepidolite is largely found includes California, United States; Brazil; Ural Mountains, Russia; Bernice Lake, Manitoba, Canada; Tanco Mine, and Madagascar.

Healing Properties

Lepidolite offers its wearers various benefits that include:

  • Physical Healer

As a physical healer, Lepidolite is believed to be accommodating in crystal healing for immune system, glands, nails,  skin, hair, enzyme balance, DNA, addiction and recovery from excessive alcohol intake, manic-depression,  nervous tension and anxiety related illness, pregnancy, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, childbirth, and general healing.

Lepidolite is also considered good for hyperactive children and those children who suffer from sleep-related troubles, like insomnia, nightmares, sleepwalking, etc. This amazing stone is considered great in curing epilepsy and Alzheimer’s too.

It overcomes joint problems and anaesthetized sciatica and neuralgia.

  • Emotional Healer

Considered to be an emotional healer, Lepidolite is one amongst its category of being the best emotional healer. It is known for decreasing the anxiety, stress, manic-depression, panic attacks, anger and other traumas which make the person emotionally very weak. Lepidolite is believed to bring and balance the energy of the body so that the wearer can become more gentle and soft with other creatures and things.

  • Spiritual Healer

This is a calming and balancing stone, which keeps the person grounded. It lets the wearer know his identity and clears his mind and heart from all the negative things. It helps the wearer to go into deep meditation and connect with the supreme power. Lepidolite smoothes the progress of astrophysical travel and way into the Akashic Record.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Lepidolite is mainly considered great for healing crown chakra, heart chakra, and third eye chakra. The heart chakra is the bridge between all the upper three and lower three chakras, and hence by cleaning it all the chakras are believed to be aligned and balanced. The heart chakra is said to make the wearer more open to the external world.

The crown chakra is thought to bring stability and safety in life, and hence its cleanliness is also necessary. Crown chakra connects one to spirituality and makes him learn how to live in today.

The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra, which represents the sixth sense of the person. When the third eye chakra is balanced, it lets the wearer experience high psychological aptitude. A hale and hearty third eye chakra will give confidence, enhances intuitive ability, build trust in oneself, and earns empathy of others.

Lepidolite Facts

Some facts about Lepidolite

  • The name "Lepidolite" has been derived from the Greek word "lepidos," which means "scale."
  • Lepidolite is believed to absorb electromagnetic pollution, and, therefore, can be kept near a television, laptops, computers, etc.
  • It promotes sound sleep if kept near the pillow.
  • Lepidolite is regarded as the stone that brings fortune to those who carry it and this is the reason behind the wide popularity of Lepidolite silver jewelry.

Metaphysical Properties

Lepidolite is a secondary source of lithium, and a phyllosilicate mineral. Lepidolite is said to be one of the most important sources of the atypical alkali metals caesium and rubidium.

It is not a very hard stone and on Moh’s scale of hardness it measures in between 2.3 to 3. The lustre that this amazing stone holds ranges from vitreous to pearly.

Lepidolite is mined from the granite pegmatites, granites, greisens, and high-temperature quartz veins. There are number of other minerals that are associated with this wonderful stone such as feldspar, amblygonite, tourmaline, columbite, cassiterite, spodumene, Quartz, Topaz, and Beryl.

Lepidolite at a Glance

Cleavage Perfect, in one direction
Other Names Lithia Mica, Lithium Mica
Crystal Habit Tabular to prismatic pseudohexagonal crystals, scaly aggregates and massive
Streak White
Refractive Index 1.525-1.587
Diaphaneity Transparent - translucent
Moh's scale (hardness) 2.5–3
Sources Brazil, Russia, United States, Canada, and Madagascar.
Chemical formula K(Li,Al)3(Si,Al)4O10(F,OH)2
Lustre Vitreous
Color Pink, purple, rose-red, violet-gray, yellowish, white, colorless
Chakra Healing Heart chakra, Third eye chakra, Crown chakra

Lepidolite Color

Lepidolite is the member of the Mica group, which comes in shades like lilac-gray, violet-gray, red, yellow, white, purple, pink or rose.

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My grandmother has sleeping problem. I was in a search of a gemstone that should possess a solution to this issue. Yeah I got it. Lepidolite is the one. Thanks Jewelexi you made my work easy.
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Hello Jewelexi… I have read the article above and find it apt and useful. Lepidolite brings fortune for the one who carries it. I have got impressed with the properties of this talisman. I think I should try it. Suggest me if I could?
Reply on 20/11/14
Hi Bick…you may choose this gemstone for you if your zodiac or birthstone goes with it. You may also talk with your astrologer he will suggest you an apt gemstone which will go with you completely.
Reply on 1/12/14
I am totally wowed and take the next step now.
Reply on 29/12/14
Finding this post. It is just a big piece of luck for me.
Reply on 7/1/15
lepidolite is good for sound sleep..so the one will this kind of issue should go for it...i am also thinking to try it out...should i? suggest please...
Reply on 15/4/15
hey Jack...hows you...having sleeping disorder...let me tell you Lepidolite is good gemstone even for this issue...you may go for it..I also possess this gemstone and found it good in this as well as in other fields too... So...go for it...Best of Luck..!!
Reply on 30/4/15
hey Jack...you may ask an expert before moving further. Even you may ask your query to Miss Mittens...still not aware? Let me tell you, Ask Mittens is a new section on Jewelesi on which you may ask a free question and the experts of them will revert you with a suitable reply. This will make you free and focused towards right path.
Reply on 22/5/15
Thanks to all for your suggestions. I will ask Jewelexi about queries related to Lepidolite gemstone. Thanks for recommending me this way towards my solutions.
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Your all gemstones look beautiful.
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Great..!!! such a stunning piece of jewelries.
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The healing properties of this gemstone are very interesting and magical...If you wish you can read it from https://www.gemexi.com/gemstones/lepidolite
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So luxury silver jewelry you have which attracts many of us to shop with you. Beautiful..!
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Wow!! This stone is so unique. I really like it so much.
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So luxury silver jewelry you have which attracts many of us to shop with you. Beautiful..!
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